My Pregnancy Update - 20 weeks

Sorry that I turn this blog into a pregnancy blog. But this is what I am and what my life is about now. I put all my energy and mind into the pregnancy process, absorb as much information as possible about what's good for the baby, how much weight I should gain each month, so and so... Besides, I can't use any fancy made up or skincare. So I am unable to blog about that without trying it. I eat really simple food during the day either, so it is hard for me to create recipe to share. 

However, being pregnancy means going through a completely different path in life. I have many idea on how to survive during this period, skincare wide, gain a lot of knowledge on nutritient, how to tackle difficult situation to deal with the chaning life. I would like to share my experience with you. 

So it's 20 weeks now! Whoop! Whopp! I am half way through. 

Morning Sickness: Thanks God, I'm getting better. No more throw up every night and I can eat properly from around week 16-17. Although I still can't eat too much once at time, but it means the world to me. 

Gaining Weight: Because I don't vomit and can eat more now and Christmas and New Year has just passed. I started to gain weight. After the holiday, I found out I gain 3kg within a month. Although it's not a lot for a 20 weeks pregnancy woman, but I know it's not good to gain more than 2kg within a month, it may affect the blood pressure, insulin level and might cause swollowing of legs. I'm now very cauous on how much I eat each meal, especially Chinese New Year is coming. 

Start to Exercise: According to some pregnancy book, swollowing of legs might start for pregnancy women from 16 weeks onward, gain weight on the belly will burdent the back hurt too. I found it sometimes my back hurts when I walk or stand for too long. So I start to do exercise like Yoga, squart to keep my blood flowing. I especially like sretching my legs in the morning. During this honeymoon period, it is always good to be active.

Sleeping in one side: When I was in week 18-19, I always wakes up at around 3-4am due to my back pain. I found my sleeping position is flat. When I changed to lie in one side, I sleep much comfortably. This may cause by my heavy belly pressuring my spin. Although I don't think sleeping in one side is good for non-pregnancy woman, but this really helps me now. Nothing is more important than having a good sleep and protecting my back at this point.  

Baby moves: From week 19-20, I start to feel my baby moves more frequently, especially after week 20. People always asks me if I feel her kicking me. I can't judge if it is a kick or just a move, either way it's a way she communicate with her and telling me she is here inside my belly. It's sweet to have someone besides me 24/7. 

Belly Shows: Starting from week 19 and after Christmas Eve party (maybe I ate too much), my belly grow significantly. My mum hasn't seen me for few days also think it grows huge suddenly. It reachs the point where people noticed I'm pregnant even I didn't really talk about it. 

Natural birth or C-session: Now that my belly is growing bigger and bigger. It times for me to decide if I should go for natural birth or C-session. My sisters opts for C-session and my birth opt for natural birth. The main concern for me is weather I can endure the turture of natural birth and if I am luckly give birth naturally. I have read alots of article about it and will talk with my doctor to understand more before my final decision. My husband used to opt for natural birth, after he sees me worrying that much about the pain, he thinks it's also fine for me to opt for C-session if natural birth means too much of a pressure for me. He doesn't want this ruined the whole pregnancy process and turn into a nightmare. For me, I still can't decide, I think I can't even in the last minutes. (If there is any mum out there experienced this before, please comment below for your view.) 

Okay, I will stop here as I really can keep talking. Let me leave the rest for the next post.  


My Pregnancy Update - Week 16

Yes! It's another week. My morning sickness (mainly vomitting) is still on, which is a little bit depressing. Apart from this, my energy is getting back on. Here is an update of week 16. 

Weight: I got a little bit weight in week 16, it hasn't changed much till week 15, maybe it's because I vomit and could really eat meat during my main meal. I do eat a lot of snack, like bread, yogurt, biscuit between meal. I guess it's just not healthy enough. I can eat more at lunch time, but still I can't eat much at dinner time. There is a day I cooked a very healthy dinner and yummy soup for me and my husband. Once I drink a cup of soup, I feel my stomach is going to burst and I have no mood to eat the geasy dinner. I called my husband and asked him to buy me a sandwiches instead. I'm kind of afraid to eat rice at dinner time since then. 

Significant change in body figure: My belly starts to shows in week 16. If I wear dresses, people may not notice immediately. But when they look again, I guess they will know. For me, it's quite clear, especially when I am showering, I have never seen my belly that big before. It's quite amazing that there is the first time when I look at my big tummy and I would feel happy. Don't get me wrong, I still worry about how my body figure would change, but my husband keeps praising me having a mummy figure, I only eat when I am hungry and wouldn't stuff myself with too much food and have a little walk everyday. Hopefully, this keep me a healthy figure.

