Top Wear

have gone shopping with my best mate and bought some really nice stuff that I would like to share it here.

Top clothes with little mouth all over. I just think it is cute and trendy, plus the base color is my favourite grey.

Top jumper.. One word because it is pink.. And I love it.

Top shoes. All time favourite sprinkle jelly beans. The most comfortable shoes on earth.


How to kill DARK eyes circle?!

Dark eyes circle grows due to slow blood circulation and tiring eyes.

We can improve this by increasing the blood circulation - do exercise half an hour a day. No need doing very sweaty exercise. Just move your body until your heart rate increase a little. 

If your dark eyes circle developed because of tiring eyes and you have no time for exercising everyday. This product - steam eyes mask would definitely help!

I know there are places that you can but stem eye mask that you can only use once. This red bean eye mask can reuse for many many times. The only things you need to do is putting it in a microwave to make it warm. 

Place it on the eyes and relax a little bit.

Love it!


Best Breakfast for the Day - Pancakes

On a saturday morning, my husband and I like sleeping until it's time to wake up. We think about what breakfast to eat in our bed. Here comes our final idea - PANCAKES.

Every time we travel to a new place, we would love the food there. Last time we travel to Australia, we try to enjoy their pancakes and normally, the food would have an emotion attached to it. This time, the pancakes bring us back to Tasmania.  

The pancake mix would normally have no favour inside, so I would like to add a little bit of honey and lemon juice while stirring in the water. Little tips for you is that, don't add too much honey. The honey would make the texture less soft. You can add more lemon juice if you like heavy taste.

Another tips while cooking mini pancakes is that you can use a little mode (I normally use the mode for making scone) to limit the amount of mixture per pancake. This can also help to shape the pancake as circle.

Don't move the mixture while heating, move it until it is not stick with the pan. 

You can then add different toppings, like Nutella, Jams or peanut butter. My current favourite is Nutella! :0)

It is so easy to do, let's try it! 


Buy, Eat, Life

BUY: I have recently addicted to Kate Spade. I love this brand as their designs are full of bow and spot and its texture is really hard and strong. I have been shopping at their shop twice and I have targeted this little silver iPad bag and a gold wallet. 

I haven't bought the wallet yet, but I think I will as I really miss it. I saw it in the airport, I love it ever since.

For this silver bag, I won't use this for my iPad as my iPad already has a really pretty case covering it. Instead I will use it when I go out to carry my wallet, keys etc. Kate Spade is currently on sales. I buy this with half price: HKD350 (original price: $700).

EAT: One of my favourite food is green tea stuff. I bascially love all kind of green tea food. Green tea ice cream, green tea mike, green tea cookies. I love the taste of green tea as it is not strong in favour yet it is healthy. 

Whenever I go to CitySuper, I would buy this Red Bean Green Tea stuff to eat. It is supper yummy and is only HKD14 each. It has different kinds of favour like custard. If you are not particularly fond of Green Tea, you can try the Custard one. It is equally yum!

LIFE: My husband and I are particularly care about our health lately. As my life are super busy, we know that we shall take extra care of our health. Not only what we eat, but also how much exercise we did. Apart from cycling, we like jogging and yoga. We try to keep execising at least once a week.

My life isn't very interesting, but I love the peace and the time I spend with my loved one.


What I eat today - Shanghai Po Po Restaurant

Fair Sharing - 平等分享

Few years ago, Hong Kong government gives out hkd6000 to all hk resident. Some people think it is excessive for them and should use this money to others who really need.

They started a event in buying food, clothes to elderly. Trying to talk to them and really care about them.

This is the second time we join this event,  the first time we target those elderly who collect and sales "paper". This time, we target all old people who in need of food.

I feel happy when I talk to one of the old lady, she is sitting on the floor waiting for the shop to give her some paper. We buy  some lunch ticket and give it to her. I still remember once I notice her eyes with tears I try to find a tissue to remove the tease for her. She feels so thanksful and I feel so glad that at least I can show my love to one stranger. Sometimes, we are not indifferent, it is just we don't have the time and motivation to show our love to the society.

If you are in Hong Kong, please click on to be link to understand more about this event. It happens regularly and in different district, you would find yourself being amazed by how much care you would like to show to the others and the society. 



What is in our Valentine Supermarket Basket

Happy Valentines' Day!! This is the first Valentines' Day after we get married. 

As a newly married couple, we chose not to din out and would like to stay at home for a romantic dinner. 

My hubby picked me up from work and we went to do some food shopping. For a Valentines' Day, we tends to go for western food, as it can be more sophisticated and more romantic. w

When my hubby arrived the supermarket, he had already got an idea of what to cook for tonight. It is FISH & CHIPS. The reason why he decided to cook fish & chips is that we ate ALOT of fish & chips in Australia and we enjoyed eating it. This reminds us lots of wonderful memories when we were in Australia. 

- Menu of the Day -
Starter - Parmaham with melon
Main course - Fish & Chips with Ravioli
Desert - Lemon Tart

Great night.. great day.. I wish you have you own joyful night too!


