My Fall MUST have item

Hong Kong is coming into a deep autumn time and everyone is looking at all the Skincare products that keep the body fully moisturized.

That is very important, but what is more important, I think, is the food that we eat. We found it comes to a time that no matter how much water we drink, we never feels enough. That's why the fall must have items for me will definitely be FRUITS!

It is not just a fruit, it is lots of fruitessssss to moisturize our body from inside to the outside.

Currently, my favourite are

Pears: It is full of water and can quickly moisturize our inner part of the body. If I have time, I would like to cook some pears and apple soup for my h2b.

Pineapple: my favourite fruit ever! Very juicy and I can feel that my lips do not dry out after eating pineapple.

Banana: It gives me a lot of energy in a very short period of time. A person lack of energy, eat banana would help.

Grapes: I love green grapes, I always treat this as snack in the office as it is so easy to eat without being notify by others and it has no stone, which won't mess up my clean table with lots of paper on it.

Apple: it helps cleaning up all the dirt inside my body and helps with the bowel movement. We need to eat it in a regular basis to ensure we have a better health. :)

Little tips: I have develop a habit lately. I like going to pacific coffee to buy a pack of fruits during lunch time. The pack have different kinds of fruit for me to absorb different ingredients in one go. If you are lazy like me not to buy different fruits and prepare it at night, this is definitely a good choice for you to stay healthy during busy days. 

We are what we eat, so act healthy and stay heathy now! :)

Green Tea Caramel ice cream sandwich

Omg! I just want to introduce the best creature on earth. This makes me feel like in the heaven.

This crispy green tea sandwich.
Green tea: I like green tea a lot, as I love the pure not too sweet taste. Simular to the taste of mint, not too heavy.

Caramel: I love caramel popcorn as you can see. So a pure and heavy caramel taste comes together with Haagen Dazs texture ice cream. OMG. I love love love it!!!

Whenever I'm down or happy to praise myself, this is a food that I would go for.



I haven't been to Muji for a while. I go there today and look for some really spongy marshmallow. But it isn't out yet. Instead I have bought some really good stuff.

A refill bottle: I look for a pretty bottle for my fall cream for a while. I was about to buy one at fan fan. But I found a cheaper version in Muji. Love it!!

Caramel popcorn: is one of my favourite. Last Tuesday when I see the film of Diana, I'm addicted to eat the popcorn at AMC. I would love to try this one at Muji as it is soo cheap, it is at the price of $12. How can I resist?!



I have just go through my old blog and found this...which makes me laugh..

My Pamper Evening - Skincare Edition

I had a pamper evening last Monday and I found my skin is better than going to beauty shop for facial. I would love to share what I did here.

If you are living in Hong Kong,this isn't a very interesting post as I think many people may already have this kind of product. So, what is it? dada..

HABA Ion My Skincare product.

This is an old school edition and I have bought this for like 4 years now but I still found it works for me. I know Haba has released a new edition lately and I can use my 1st edition to trade this in, but I missed it. Oh well, what a waste. :( I know this second edition can use under the eyes, I so so so want to have one, anyway, I might buy this after my wedding!!! :)

Ok, stop chatting and go straight to the skin care steps that I have done last Monday.

Step 1: As usual, I clean my face with my sheshido cleaning foam.
Step 2: if I haven't use my mangosteen peeling gel twice this week, I would use this to remove my dead skin first.
Step 3: Apple G lotion into a facial coat (it should be a blank facial mask, but I haven't bought this and I found facial coat serves the same purpose. So I keep using it. What a lazy lady?)

Little tips: I love love love this g lotion and I actually thought this is THE product that improve my skins.  I have used other product regularly but not G lotion. If my skin has significant changed after this Skincare session, it has to be this seldom used product! Plus,last week I had a little red spot on my face (I'm having sensitive skin), I read a magazine, it said it may most probably due to the change of weather, and moisturising my face with lotion would help. After I apply the G lotion, the redness really disappear. It is so amazing! I will keep buying this.

Step 4: Use the ion machine, turn it to cleaning mode and ion my face on the facial coat until I heard a "deep" sound.