Stretch marks: Now my belly starts to grow, I become more aware of weather the stretch marks will develop. So, I start to apply stretch marks cream more often, like two times a day. This has just added into my daily rountine now. 

Emtional breakdown: I watch some pre-pregnancy video on Sunday and heard that some people may throw up till the end of the pregnacy. I litterally burst into tear once I heard the nurse saying that. It's week 16 now and my night time vommiting isn't improving, this really worries me. Husband plays a very important role in comforting me. 

Start thinking about exercising: Now that my energy is back on and am quite awake during the date. I start thinking about doing exercise. I tried to search some of the youtube video that teach me exercise during pregnancy period and have tried squat, breathing exercising and leg stretching exercising now. As I would still throw up at night, so I am now taking it easy and slow from the start. 

Headache: I do have big headache yesterday, maybe I ate too much salty food or I'm drinking not enough water. So I tried to cut of that salty food and bring a carry-on kettle with me wherever I go. I found it very useful. When I am sitting on the sofa, it's so comfy and it now takes quite an effort for me to roll over, stand up and pour a cup of water. I will end up drinking 2 or 3 cups of water a day. Plus, I can't drink a full cup of water everytime as my stomach is not big enough to contain that much of water in one go. If I have a kettle with me, I can have a small portion of water whenever I want. I find this little trick really helps me. 

So far, it is my week 16 update and I hope this helps you mum-to-be out there to prepare for what is coming and thanks for walking through this beautiful yet not easy journey with me. 


My Pregnancy Update: Week 15

Sorry that I haven't updated for a while. Mostly it's because I can barely do anything besides lying on the sofa or in my bed. The morning sickness is quite strong for me and I almost get most of the morning sickness that the book said. I only start to feel human again from last months. Here are the morning sickness that I have been through so far. 

Food craving disappear: I used to crave for crisps and this has disappear from time to time, which is good, because I don't need to feel guilty eating unhealthy food anymore. 

Feeling hungry all the time: I feel hungry all the time. My feeding time is like: 7am, 11am, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm. I start to look for healthy snacks between my main meals, like yogurt, nuts, boiled eggs, Go Ahead biscuit, fruit. Normally only biscuit can make me feel full. However, I can't eat too much once at a time as my stomach will feel like it's going to burst. 

Vomit everynight: One of the toughest morning sickness I have experienced is throwing up everynight at around 9pm to 10pm. It is not the throw up that makes me feel bad, it's the time before I throw up. My stomach starts feeling really watery, swollow and wishing it can throw up quickly but it normally last for 15-30 mins before it actually throw up. That's the most difficult part I have experienced. I start not just throw up water but actual food which worries me alittle as I'm afraid that my baby may not have enough nutrients. 

To code with the vomiting situation, I try to shift my shower time to an earlier time (normally I throw up after shower). I drink lemon and ginger water, smell an apple when I feel like I want to throw up. I changed all the skin care or cream which have sense that makes me feel sick. I try to eat earlier so I can have more time to digest. This symtom haven't shown up for 3 days and fingers crossed it will fade soon. As this really makes me cry because I feel so uncomfortable. 

Stomach Clamp: The other day when I do some houseworks, I walking ups and downs and moving really fast. My stomach starts to clamp, I immediately stop myself, talk to the baby and comforting her a little. I didn't feel better until my husband is home from work and he talks with the baby. I really feel lik my baby loves her dad so much.

Energy Level is back gradually: I can't say my energy level is totally back, but it clearly better than the first few weeks. I still need to have a long nap after a long walk, but I feel more energetic during the day, more human I would say. Although I still start avoiding going too far away from home, but whenever I am out, I will make sure I bring some water, biscuit, jacket and scarf with me to keep myself warm and energetic until I am home again. 

Emotional: I have a little bit of emotional breakdown toward week 14 and 15 as the morning sickness is killing me in the evening. I'm actually feeling afraid when the sun goes down and my stomach starts to feel watery, I only can eat a little and then feel my stomach wants to burst. I have nearly all the morning sickness that the book mentioned and I actually feel like I can't stand it. Luckily, my husband is very supportive and he comforts me. This means alot to me.

I will upload more post about what I have brought for my second trimester shortly, hopefully, this helps some of the mum out there to prepare for the pregnancy preiod. 


