Wedding Anniversary

Christmas Declaration Ideas

It's time to say GoodBye to November and say Hello to December! What does December mean? Christmas is coming! We need to start the festive spirit from day 1, otherwise, the moment of joy would just leave in a blink of eyes. 

As you can see in my last post, I have bought an advent calendar. I can't wait to open it day by day. Next, it is decelerating a Christmas Tree. It is one of my favourite things to do in December. This year, I would like to have a more ME theme. So, what is better than having a pink and grey christmas tree. I once wanted to buy a grey christmas tree and put some pink ornaments or bows on. However,  I think it may be too pale for a warm and cozy Christmas.  So, I keep using a green tree and book lots of grey and pink ornaments. The result is pretty amazing to me! I crazily in love with this trees and feel so happy whenever I look at it. Let me walk you through what is on my tree.  

My christmas tree this year has all the lovely ornament that represent me. 
Pink & Grey theme: My favourite color.
Heart shaped Ornament: I am hoping to have a lovable life. 
Star Ornament: I am lucky and want to be lucky. I just super love every in star shape. 
Pine Cone Ornament: If I am not getting a dog as a pet, I would love to have a squirrel. I just think it is so cute! Squirrel love pine cone! :)
Grey Ball Ball: How can a christmas tree with out a ball ball. I just love the textures so much.


Do More of What Makes You Happy!

Sorry that I haven't been around for a while. I have just been very busy at work. It has been a tough week. I think it is always good to blog, as this can help me to clear things up in my mind. 

Remember my last post How Instagram Changes My Life , whenever I look at instagram, I feel like I want to strive toward a better life. But how? Whenever you feel lost and feel you lack of the ability to have a better life, stop for a while, follow your heart and think what would make you happy. Your heart will never fail you. Sometimes you are too scare to follow your heart as you think this might not be relastic. If it is the right things to do and you will be happy, go for it. Be brave enough to trust that you can resolve the problem that might come up. 

Sometimes, you may look back to the old life, but you can never go back and live that moment again! So, just say goodbye to this, move forward, believe that an even better life is ahead waiting for you. If you keep on looking back, you can just never reach the better place. 

Be brave, follow your heart to find a better future!


How Instagram Changed My Life

I start using Instagram nearly the same time when I start writing my blog. I first use this to follow up youtubers' information and now it turns out to be something that change my lifestyle. 

Instagram has so many beautiful photo that makes people obsessed in, it reminds me how great life can be and how I can also create such beautiful life. Sometimes tiny little things at home, on the desk,    the clothes you wear and how you see the world really make the different. 

After I have my instagram, I understand myself better that I am a pink, grey, rose gold obsessor who love to see (but not to eat) all kind of desert, love ponies, interior design and my favourite quote is "Do more what makes you happy!" When you know what you loves, you are one step further on understanding how to make yourself happy!

Instagram is a lifestyle dresser who helps shaping life to a better one! Here are some of the Instagramers I follow. They are all awesome and I hope they don't mind me showing their photo here just because I want more people follow them to see how much they can change the viewer's life! 


Autumn Skincare Tips

Autumn has finally locked our door! You can feel the winds and dryiness and it is time to do more to protect your skin from drying out quickly. Here is my little facial tips which I would like to share it with you.

In autumn time, I like to have facial three times a week if possible to ensure my skin is hyrated enough. To begin with, I would wash my face and use th peel gel, like I said in previous post. Then I would use clay mask (i.e. kiehl's rare earth deep pore cleansing masque). In summer time, I would normally leave it until it completely dry out (10 minutes), in autumn time, I would just wait for 5 to 7 minutes) to avoid it absorbing too much "water" from my skin.

For mask, I would recommend using Tony Moly Intense Care Snail Hydro-gel Mask. I know the feeling of this snail mask sheet is disgusting, but trust me the hydrating power is super great. I would normally use my HABA ion machine to help my skin absorbing the ingredients. be sure to leave it on your face no more than 20 minutes. The idea is that when you remove the mask, your face is still full of mask gel and not dry out. If your skin is dry out, it means the ingredient is going back to the mask. I feel like it is all about ingredient density between your face and the mask. In the first few minutes, the ingredients in the mask is higher than that in your face, so it transfer the ingredients to your face. When times go by, it reverses as the ingredients in your face build up. So, never keep your mask overnight if it is not a sleeping mask.

If the facial mask doesn't cover my eyes, I would use Sofina eyes mask afterward. The little tips has been given by the sales is that I need to slightly scratch it to help squeezing the ingredient out. I would put it under my eyes for 5 minutes and on top of my eyes for another 5 minutes. As it is quite sticky, try to press your under eye skin when removing the mask to prevent stretching the sensitive eye skin too much.

For my lips I would apply a thick layer of lip balm and use a small plastic paper to cover it for 5 minutes.

I hope this inspire you slightly. You don't need to use the exact product that I mention. People may have different types of skin that may have other products that fit them. What also matters is the little technics when using the product.

Hope you have a nice weekend and enjoy!


Weekend Post

Happy Saturday walk with lots of natural beauty! It is autumn time, slightly windy, sunny, a little dry.. Very lovely time to hike and enjoy some quality time with the family.


Best Date Night Restaurant - Greyhound Cafe Hong Kong

Have you ever had any difficulty in planning a causal date night when all you want is some good food? Here is your choice - Greyhound Cafe Hong Kong

Greybound has so many different kinds of food, Vietnamese (noodles), Western (mini burger or cake), Chinese (dumplings) and it is all delicious! If you are not very sure of what your date love eating and you don't want to take him/her to a too formal place. Greybound can provide good food with relaxing environment for you to chat.