Step 5: Apply any of my regular face mask ( I use tofu one last Monday), turning the mechine to refine mode and ion my face until I heard a "deep" sound.

Step 6: Massaging my face on the mask to help all essence of the mask absorbing by my face.

Step 7: Remove the mask and massage my face again until my finger don't feel that wet. Slap slight on my face to help the absorbance.


Better Skin after Pamper Evening

This week I feel that my skin is better. I feel that this is because of the things I did in my pamper evening last Monday, the running, yoga and more fruit in the morning. :)

I will write about the skin are product I used during the pumper evening later.

Here is a photo if the day. I have no make up on, but my skin is in natural red. Feeling happy!


What do I eat for breakfast in order to keep fit?

I will soon be a bride and I take really good care of what I eat.

I find there is breakfast that makes me really fit yet keep me full of energy..

Here is what I'm eating lately.

1) A banana

Normally, I will eat it when I leave my home, it is so convenient and provides me lots of energy in the beginning of the day.

2) When I'm arrived at work, I will eat instant oatmeal. I will need the big size one in order to keep me working through out the morning. I won't feel hungry if I eat this two food as breakfast.

Little tips: don't eat this as breakfast everyday, as you won't look pretty if you just absorb single kind of nutrients. I would normally drinks milk and eat bread for one or two morning to balance my diet during the week.

My outfit of the day - work edition

What should I wear at work? That's what I chose and it's supper comfy and suit my mood today.

I especially want to talk about my shoes. It is Jelly Beans. I love this brand since the first day I work. The shoes is supper comfortable, it never hurts my leg, and has some really girly style. My work always needs me to wear back, so this black rose shoes match most of my clothes easily and is stylish! Cool and I love it!

Clothes : new look 
Shoes: Jelly Beans
Bag: Miu Miu


Family woman Special - Lemon Tart and Simple Recipe

Today is public holiday in Hong Kong, I have planned to do alot of things. One of the thing is BAKING!

This time I tired LEMON TART. I have combined some recipes in youtube, changed a bit of the step and it still takes lovely.

If you want to try this,here is the recipe.

4 tsp sugar
70g butter
120g plain flour
3drops of lemon juices

Lemon filling:
120g sugar
3 eggs
Lemon zest from 2 lemons
Lemon juice from 2 lemons
3 tsp flour

1. Mix all the pastry ingredients with blender for like 10 seconds until it is smooth.
2. Make it like a dough,place it in a plastic paper and put it in a refridgerator.
3. Combine all the lemon filling ingredients with a blender for 4 seconds.
4. Put some butter on a tart tin.
5. Place the dough evenly in a tart tin.
6. Bake the dough for 20 mins in 180C until it is golden yellow.
7. Pour the lemon filling mixture over the hot pastry case.
8. Bake it for another 15 mins in 180C until the filling is firm.

And here you go.....

Funny items from Jap Shop

My h2b has found two really funny food items from a Jap Shop...

Left: Lemon juice, it is soooo cute and I dont really like squeezing lemon as it takes time and effort, this really good for lazy person like me. :)

Right: Spring onion,when he picks this up, i asked him what is it? he told me that it is spring onion. I asked him why dont you buy a fresh one? he said: Whenever I want to use it,I try to find fresh onion at home,it has died most of the time!True True! That is so convenient and useful!


My twice a week Skincare Routine

Referring to my facial mask posted earlier, I mentioned I will write about my twice a week intensive skin care routine. Now this is the time. :)

1st: I would firstly use Mangosteen peeling gel to remove any dead skin on my face. This definitely helps to make my skin brighter. The reason for using this first is that this gel work best when your skin is dry. I would rub it for around 4 to 5 minutes until i feel most of the dead skin is removed. For your information, this can be bought in log on.

2nd: I would like to use my day to day shishedo brightening cleaning foam to wash all the dirt and dead skin on my face. The reason I use cleaning foam instead of cleaning oil is that my face would grow some oily spot when I use cleaning oil. My skin just doesn't like oily product!:(

3rd: I prefer sheshido the skin care purifying mask. I like using clay mask to remove any dirt on my face. This is very powerful. I feel that all the dirt would stick to the mask and remove it all together when I wash away the mask. It takes around 20 minutes to let it dry before the next step. 