My Pregnancy Update - 11 weeks

I have been pregant for 11 weeks now. I have been through the toughest days in the past three weeks. Here below is my sytoms: 

1) Low Energy Level: My energy level is still very low. I simply have no energy to go for a walk (or if I walk, I will nap for 3 hours. I have no energy to cook and simply lay in the bed all the time. 

2) Got Cold: I got a cold two weeks ago as I don't want to take any medicine and risk hurting the baby. I ate alot of Kiwi, drinks alot of lemon water and eat Vitamin C everyday. It takes alot longer for me to heal. I almost feeling sick for 2 weeks before I completely recovered. 

3) Craving for Chips, Noodles and Bread: My baby has a very special food craving. He/she likes chips, noodles and bread. I haven't ate bread for many years as  I feel there are lots of sugar in it. But this baby makes me want to eat bread everyday. He/she also has a special power to let me know he/she wants to eat chips. I once saw a kid holding a chips and I'm drooling alot. I need to turn around from the kid to stop the instant crave and I bought a pack of chips afterward. I know I shouldn't eat it, but the crave is just too strong. 

4) Can't Eat Too Much One at a Time: Ever since I am preganant, I crave to eat noodles. I always can't stop eating whole bow of noodles and then end up feeling very full and walk really really slow. Now I need to constantly tell myself to stop eating to avoid feeling belly burst.

5) Bone Fragure Is Not Healing: I got my bone fragure before I got pregant. Normally it takes 6 weeks to have my feet completely recovered. However, I still feel my leg bone crack sometimes. I guess the caclium that I take share with the baby and the bone. So, it heals slower. I hope that all calcium goes to my baby first and my heal can heal later. 

6) Vomit Alot: I nearly vomit everyday at night immediately after bath time. I tried to talk with my baby to let him/her know it's completely normally to feel hot whiling I am bathing and there will not harm him/her in any way. It works, but then the vomit delay to after bath time while I do exercise or rest in the sofa. This makes me really terrified to go bathing or not looking forward to night time. This is also one things that I hope I can get pasted 12 weeks and hoping the symtoms go away. 

7) More Sensitive on Sense.  From 9 to 10 weeks, I start disliking the sense from my skincare. Even tissue with sense I also want to vomit. I need to completely change my skincare to no sense one. Normally my husband has a more sensitive nose than I do. But now I can quickly tell him there is a bad smell around me. I heard from the doctor said while I am pregant, my sensition will get stronger and to be more sensitive to the environment in order to protect my baby. I guess that's why. 

8) Slight Headache. I'm not sure if my headache is from my hunger or drinking not enought water. According to the doctor, I will have higher blood flow. If I don't have enough water, the blood can't go to my brain, it will cause headache. So now, whenever I feel headache, I will drink water or eat some food. I have no idea how much food my body needs. But I try to eat in small portion to see if my body tell me it is okay. I don't want to overloaded my body with food and become fat (too soon).

8) My husband is having shring: He can't touch me which makes me lack of support and feeling distance from my husband. Emotionally will still need to adjust. 


My Pregnancy Update - 6 Weeks

From the day we know I am pregnant, our life is all about our baby. There are so many changes in our life and we would like to share it here. 

Physically Changes
a) My belly is slightly popping out. I'm not sure if it is my belly or it is a baby belly, but I feel so happy everytime I look at my fatty belly. Perhaps it's happy FAT. 

b) Super tired. My energy level drops significantly. I always sleep on the sofa when it's not even 9pm. I have no energy to cook dinner and can barely walk to bath at night. 

c) Have headache and vomit. I'm someone who can easily vomit before I am pregnant, so I know I will vomit when I am pregnant. So far, I have vomit twice and sometimes have headache and wanting to throw up (but not actually vomit) in the morning.

d) More acne. From the day I got pregnant, I grow acne from my skin (maybe it's due to hormone). This is one of the most ignoring thing to me now.

Emotionally Changes:
a) I love my husband even more. Ever since we know I'm pregnant, my husband would talk to the baby every night. I'm not sure if our baby loves his/her daddy that much and sending the signal to me or what. But I feel like my love for my husband has been doubled. I feel like I love him whenever I look at him. 

b) Emotionally unstable: Now when I listen to a song which is slightly touching, my tears will drop uncontrollably. When I watch some youtube video which talk about someone work really hard to get to her goal, my tears drop again. That's not something I would cry for before, but I'm like that right now.