Don't forget to order desert. Their desert is absolutely amazing. Our current favourite is Apple Crumbles, but we also tried Nutella Banana Cheese cake which is also good! 

Little Tips: I would strongly recommend you going there for dinner as their food is much better at dinner time. Please also aware that their food portion is quite small, so be prepare to order lots of food with different varieties (which is completely fine for me! :) ) 

Hope you have a nice holiday! 


5 Little Things in Life

Sorry everyone! I haven't been blog much lately as I have been super super busy with work and everything. I think it is time for me to slow down and appreciate what I have in my life. Here is the series of "5 Little Things in Life": - 

Anniversary Flowers - Nothing better than just looking at flowers
Flag Selling Donation - The smallest help may make a difference. Always be remind to do good things!
Beautiful Weather and Flowers - What a lovely Sunday?! 
Milk Sippy Straw - Drink milk with this straw, it can instantly turns into a chocolate milk! Yum~
My bag always full of Snack and Nail Polish! Typical Me! :)


Monthly Beauty Buys

Topshop Infrared Lipstick: I have never tired Topshop's lipstick before, but it keeps on surprise me! I actually love this (hkd99) over YSL peach passion lipstick (hkd250). Topshop lipstick is just so moisturizing, even I have some dead skin on my lips stick around, it's just cover it up so well!

Color wise - I normally would not buy a sharp orange color lipstick but I saw Zoella who applies it in one of her vlog, she looks so amazing and I saw her lipstick review. This is one of her favourite. I give it a try and it is so good! The color shine my look. You have to try it to understand what I mean. It won't disappoint you, I am sure! 

Mascara: My wedding makeup artist has recently introduce this Mascara to me and I buy it in Leng Leng (Japanese makeup chainstore). It costs hkd275 for 2 mascara. It is definately no as good as MJ mascara which I write about in my previous post. But it is water proof, so easy to remove and gives a natural look to me. If you are in a causal day and would love to make yourself look more energetic. This is the one. However, if you are going on a date or a event, it may not be a wise choice for you, as it may not be hold for that long. 

I hope this little review is benefital to you. If you have try this before, please let me know your comments as well. 


Late Night Smoothies

I l-o-v-e smoothies! My mum has bought a pineapple to me, what is a better way to consume the whole pineapple?! Smoothies!!!! Here is my late night smoothies receipt:-

Half Pineapple, 6 Strawberry, Blue Berry, Ice,  25 ml Coconut Water   

Slice it to tiny little pieces for easy handling. 

Add some coconut water.

Bend it! 

Da Da... Pine Berry Smoothies ... Yummy!


Alex Goot Music

Have you ever watch Alex Goot's youtube video? If you haven't already, please click the link and check it out. He is a very talented guy who make very good music. He can play different kinds of music instalments and combine it all into one song. 

Yesterday, he travels all the way from the US to Hong Kong to have a mini concert. When I first find out he is having a concert in Hong Kong, I was amazed. None of my friend in Hong Kong hear about Alex Goot, let along listen to his music. I used to plan to go to the US and hoping he can have some kinds of show in the pub, so I can enjoy one or two of his songs. Now, he is here in Hong Kong, singing for around one hour for us. This is one of the best time of my life, his music is amazing. When he sings, we all follow his music and move. He is not dancing, he only sits in front of a piano and it is enough to excite your body from head to toe. I am so lucky to be able to know his existence and would like to introduce him to you. Please just click his videos and see if his music is your cup of tea. 

Let's experience the power of music!


New Invention - Mid-Autumn Festival Toys

My blog is about everything that happens in my life. It is not limited to skincare, make up, fashion, cooking. I would like to blog about everything interesting! 

As I have mentioned in my previous post, Mid-Autumn Festival is coming in the week. So, I am trying to buy some toys to the little kids so they can play in the dark under the moon. Then I found this little invention! It is totally a Ding Dong (Popular Japanese Cartoon) invention for me! It is an infra-red Yo Yo. When you press the dark button on the top, it scroll like a yo yo, at the same time an infra red emitted. When it rolls, it turns out a red circle around the yo yo. 

What a genius idea? Yo Yo is what kids like to play, when you add a little bit creativity and matching with the festive idea, it becomes everyone's fav. I am sure the inventor can earn a lot after mid-autumn. For those who are living in Hong Kong, please go to 7-11 to get one. I am sure not only kid, but also big boy (my husband is playing it for so many times) would love it! 

P.S. From my understanding, it starts running out of stock and people are pending for restock! Hope every one would have a lovely Mid-Autumn Day! 

The Best Eyes Shadow Kit Set

I have been using this eyes shadow kit set since I start using eyes shadow. It is a present from my friend and I totally love it. It has everything in a little box (eyes linear, base eye shadow coat (white), main eyes shadow (light brown) and eyes shadow highlight (dark brown). My apology that it doesn't have a brand name on it, so I can't tell you exactly what it is. But I guess there are many similar product available in the market. I hope you can get similar colour eyes shadow to feel how good it is.  

Maybe I just "try" to walk you through how I apply it. 
1)  I would draw my eye linear (as I don't want it to be too obvious, so I can use my eyes shadow to slightly cover it up to make it more natural. )
2) I would apply the base coat all over my eye lip (which is quite a large area). 
3) I add the main eyes shadow above my eyes linear across my upper part of my eyes and just a little bit under my eyes. 
4) Then I add the dark brown eyes shadow in the centre of my upper eye lip (right on top of your eyes ball when you look straight to a mirror). This can make my eyes  ball looks bigger without wearing a fake eye ball contact len. 

I am not a professional make up artist at all, it is just how I normally TRY to apply my make up and I love it. If there is any better way to apply, please tell me and I would love to learn and improve. Hope that I don't mess up too much :)