A little tips: please don't apply this for too long as this would over dry the skin and little line would grow.

4th: Put the mask on the face for another 20 minutes. This would be one of the masks I showed in earlier post. Sometimes, I would use ion machine as well to help my skin absorbing the product. ( I will introduce the ion machine I normally use later.)

When the time is up, I would massage my face to help my skin absorbing all the remaining product.

Little tips: I would not apply any more day to day skin care product as I feel that my skin are already moisturized and I don't want to over care my skin with chemical.

Hope this little blog gives you some ideas on how someone take care of their face and did help you a little bit. :)

To find wedding ideas in some wedding magazine - which one is good?

I have been planning my wedding since Sep 12, i bought some wedding magazine in England and found their magazine has a lot of interesring ideas and details which hong kong people may not think in the sameway, so i try to see if hong kong can have the same magazine. Yeah, I found it in PageOne.

Here are the three magazines I would mostly recommend!

Perfect Wedding: i really love their size, i usually read the magazine before sleep on bed or i bring it out to read. This really helps for carrying along. For the content, i really love the real wedding part, it shows he theme and how every details can match the theme. This gives me alot of inspiratiin for my own wedding.

Cosmoplolitian Bride: if you are in the stage of finding a beatiful wedding dress, bridesmaid dress,mummy outfit or hair styling,this magazine is what you want. It shows lots of really good styling and celebrity looks and you can have an idea of hiw to make your own wedding more grand. More high end fashionable magazine,i think.

You and your wedding: this magazine have both real life wedding and fashion ideas, the fashion and wedding ideas are more down to earth. I particular their part of honeymoon suggestions and wedding card example. My wedding announcement is inspired by of their example shown.

Little tips: Commerical press has a cheaper price of the magazine. PageOne has lots of uk, japan wedding magazine. You can go there and have a look.


My Outfit of the Day

Today is a very causal day, me and my h2b just go to somewhere near to take some travel information for our honey moon. But I found this outfit makes me really comfy and would like to share this. :)

Black t shit - h&m
Legging - h&m
Sandal - h&m
Bag - a bouquet in king wah
Me - with no make up on  :)

Best Nail Polish

When you dressed up or going to an important date, apply nail polish can easily make the whole look prefect and sometimes this tiny detail does matter!

I am not a nail polish addicted, but i do apply this whenever i have some important event or i feel like to dress up that date.

I have been using few nails polish in these few years and I have my favourite brands with me. :)

Chanel - it is the best best best nail polish brand i have ever used. It dries very quickly. You know how messy it can be if it takes forever to make the nail dry and keeping it form sticking to other thing. It also looks really shinny and make the whole look more glamorous. :)i have apply this on for my pre wedding photography and i would love to apply this for my wedding date as well. 

Essie: this one bought from my boss. I think it is good, it takes reasonable time to dry. But the color isnt exactly what I fancy, but i would like to try other color from this brand.

Topshop:I recently loving the brand of topshop,their dresses,clothes and style. Last time I shop there,i pick up this nail polish and feel the price is reasonable and would love to give it a try. The best thing about this nail polish is that it rather thick and I dont need to apply 2 coats to make it looks nice. It is shinny too. Last time I apply this, my friends asked me if i ask someone to apply this on me. You know how easy we can apply this nicely!

RMK: this is the first nail polish brand i tried. I know many jap model use this, i think this is quite long lasting and that is quite important for keybroad typer!

Little tips: please be reminded to wash your hand before applying a nail polish. Put a nail cream on and let it dry before applying the polish. Although all this can protect the nail a little bit, it is best to remove it after three days to let our nails breath. This is imoortant to keep our nail heathy.


Ring Cushion

I dream of making my own ring cushion for a very long time. But I never thought that I would be able to make one for myself. Not only I don't believe Im a very artistic girl but also I think it is quite difficult to do so.