Daily Life Changes:
a) My husband would talk with our baby every night. He tells our baby about our story, our family story and let him/her understands the world out there. That's really sweet of him in doing so.

b) Change of food selection. I can down a cup of milk (either almond milk or slim milk) in the morning and make sure there are fruit and walnut (which is good for baby's brain formulation) in my breakfast. I will try to drink fish soup every week and eat more at home, and avoid salty food when eating out.

c) I start eating Materna pills and DHA. As I know it is hard to absorb all the nutrients that our baby needs. So I start eating pregnancy bills to make sure my baby grows healthy.


I'm Pregnant!

17 Sep 2016 (4 years after my husband proposed to me) our baby uses his/her method to communicate with us on his/her existence. Yes, we're happily announced that I'm pregnant! 

As we are very desperate to have a baby, so I have a pregnancy test when my period is late for one day. So when I found out I am pregnant, it's just 4 weeks and the result is quite buried, so I checked twice to make sure my baby exist! 

I still remember I question myself the day before I have the test on why my period doesn't come, but I don't want to waste the testing machine as it costs money, so I tell myself to wait until tomorrow to do the test. But this has been in my mind the whole night and I wake up at 6am to have a test and surprisingly the result is POSITIVE! My husband and I both feel so happy and my life turns upside down since then. 

We waited until 8am and book a doctor appointment to reconfirm my pregnancy. Before the doctor's confirmation, we hold back our happiness to prevent any disappointment. Once the doctor congratulates us, we finally laughing out loud. 

We start announcing it to our closing family and would wait until 3 months (the baby is stable) before telling our friends, which is really hard to hide from my beloved friends.


August Favourite - Food, Song, Stationary & Beauty

Perhaps I am the last one who write about August favourite. I know.. I know.. It is the second day of September already, it's better to be late than missing one. This month I would talk about more interesting topics. 

If you have read my previous post about Easy Healthy Snack - Cottage Cheese Avocado, you will know I am currently obsessed with avocado. Not only does it has different kinds of Vitamin (B, C, E&K), it is a low carbohydrate food as well. Perfect for me (currently on diet). I always feel eating avocado alone is a little bit bear, I like to top it up with yogurt add some walnut and sprinkle some cinnamon. This is a perfect pick me up food at tea time. 

Song & TV Programme
I'm currently in love with watching Korea drama, Descendants of the Sun. It is very popular in Asia and is very obsessive. It's a romantic comedy about how a doctor falls in love with a soldier, how they find ways to compromise their own principles and survived in a complicated world. I don't want to give away too much. You can find the shows with English subtitles online and the programme's songs just keep coming up in my mind. 

I always have a thing on stationary. I feel like having beautiful stationary can motivate me to work. That's why I always buy floral print notebook and pen. Among all, I love the brand of Rifle Paper the most. Their stationary are strong in colour tone and make it stands out from other brands. I hope that our Paper and Brush online store can live up with Rifle paper. What a huge target. Dream big and target high. Even though you may never reach the top, you will also have something to run for.

This month's beauty is not about makeup or skincare. It is all about hair mist. I am not a high end product buyer, and this Chanel (Chance) hair mist is a gift from my friend. She gave it to me when I was about to leave Hong Kong to England. This is with me because she wants me to take the chance (product name) to explore the world, to do things that I never do and see things that I have never seen. Everytime I spray myself with this hair mist in England, I will remember what my friends has told me and act as I was told. This simply changes my life in the past few months.

So, what is your favourite of the month? Any food you keep on eating throughout the month? Any songs you keep playing everyday? Any stationary you love using? Any beauty product simply change your life? Please share with me your thought and I promise you I will listen to you carefully and truthfully. 


Clear and Glow Skin Serum - Olay White Radiance Light-perfecting Essence

You really don't need a thousand-dollar serum to get a perfect serum. All you need is a right brand with suitable texture for your skin. Everytime when my skin has any kind of problems (aging, growing dark spot, skin tone problem), I will always end up go to Olay to ask for help. It never fails me.

Reason For Buying: Ever since I traveled to Italy in June, my skin was hurt by the sun and my skin tone goes dark, little black spot grows at my cheeks. Nearly everyone sees me would give me one comment: You skin grows darker! This is the time when I think I need to do something about it. I had gone for really high-end SKII serum, but I ended up having an allergic reaction to this. So, I go back to basic and look for a brand that I tried and always feel comfortable with - Olay White Radiance Light-perfecting Essence.

How to use? Apply 3 drops of essence on the face after using toner.  This can be used day and night.

