I heart Earrings

I have a strange hobby, which collecting earrings.

Ever since I get myself pierced. I go crazy in buying all sort of earring. I think earring can definitely dress up or down your whole look of the day. :)

Here is what I have bought today and I think it would look nice, pretty and girly.

Skincare product I recently buy

I always feel that skin care is more important than makeup.

If you have beautiful skins, you can use minimum make up and let your skin breath more and your skin won't deteriorate quickly.

Here below are the products I heart to use. Basically, I will try to have facial at home twice a week. This is to allow my skin to purified and moisturized. I particularly fancy Q10 product which I believe it can prevent my skin from aging quickly.

Take good care of your skin in an early stage, don't wait until it too late. :)

Stay healthy and what I heart to do

It's Sunday today and I had a really good start of the week!

This is what I have been doing.
11:00 - wake up with lots of energy
11:30 - drink a hot water and pizza for a late breakfast 
12:00 - do a quick facial massage instead of putting facial cream on. :)
12:30 - put all the dirty clothes in the washing machine and I still found myself full of energy 
1:00 - I decided to spend a little bit of my time on yoga. I love yoga!
6:00 - I have booked an appointment for facial. Yeah!


I don't do yoga that much but I love it every time I do it.
It's not an easy job to do all the posture, it really does involve a lot if hard work. But, I feel really good to be able to stretch my body. All the tiredness is released and you feel you are staying healthy and keeping fit. It makes me feels even better when I look into the mirror after an hour of yoga, I see my skin is not pale yellow, it's pale pink. This makes me feel so happy! Exercise keeps my body fits and makes me looks pretty!

I hope that I can keep doing this and stay healthy as always!

Oh yes, btw, if you want to find a good yoga tutor on YouTube, I would highly recommend Tara Stile. She really knows how to stretch your body and make you feel so good after all!

I have also subscribed to her channel as she teach you how to cook healthy food and feel so good to look at her cheery face!


Pizza without yeast

Typhoon 8 in HK today.

Yeah,we got an extra holiday! 

My h2b wants to eat pizza and i have no idea how to bake it.. What shall i do?
I just check online and thanks youtube, i found a really good receipt that i can cook pizza without yeast, in that case i dont need an hour to cook a piece of pizza! 

After all the preparation, here comes the result :)

I hope my h2b feels my love and hard work! :)


Banana Split

I recalled we ate banana split in our first date.

We ate it again today after 14 years, all feelings and memories come back. 


Green Tea Chocolate Cookies

H2b keeps on asking me to make cookies for him. 

He likes chocolate and I like green tea. Why not having a combination of both?!

.... And this is what he needs to pay for :)



I have observed so many things about relationship lately. It has made me think it's time for me to review and see what I can learn from it.

I always hear people say," My wife/husband and I are like family, an old couple. We don't need bother with sweet things! Romance is for young couples!" Or " I'm too busy with my daughter, no time for my husband." From there, I think you are walking toward an unhappy marriage. You think just because someone is older they don't need others to care about them or give surprises to? Would they enjoy feeling neglected? Would Love grow by itself when you don't do anything? You are just giving excuses for your own laziness!

People say marriage is the grave of a relationship. I see otherwise. I think it's because both of them are just being lazy, being too lazy to cultivate the relationship as they think they have already got what he or she wants and forget to keep it fresh and warm.  Marriage is in fact a new start of your lives together. If you spend time to cultivate it, you can maximum your love and happiness a thousand million times more.

Cultivation is a very important part of a relationship. Don't you want a happy life forever? or just now?! It all depends on how much effort you both put into the relationship.

There are some tips that I believe can help a relationship, it's learnt from my h2b and I'm going to keep working on it.

Keep each other fresh by giving surprises. I like observing what he likes and surprise him suddenly even though it's not his birthday. Although he does this to me initially, i realize why can't I do this as well? I want to show my love to this person. Next time, he does the same to me.. And I can't stop doing the same to him...

Making each other happy. I know he likes yummy treats. I will try my best to make interesting desserts for him. To tell you the truth, I didn't know how to cook before we moved to our new apartment 2 years ago. I learnt for him. 

Find common interests and spend some quality time together. We both enjoy yoga, jogging, swimming.He is a sport lover, I'm not, I am a beauty lover. I understood sport can makes me beautiful and yeah! Common interest created!

Sometimes people think the closest person is the one that you can show your real emotion! it does mean you can tell him or her all your feelings,both positive and negative, but it doesn't mean you can vent your anger on to them. Your significant others is your supporter, you don't know what you are losing when you accumulating negative emotions toward your other half. Always show your respect and tell him or her what you think. Treasure your dear listener and staying positive by reminding yourself that at least someone is here for you, whatever happens. Nothing would matter more than HIM or HER leaving you. That's what we forget when we concentrate too much on the problems and forget what we are really risking, the worse possible future that may happen. No one enjoys being with an angry person and nobody would be there for you forever! Don't take it for granted!

These are just some random tips that I have randomly thought of. I'm sure there are lots which i need to learn about our relationship. Just keep being creative to your other half and you would find your life much more satisfying. A happy life is never out of reach. You can have it! Make it happen or all those wonderful opportunities for a happy relationship might just quietly slip by!

Cheers to all the couples and hope everyone has a loving life! :)


Add a little bit of Candy to life

Treat for my h2b
Madeline with lemon curd 

Getting ready

Putting some raspberry in it

Put it in an oven

Add the lemon curd


Who is writing the blog?!

I’m just somebody out of nowhere who would like to write something in a blog to remind me the joy of my life.

Life in HK is a rush! People living in a tiny place, but we can still enjoy a very close, fun and lovely life. So, why not write every lovely moment down to avoid losing myself in a rushed life?!

I’m actually very lucky who can start my new family with my soon-to-be husband. We know each other since we were 3. He moved to England and now he came back for me to start our new life!
In the coming year, we will need to plan our Chinese and western wedding, we need to attend pre wedding meeting to understand each other more, we are living together now, so we will need to adjust each other’s living style… There will be alot happening….

So, this is just a story of how a young couple survive in this prospective city! Let’s see how it goes!