The other day, my friend told me that she can borrow a handmade ring cushion to me. She is a very sporty girl and not even a artistic girl for a little bit. But she made it. Perhaps, it is not as difficult as I think it would be. So I search "how to DIY a ring cushion" in YouTube and I found a very useful video and the material are all easily assessable! Plus, it is very easy to make. So I give it a try.

For those who are interested to make your own ring cushion for your wedding, please do so, as it is not hard and you can tailor this by making your name on it. This make my wedding extra special! :)


Girls' little secret - Razor and Deodorant

What is girl's secret weapon?

A razor and a deodorant. That is something boy never want to know you use it. I dont know why they think girls born with no under shoulder hair and girl doesnt sweat. They never want to know how girl shave and what to use to avoid the sweaty shoulder as this would destory their fantasy on girl. So unreal!:)

Anyway,it's never difficult for us to keep it as a little secret,and in fact I have some funny expereiences that I would like to share on using a razor and a deodorant.

I like using spray unless i go travel and cannot take it on the plane. The reason I choose spray is that it doesnt have direct contact with my shoulder. I feel that when it contacts my shoulder, the sweat may stick on the product and next time when I use it,the sweat has converted to germ and stict it back to my shoulder. Dirty dirty.

when I use a new razor,I would cover my skin with some moisturizer first as the razor would normally be too sharp and hurt my skins.

The main tips:
is that I wont use razor and deodorant at the same time. It has no dotoral proof,but it is my mum's advice. The reason for not using it together is that when you shave your hair and you may hurt your skin. When you spray the deodorant, the chemical goes strict to your inner part of the body or breast through your wound. Although it has no proof, it is close to the breast , it makes sense to me,so I choose to avoid using it at the same time. It maybe better to shave at night and apply the deodorant when leaving the house.

That is a little secret that I would like to share! 


Eyes cream - anti aging and anti dark eyes circle

When i was in seondary school,I study really hard,I can study till 3 and wake up at 6 to study again. Plus, When I was with my fiance in secondary school, he lives in different time zone than I do. I need to sleep at 1 to talk on the phone with him and wake up at 6 to msn with him. No wonder why i had such a huge dark eyes circle since then. I need to blame him.

Since i work,I have tried to find a suitable eye cream for me to remove my dark eyes circle. None have any reaction to my sticky panda eyes. :( i gave up in using eye cream for many years as i found that not only it cant remove my dark eyes circle, but also it is too oily and makes me had a little oily spot under my eyes. It has been suggested by my friend that i should use eye gel instead if eyes cream is too oily for me. But I dont seem to find a suitable one so I gave up.

Recently, I have addicted to watch youtube video,one of the youtuber suggested to use origin eyes cream, and i really think I use some cream for my eyes as I am growing old,so i tired. I didnt find it good initally, so i buy another one from shiseido. Now,I find it is good when I use it both.

Left: Shiseido anti- dark circkes eye cream
Basically,it only serves one intensive fountion of anti dark eye circle. I normally apply it in the morning, as I feel that during day time,I use my eyes alot to watch and to read. It would be good to ANTI the dark circle being formulate during day time.

Right: Origins GinZing refreshing eye cream
It serves the function of anti aging to prevent small line from creating and anti dark eyes circle. After i apply it, it has a cooling effect, which makes my eyes really fresh and relaxed. So i would normally use it at night when i finished my work. My tiring eyes feel so much brighter. Initally, i dont find it useful, but when I use it for like a month, I feel that my dark eyes circle is disappearing, especially when i combin the two, i feel that my eyes are brighter and sharper, not that tiring like a panda.

Little tips:

I know people normally apply eye cream under the eyes and spread it all around. But i found it is better when i apply both the upper and lower eyes lip and spread it across as both the upper and lower lip needs the cream equally. Or your upper eyes lip needs anti aging alot more as when you grow old, the upper eye lips relax and start covering my eyes and makes me look older. 

Hope this little tips helps!

Facial Mask - Fall Edition

It's autumn time!Not just we need to make sure our lips are kissable,we need to ensure our face not aging,especially when the weather is chaning if we dont make the necessary skin care routine and our skin cant cope it. Little line on our face would grow and that is how you tell people how old you are on your face, which we dont really want that.