How does it feel? I have been using this for 1 month now. After 2 weeks of using this serum, my skin tone has changed significantly. My skin tone becomes more even and white. The dark spot gradually fade. After three weeks, my skin glows and is more moisturized. I then started to use the light-perfecting stretch mask as well. This simply magnified the whole moisturizing, whitening, glowing result. I especially love the stretch mask design which sticks totally with my skin. There is no gap around the nose and it sticks firmly around my eyes area. These are the two areas I can hardly cover up with other masks. It is just perfect! I can completely see the different once I removed the mask. 

If you need a clear and glow skin at a budget price, try this one. You will be amazed by the incredible result! 


Launching of New Positive Quote T-Shirt - Paper and Brush

Finally! It comes to the point where I launch my very own positive quote T-shirt! It has been a long time coming and today is the day! I felt so unreal when the T-shirt was delivered to my hands and the first sentence that came up in my mind was: How cool is that to have my own painting print on a T-shirt?!

Where to start: I feel like it's time to let you know how this arty me begins. Thanks to this blog, I can track back the time when I first start learning calligraphy as I have written a blogpost about Where to learn Calligraphy in Hong Kong?. It was written in 2015 after I attended a calligraphy course. Ever since I touched on modern calligraphy, I'm obsessed with it. I still remembered I spent the whole night browsing through all the Instagram photo and thought "Aw.. that's nice!", "O.. this looks amazing!" and "Yeah, I can do that!". After that, I literality spent most of my spare time drawing and I have hundreds of drawing within a few months time. 

Let's get started: Few months later, through the encouragement of my husband, my own Etsy Shop was opened. And of course, you guys are with me as I shared a post about My New Etsy Shop back in Jul 2015. My passion starts to grow, I always dream about having my own product line, including post card, tailor-made card, wrapping paper and hopefully expand to T-shirt, stationary or even phone case. It's always my fantasy which I don't feel like it can happen, but I just keep working with my heart and then passion leads the way. 

Now what? Now.. It is the big day for me. My husband and I have created a website called Paper and Brush (it means everything starts from paper and brush) and we are launching our very first positive quote print T-shirt. The launching day is TODAY! Unbelievable! To find out the reason I create this Tee, I need to admit that I'm not a positive person all the time, I need to constantly remind myself to stay positive and I believe a positive vibe leads to a positive life. Who wouldn't want a happy life? So, I incorporate the positive quote into my watercolour drawing for empowerment and hope to spread more positive vibe to the world. Imagine people looking at your T-shirt while they are having a bad day, you go home with a tiring day and look at the positive quote print on the wall. I believe it may somewhat help or give others some kind of comfort. I don't mind doing it quietly as this suits my style. 

My Esty shop has run for a while now and there are people from all over the world ordering my print, fathers'/mothers' day/birthday card and even asked me to tailor-made some card for their friends. Sometimes I feel so unreal that my drawings are hanging on people's home in Germany, U.S.A or even England. A father is receiving a card that I draw. He may feel warm and may even keep it for a while. Now,  people are buying my printed T-shirt walking on the street. It's so amazing!

I have already received lots of T-shirt orders this morning and feel overwhelmed with love. Thanks for making me living my dream and I can't thank you enough for all the lovely people believed in me and ordered from my site. I will make sure our products are the best and will create it with full passion and joy! 

Let's share the love and spread the positive vibe.  If you are interested in buying a T-shirt, feel free to go to below site for t-shirt ordering (worldwide shipping). It has lots of size to choose from. If you are looking for some print or card, you can also check it out from our site or Esty shop . There might be some interesting items that you may want. If there is nothing for you, don't worry, I can always tailor-made one for you or you can simply enjoy browsing it through. Thanks again for those who ordered, you have just made my dream comes true!

To order "Be Strong" T-shirt: Ordering T-shirt
Our Webpage: www.paperandbrush.com
Our Facebook Page: Paper and Brush Facebook Page
Instagram Username: papaerandbrush.co


Easy Healthy Snack Recipe - Cottage Cheese Avocado

Have you ever been hungry in the middle of the day while you are on diet? You feel guilt to pick up an ice-cream, but you feel like you have no energy without eating anything. Here is a healthy alternative for you.

All you need are:
1 Avocado
Cottage Cheese
Salt and pepper 

Simple Steps: 
1. Cut the avocado into half. 
2. Put cottage cheese in the hole. 
3. Add salt, pepper and cinnamon on the top. 

It's all ready for you to eat with a spoon like you are having ice-cream, it tastes delicious and is healthy as well. 

Being healthy can be easy, try this out and eat with no guilt!

Check out another healthy snack recipe here - Almond Butter Energy Ball
Please also let me know what your healthy snack is.