What I Drink tonight?

Tender Stem with Pork Soup
Tender Stem is a very healthy vegetable. It includes vitamin A, B, C and D. It helps delivering oxygen into the brain and help you relieve from tidiness. It also helps with constipation and defend your body from bacteria. You can be surprise of how many nutrient it can be in one bow of soup.

3 Health Products that Change your Life

It has been a hot topic for me recently to stay healthy as my life is busy and I see so many people getting sick lately.

It is time to take care of what we eat to ensure our body is healthy enough to flight for any bacteria.

Today, my hubby and I go to a healthy food store and buy three healthy food that we think it is worth sharing.

Pumpkin Seed Cookies (no sugar) Diabetes are more and more popular in hk. We should be careful of how much sugar we consume everyday. This cookies is good as it has no sugar. If anyone think diabetes is not really a matter for you, then think about when you want to eat snack, this cook will be a healthy replacement and keep fit as well.

Organic Golden Flax Seeds Powder Flax seeds is actually very good for people with problem of constipation. It helps stimulating intestines. You can put the seed on top on rice, conquee or breakfast.  

Natural Fine Sea Salt (no iodine) Salt has been one of the tiny little sauce that we need to put in nearly all dishes. It is very important to have a very fine salt that have no heavy metal, no iodine and highly pure. This salt is exactly what we have been looking for.  


Two Honey Product

I feel like it is winter time in Hong Kong,even it is spring now. My skin is dry and the only thing that can moisturize the body inside and outside is HONEY!

I had blog about drinking honey in te morning earlier. Currently,I like adding few drops of fresh lemon juice as well to let myself have more vietamin C to defend my body from disceases,like flu or cough.

Besides actually drinking honey, I try searching for honey beauty stuff and they are both from the Body Shop.

1) Honeymania body butter: The texture are thick, but it is not moisturised as I think it will be. It is definitely good for spring time while you don't want your body to be too oily. But my skin gets dry again easy after applying this in winter time.

2) Honeymania shower gel: I really really like the smell of this shower gel. It makes my shower period more pleasant and relaxing. I like the feeling of covering with honey after bath. Definitely will buy it again after using this up.


Grill Skewer Night

We miss the grill skewer that we ate in Taiwan soooo sooo much. We are not going to go back to Taiwan any sooner. So why not give it a try to cook it myself?! The result is fantastic!

Thanks to this yummy sauce. This is an excellent combination with beef and pork. My aunt buys this for us from 一田. She introduced us to heaven and I am just sharing her information to you all. Please do try it. 

A little tips: Perhaps you can try grilling cheese with ham with little bit of pepper! You would never forget the taste that brings to your tough! :)

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Life Out of Control

Flight Back!

Skincare Product Haul from Taiwan

Finally, I have the time to talk about the skincare product that I buy earlier in Taiwan. It turns out that the product doesn't really suit me but I think it may be suitable for people with really dry and sensitive skin.

First thing first, I would like to clarify I am with neutral and sensitive skin. My cheek is little bit dry, but it doesn't dry like peeling off skin when I don't apply any moisturising product.

How to understand which skin type are you? If you want to understand your skin type, you can try to feel it when you washed your face and don't apply any product, trying to observe which part of your skin is dry and how dry it is. Please don't always do this to dehydrate your skin. Just once and then you can identify what type of product suits you. Basically, there are two type of skin that skincare brand like using to differentiate their product.

DRY SKIN: Skin peeling off if you don't apply moisturiser. Or you feel like you have to apply something.

MIXED SKIN: Oily skin in the front head and nose, dry skin on the cheek.

The product mentioned in this post are suitable for people with dry skin.

Curel  Whitening Moisture Face Milk: Two months ago, my friend who has a really dry skin has suddenly had a allergic reaction toward the skincare product she normally used. Her face went red and swollen. She was terrified, as her skin is dry and can't just don't apply anything to moisturise her skin, especially it is winter time in HK. She had tried to find a product that was as pure as possible but it could hydrated her skin. This is the product that she used. It is especially designed for dry and sensitive skin with whitening function. It can easily buy in Mannings or any large chain store. I always like the brand of Kao, it gives an impression to me that it is pure. This is also a brand that I used when I was really young.

I heard it from my friend that this product really helps her to recover from her allergic reaction when I was in Taiwan. I definitely want to buy it and have a try. However, it doesn't really suit me as the moisturising function is too strong, my skin starts growing spots, so I stop immediately and give it to my friend.

So, always make sure the product suit your skin type before you try it even it is a good one. I'm a bad example. But that is a good experience, it is always trial and error and you know which product suits you best.

自白肌: This is another product that I would LOVE to try even I know this may not suit me. This product is a sister line of a very famous brand "my beauty diary"(我的美麗日記). It is also a Taiwan branded product. They have invited Fan Fan (who is a popular singer with very white and lovely skin) as an endorser. I found this product in log-on (HK) before, thought of give it a try, but I didn't as my moisturiser has not been used up yet. I saw it in Taiwan and their advert is everywhere. It is more popular and a bigger brand in Taiwan than in HK. So I give it a try as my skin is drier than normal lately.