The best method to moistuize our skin is doing a facial mask at least three times a week.

Here below are the mask I use and really love as it seems to work for me.

Left: Bihada whitening mask
I have been using this brand for like more than 6 years and it is amazing!I can definately see the different immediately after i remove the mask. I first know this brand from a Taiwan model and then I saw in a non no japan model's blog. Both of their skin are really white and pure after removal of the make up (according to the picture they shows in the blog). So I try it and i love love love it and it becomes my skincare routine and i cant live without it. There are few different mask under this brand, but the best are this pink one and a black one. The pink one is best when you want to moisturize your skin or when you feel that your skin become tanned lately. I would use it and it would give me a white and moisturized skin immedately. The black one has an additional founction, which is purifying. Sometimes when i feel that my skin is very dirty,i would use the dark mask after I use a purifying clay. It gives double purifying. I dont really suggest using the dark mask only for purifying,although this mask's function is quite good, but i would think clay mask is more powerful to remove dirt from our face.

Middle:sana tofu mask
This is a mask that I wanted to try for soooooo long but I never use it before. I saw the jap model use it, but i am just too addicted to Buhada mask and havent tried it. Another reason i havent tired it before is that it mainly concentrate on moisturuzing skin, with no purifying or whitening function. But in the autumn dry season, that is what i turly want. It really really really give an execellent function in providing water to my skin. I feel my skin is moisturized deeply. It is definately a must have item for me in autumn time.

Right:shiseido power brightening mask
Im a super shuseido fans. All of my daily skincare routine products are shiseido. It really gives some positive reaction to my skin. But i havent use any paper mask from shiseido before because 1) i think it is rather expensive, more than $100 per mask 2)im already using it every day, maybe i should try other product of mask to give another intensive improvement in a weekly basis. However, in fall time, i feel that daily moisturizing is not enough,if this brand gives a good reaction to my skin, why not add a little bit more by using their mask to magnify the result, and yes. It does what I expected and i will keep buying it until the auntum gone. :)

Little tips: before using the mask, it best that we use some peeling skin product to remove dead skin to let all the product goes straight to the inner part of the skin, wash our face and use purifying clay to remove any dirt on the face, as we dont want the dirt goes together with the product to the inner skins and become little grey spot all over the face. 

If i have time i will try to write about my fulll skin care routine to share my experience with you. :)


Lip Balm - Fall edition

It's fall time in Hong Kong. The weather is no longer humid, instead, it's dry, very dry.

Normally, my lip would first react to the change. One I notice my lip drys like a biscuit, I would know it's time for me to moisturize it a little bit. 

In this season, I didn't buy any lip balm. It's all from last winter. I received many Christmas lip balm as a gift last year, I didn't have the chance to use all of them. This year, I would like to try all of them to see which one is the best!!!

1st: Jurlique Love Balm
This one is very moisturized, I remember once I applied this, I don't feel like to keep drinking water anymore. It would normally keep like an hour or two before I need to apply it again.

2nd: New Zealand Lanolin
I'm not sue if you can buy this in hk, as this is a sovinair from my boss. She suggested me to apply this before I sleep and use a little pastic paper to cover it for 10 minutes. Remove the plastic paper before sleep. The next day, you don't feel like applying lip balm before going out. I feel that it's best when it's windy but you still need to open an air con at night. You would normally feel your whole skin is dry when you wake up. But then I found my lip dont feel dry with lanolin applied. :)

Little lips: I would normally place this in my bath room so I can apply it after shower and before sleep. :)

3nd: M&S Lip care
This was bought from my friend as a bridemaid gift. 

I think it is not particularly moisturizing, but it's good when the weather is not that dry but you need to put something on to maintain moist in the lips and no skin peels out.

I think this is very user friendly, at least I don't need to wash my hand before I apply it and I don't need to clean my hand afterward. 

I like placing it in my entry door table, so I can quickly apply it before I leave for work. 

I hope this give you a little idea on what's my favourite lip balm. Remember girl needs to keep lip kissable!!! It earns a lot of points!!! :)