What I buy today - boots

I have been wanting to buy an angle boots for a very long time.

But I just can't find a suitable one for me, the other day when I'm shopping around at H&M, I found this boots which I really like and prefect for work and cold weather.

It can either wear it with leggings or trourses. I'm going to love it so bad and wear it everyday.


What I Wear at Home- Winter Edition

I LOVE my winter PJ. It is pink PJ with white spot on it. It is super cute!

The other must have items is a winter slippers. I have never wear this winter slippers before until the first time I went to the UK. My mum bought a pair of really warm shoes alike slippers to me. I fall in love with it instantly. 

Not only it is cold and comfy, but also it is shoes alike, it covers a lot of my legs, even to the part of my legs that my trousers cannot cover. That way, I don't need to wear shocks around. I heard that if you wear shocks the whole day, your legs' skin can't breath and would cause skin peeling off. 

When I come back to HK, I try to search everywhere to look for a similar one but failed. Finally, I found some in "Accessorized". I am so AMAZED!

If you are interested to get one in these winter, go to Accessorized, it has some really pretty slippers which are not pricy at all.

Winter Slippers from Mum 


Face Cleaning Best Friend

Look what I bought today. How cute?!

Sometimes, we just need a cutie little thing to cheer yourself up. I have been looking for some pretty bow hair holder for a while and this is the prefect one for me. 

I like looking at the pretty colour and super big bow when I massaging  my face. It makes the pamper evening even more joyful.. :)

Best Jewellery for Valentines' Day - 我的珍珠魔法

It is almost Valentines' Day now, and you might be worrying what to wear during the IMPORTANT day to impress your man or potential one.

One of the items that can make your look completely different is - Jewellery. Jewellery can easily help you to dress up or down. Here are some Pearl Jewelleries I would like to wear during special events.

Pearl with Flower Necklace from Ans

This jewellery has a little flower which is nice and girly.

 The jewellery would be the best
if you are going to some night events which need you to be a bit formal.
It can easily match with all color's dress and make you look young and glamorous.

Silver Pearl Necklace from b+ab

This necklace is more causal and you can match with all causal wear and add a little details to your outfit.
You can instantly change a boring look to an attractive look just because of a necklace,
Sometimes the little details makes complete difference.

Pearl Ear Ring from a Little Bouquet

If you want to go to a night event, these ear rings matches perfectly with the first necklace.
The whole set of jewellery can easily dressed you up.
Pearls can easily make you feel old, but the little bow on top tells "You are young".

I personally love pearls very much as I love the texture, love the shininess and the way it helps me look so tidy and charming. I hope this idea help you a little and figured the best look for THE day. :)


Valentine's Cookies Baking

It is nearly Valentines' Day now. Have you thought of baking anything to your loved one? It is a good time to show your love and care to your partner by spending some time to bake for him. The precious thing in the world is time. You can buy a cake or cookies in a shop, but the time you choose to spend to just make him happy means a lot and he will feel it.

If your significant others obsessed with almond butter and dark chocolate like my hubby does, perhaps this receipt can help you. You can change the almond butter to peanut butter or Nutella. Dark chocolate to milk chocolate. It will be equally delicious. :)

Ingredients: (easy)
120g room temperature butter (melt it)
3/4 cup almond butter
3/4 cup brown sugar
200g flour
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp baking power
1 egg
Some chocolates 
1. Sift salt, flour and baking power together.

2. Beat butter, brown sugar, egg and almond butter until it is creamy.

3. Add the flour mixture and bake again.

4. Use the mold to make up a little flattened dough. Add the chocolate on the top.

5. Bake it for 15 mins at 180'C.
Valentines' Cookies 


Let's try it and you would find the joy during the process and much happier when you EAT the result.. ;)

Tasmania Holiday - Travel Guide and Tips

For those of you who has been reading my blog, you may know that I have been to Australia one month ago for our honeymoon.

Australia is definitely a lay back place we can enjoy and relax. It is good to travel around the world when we are young, have no baby yet and enjoy some you and me times to create some memories which can backup our marriage.

Me and my hubby @ Bondi Beach
If you love surfing, you must go to Bondi Beach.
If not, please be prepared for a VERY windy weather (which is prefect for surfing).
Me wearing the LI t shirt @ the Rocks
There is a very lovely cafa called La Renaissance Cafe.
The lemon tart, coffee and macaroons are yummy,
Address: 47 Argyle St, The Rocks
Window shopping @ Lauceston Center as all the shops closed at 5 :(
HK people may not aware that shop would close at 5.
If you really want to do some shopping, you have to wake up early.
Beautiful view @ Cradle Mountain
There are different route for you to hike and would specify how long would it take for you to hike.
As we arrived at around 4, we choose a 2 hours hike around Cradle Mountain.
Be reminded to mark down your name and start time in the record book before you start hiking,
and mark the end time when you finish.
People would search for you if you haven't finished the path for too long.
The view outside our hotel window @ Darling Harbour
There are lots of hotel near Darling Harbour, which is great.
There are many shows near the harbour, we have ferry travels to the Zoo, the view are excellent.
Very Windy day @ Salamanca Market
The Salamanca Marktet only open on Saturday, however,
if you go there in weekday, there is also a international food market which called Taste of Tasmania. 
My hubby is trying to fins some honey.
If you go to Tasmania, one of the must buy souvenir is honey. 
Purple Lavandar Farm @ Bridestowe Lavender Estate
The Lavender pancakes,ice cream and scones are the food the we have to eat!
Coolest hubby ever!