Again, the moisturising function is quite strong, my skin is full of water since then, my face are abit shinny after I apply it. It is not as soft by it looks. So I start wondering if this product is too moisturise for my skin type.

I won't stop using this, I will use it at night time while keep using my Shishedo product in the morning. This way, I can moisturise my skin at night and have more time to feel if the product suits me.

I think this two products are good one for dry skin and I don't want to miss telling you all. Although it is not a prefect match for me, but good product can somehow suit someone.


Everything About a Short Trip to Taiwan

We have a chance to travel to Taiwan (Kaohsiung to be exact) over the weekend for a three days trip. Pretty much I would say, it is a relaxing, drinking, eating trip and I would like to blog it and share the joys.

This blog will be a little bit long as it would cover WEAR, EAT, LIVE, TRAVEL, nearly everything about our weekend trip.

* WEAR *

We went with easy causal clothing as we didn't bring our big suitcase, instead, we just brought our bags with us. To kept everything in one bag, we needed to make sure everything were useful during the trip, and clothing are not too heavy.

Cloth: Cat Print T-shirt with Collar
Trouser: H&M Shinny Jeans
Bag: Agns b thin texture bag

Cloth: T-shirt from London
Jeans: Uniqlo Dark Blue Jeans
Shoes: Grey Van Shoes
Clothes: H&M Summer T
Jeans: Dark Sketchy Jeans from Gap
Shoes: River Island
T-shirt: Giordano Taiwan
Jeans: H&M Dark Grey Jeans
Shoes: Converse
T-shirt: Supremebeing
Jeans: Dark Blue Jeans from Gap
Shoes: Grey Van Shoes

T-Shirt: Lips T from Prince Edward Shopping Center
Jeans: Dark Grey Jeans from H&M
Shoes: Pink Converse

* EAT *

Taiwan food are yummy! They have their own style of cooking. All the sauces are in a very suitable amount and here are some signature dishes you could never missed if you go there. 

Pork Rice with special sauces (魯肉飯)

Pork and Veggie Dumpling (煎餃子)

Beef Noodles (牛肉麵)

Fruit / Green Tea Red Bean Smoothy (生果/抺茶冰)

Smelly ToFu (臭豆腐)
Gill Skewer (串燒)
I would definitely write a post just to introduce this restaurant!
They bring food to us from Heaven!!!!  

* Live *

We live in a three stars King's Town Hotel, it is really not a particular fancy hotel, but it is right in front of Kaohsiung Train station and is very convenient for us to travel along.

* Travel *

Da Kuo Memorial Place (打九紀念館)
There is a few old trains there, people kiting.
We feel so relaxed just to sit there and enjoy the view.

Banana Pier ( 香蕉海岸)
There are some music bar near the pier, we have bought a drink,
sit there and enjoy the sunset and sea view and the music.
Lovely time to spend a sunday afternoon.
Don't miss the Snack street near the pier.
Lots of signature dishes I introduce over there are from there.
Love River ( 愛河)
A place you should go when it is dark, the view is very much like Hong Kong.
Tall Building, light near the river.


10 Things for the Year

It is always good to rest before starting a new way of life. You can have time to clear things up in mind and think about what next before everything happened. 

I figured 10 things I need to do this year:

1) Rest more, work at a lower pace. Don't always rush this and there.
2) Be happy! Leave unhappy situation if needs to be.
3) Learn piano. 
4) Cook and eat more healthy food.
5) Keep exercising.
6) Be nice and calm.
7) Find more time to meet my friends with Chi.
8) Do some more achievement at work. Work hard, play hard.
9) Earn more salary! :D
10) Be a good wife and daughter!

Happy Sunday Morning with a little Baby

I like being with little kids as they remind me how innocent people can be. :)

Taiwan Book Haul

Taiwanese has a really good habit of reading books and I have a chance to buy two of a really good book to read.

I didn't have a chance to update you. I tired to resign one month ago, but then I stay and will become a small team leader of three. I am not a leader before, so it is a little bit scary for me to take care of three mature people in one go. I think I may need to prepare myself to make sure I am a good leader. How can I not scolding people and attaching our company goal? These book may give some idea.

The book at the back teaches you how to let your boss understand you, how to let your subordinates support you.

I like this good because it has lots of color, some pictures and most importantly the content is organize nicely. 
It has a title in each charter, so you can basically understand what you expect this charter stated. Then it has a small table on people introduction. To let you understand the background. The story starts explaining what happen in the office, how people resolve it. At the end it has a tips box to summarize the suggestion on how to deal with the matters. It is very easy to read. If you start feeling tired. You can simple read the title and the tips box. Nice and lazy! Hehee

The front book is all about the skill of talking. Sometimes, it is hard to ask people to do something when you know they are already very busy. This book teaches all the skill in how to deal with it. A very interesting book at worth reading and benefit for a life time.

One thing to add, my husband and I buy five books in a Taiwan book store and it cost us hkd350 only. That us pretty shocking for us. No wonder why people like buying book in Taiwan. :)