Finding the best souvenir for my lovely friends
must buy items: Lavender oil, soap and hand handcream

Trying to be scary @ The Maze
Enjoying the lovely sunset @ Swansea
The restaurant near the sea has tasty fish and chips! 
Enjoying the music near the Theatre
There are little bank singing @ the cafe while everyone can just stand and enjoy the music

Healthy Breakfast for Saturday Morning

A very relaxing saturday morning,  my hubby and I have no plan at all. We just sleep until we think we should wake up and then my hubby start cooking.

I have no idea what he cooks, but then I found out. It is a really lovely meal:-

Egg with red pepper

As you may already know, egg is full of every nutrients to grow a little chicken. So it is a good food for me to energising myself in the morning.

Red pepper is my recent favourite. I found it very crispy. It is a good and healthy replacement for potato chips.

I plan to bring some to work, so whenever I feel like taking snacks, this health one is what I put my mouth to. ;)

Breakfast cooked by hubby

Honey Water

My aunt recently bought a local honey for us. We love local honey, as we heard that honey is good for curing allergy and health. Local bees live in local environment and MAKE some honey out. The honey has all the nutrients this environment needs, which perfectly fits for people live in this environment. 

We like drinking this Wing Wo honey water first things in the morning. Honey has the ability to clean the dirt inside your body, so drinking it with warm water in the morning is the best way to stay healthy!

To be honest, we won't drink it everyday. We think all best things are only good if you eat it regularly not overwhelmed your body with a single food. 

That's why we drink twice a week in the morning.

Honey from Auntie

I hope you enjoy this blog post and keep a healthy life. Cheers!

Some ME time

A saturday morning, I would like to start a really personal blog for today, as I really need one to clear my head up. 

One week ago, I hand in my notice for the job that I have done for 6 years. My boss has given me one more week to rethink if I really want to leave and offer me some other good opportunities to stay on.

I have been thinking this like more than a week and would like to tell myself "No, it is time for you to move on". The next question is where I should move?

(can't even type for 5 mins...)

Good question, what should I do next? I found myself a lot of interests, but then it is most likely be "a leisure interest". 

1) Learning piano
2) Reading more books
3) Starting blog
4) Learn how to edit video 
5) Learn photography
6) Do more pastel drawing

(I would write more about the above interests...)

Now that I have married and resigned, I know it is time for me to stop and think how life should then go.

Add caption
I really want to find a job that I can earn money at home, being a good wife and be able to take good care of my husband. 

Even if it is not work from home, I could shorten my working hours (unlike now: 8am-8pm). It is crazy and I am ashamed of being called "Wife". 

I spend all my life being a very hard working girl and woman. I tried to fulfil what my parents expected, what the society thinks I should be in order to earn money. I did it. I strive very hard every day and I attained what I expect myself to be when I was very little. I still remember when I set my goal. It is when I was F.7, I needed to choose what to study, think about who I will be later on in my life. I failed and then strive really hard to become who I am today.

I can tell myself, I did everything as planned. Being a professional in a business field, being Chi's wife. I have spent a long and difficult time before I can get and become what I want. But I'm sure if I set my goal, understand what I want, I will be what I expected myself to be. 

The road ahead will not be easy and I will need to prepare myself for many obstacbles and stay strong. But first of all, I need to make the move to plan ahead, set a goal and work for it.

I am sure I would like to keep you posted on my life searching status here. 


My Hubby's Favourite Sauce

I always write about what I like to eat or what my favourite food is. Perhaps it is good to tell you a bit   more about what man like to eat as some of you may be MAN/BOY.

Hello, man/boy.

My hubby love Nanodo's. However, there is no Nanodo's in HK. He likes asking his friends from the UK to bring some Nanodo's sauces to him when they travel to HK, so we can make some home made Nanodo's chicken. 

The first time his friends bring him is a few glass bottle of watery sauces, which is very heavy and hard to carry it to HK. 

The second times,  his friends find some really good dried herbal feel sauces, which is an AMAZING adventure on earth. They can bring as much as they like to us!!!!

Here is how it looks like:

Our current favourite is lemon & herb & BBQ. We just put it in the chicken rings, leave it there for few hours and then put it in the oven and it's done!!!!

What is more amazing is that the sauces can actually buys in TASTE (Fancy supermarket). Currently I found the glass bottle one at least. We actually don't need our friends to carry it few thousand miles for us and we can now eat our favourite food whenever we want!!!

How good is that? :)