Life & Easy 5 Steps Receipts - Macaroni Cheese & Meatballs

Talking a bit about my life first. It is "Relaxing Mrs Li - Day 2". Actually, I am not very relaxing. I am still in the working mode and am trying to do everything I desperately want to do for a very very long time, such as doing my hair, learning piano, doing exercise, going to the bank, cooking yummy food for my husband. There are always so many things I wanted to do, but time is so limited. Here is what I have been up to, follow by a 5 steps receipts. 


Piano Time: I spent a long time practicing my piano. I found I really enjoy playing piano, I don't have to think and just enjoy the music I produce from my hand. Even I am not very good at it at the moment, whenever I note my progress, I would want to practice more to become better. This become an endless practicing time for me. 

Hubby&Wife Time: Before my husband returns home, I try to plan and cook dinner for him. I finally goes for Macaroni Cheese and meatballs. This western dishes can help remind him of the time he was in the UK. The relaxing time that he has. Here are the receipts (so easy to cook). - 

EAT - 5 Steps receipts

Macaroni Cheese: 
300g macaroni; 100g Parmesan cheese 
sauce: 20g unsalted butter; 40g flour; 400ml rice milk; mixed herbs, pepper & salt

1) Prepare the sauce: Melt the butter in medium heat. Add flour and beat it until it's all mixed up. 
2) Add rice milk, mixed herbs, salt and pepper. Whisk it until it turns a little bit thicker, then turn off the heat and add 70g parmesan into the sauce. 
3) Cook the macaroni under boiling water for around 8 minutes. 
4) Drain the pasta and pour the sauce over the macaroni. Place the remaining parmesan on the top.
5) Preheat the oven to 180C and bake it for 30 minutes.

2 Eggs, 1lb. beef, 50g Cheddar Cheese, some garlic, salt and pepper, a can of tomatoes sauce

1) Crack the eggs place it in a bow. Add the beef, cheese, garlic, salt and pepper on it. 
2) Roll it like a ball ball.
3) Fried it on a hot pan. 
4) Cook the tomatoes sauce separately.
5) Pour the sauces on the meatballs on a plate. 

I love this easy dishes! And will do it again next week. :)



I started my holiday now, I don't know when will it end yet, but i guess, I will fully utilise it to ensure I won't regret it.  Here is how I spend my 1st day of holiday as a Happy Mrs. 


I enjoy eating yogurt lately, especially when I add some honey, banana and cranberry on it. It is a good start of the day. 

Recently, I found a really good yogurt - Bulla. For a plain yogurt. You may think how good can it be? The good point for this yogurt is that, it is not watery. it is a solid yogurt, which I love this texture. I used to eat yogurt with water at the bottom which makes me feel really awful. 


Yesterday was a busy day, I booked to do a facial, then go to IKEA to buy some photo frame for my wedding photo and meet my best friend for dinner.  What a nice day?!


As it will be a causal day where I don't need to carry anything heavy. I choose to wear a girl dress. Here are the outfit of the day. 

Clothing: Mint green dress with grey leggings
Bag: Topshop
Watch: Marc Jacobs
Shoes: Jelly Beans

What is in my bag?

I always interested to know what people put inside their bag. For me, I don't like carry too many items with me. As you know, there would always be things need to be put inside the bag AFTER SHOPPING. (heheee..) Plus, from time to time, if I don't tidy up my bag, there would always be many miserable things insides. I thought it would be good to blog about what I carry with me when my bag is completely clean with no useless items.


Bag: Topshop - I really like this bag, but the colour is quite difficult to match with my clothes (I always wear colourful clothes.)
Purse: Marc Jacobs - a birthday present. A pink one which I can put picture insides. It's not easy to find.
Mirror: Bridesmaid present from my friend. It has little rabbits on it. So cute! Love it.
Tissues: Breathe-easy from Boots. Stole it from my husband. He loves the smell of this tissues.
Keys: Pretty little bows key holder.
Phone: Kate Spade iPhone case. Ball ball + pink = my absolute favourite
Card holder: agnes b  - birthday present from husband. :)
Snack: Crunch. You know there would always be a chance that you are hungry, but no food around.
Glasses case

I don't know what will it be like after ten days. I guess, there will be many receipts and many more items inside.. :)


EAT - Japanese Restaurant

After Janice left, we went to eat dinner. I would like to go to an old place to search for some good food that not many people know. Here is the place.

A Japanese restaurant called 築地 where it serves really good green tea. The tea has been swallow, it tastes really good. We sit there after finished our food just to enjoy the tea and chat. We love the quality time that we share even those we are busy.

Time to Bake - Brownie

Yesterday, I mention about my best friend, Janice, will come over for baking. This is the result:

Jan comes at around 2 and we discuss for a while on what should be baked. I was chosen to bake banana cake as I mentioned, but later I found out that Jan doesn't really like eating banana. Opps. So, we choose brownie instead. 

Here you go, it tools us around 2 hours to bake two dishes. Quite a success to us. :) I hope that Jan will come over again soon and we can have more time to see each other and I can make her happy! :0) 

# Brownie
 It is quite a success in baking this as the outside is cracky and in side is really soft. Love it! 

# Muffin with Cheese
We absolutely love this receipt as it is very easy but it looks really difficult to bake. 

Baking is fun and a good gathering activity! Try finding the joy of life!


The Best Cook Books Ever

My best friend, Janice, will come to my home for baking tomorrow. While I try to search for a decent receipt, I think it would be a nice blog post to share my favourite cook books to you. 

# The Little Paris Kitchen - A years ago, I'm obsessed in watching Rachel Khoo's cooking video in Youtube. Her dishes are so easy to cook and I love her truthful personality. And most of all,  the show is talking about a woman starting her cooking carreer in PARIS where I have my personal interest in this place.

This book includes all the receipt that she has cooked in her show. This is good as I don't need to write down all the ingredient from the video. The receipt ranges from breakfast, soup, dinner to snack. It would be everything you would crave for.  However, the only problem is that it is not easy to find the ingredient in Hong Kong. :(

Janice has chosen to cook Croque Madame Muffins tomorrow, will let you know how it goes.

# Nutritionist's 200 Calories Desert Receipt - This is my absolute favourite cook book. I have almost tried every single dishes as stated in this book. You know, desert would always means FAT. But this is an nutritionist's receipt and it specified the desert would only  be 200 calories. How on earth can I resist this? Normally, I would also cut down the sugar as stated in the receipt. Haha.. This way, I won't feel any guilty in eating the yummy desert! hehe..

Another desert we might cook for tomorrow will be banana cake. The receipt as state in this book  is easy. In fact, I am choosing from carrot cake or banana cake. I guess banana would be an easy one for Janice to start with.

It is always good to have a best friend around. I am so looking forward for tomorrow. ;)

Bide Ride Must Have Items

Last weekend, my family and I had a lovely family bide ride gathering. My husband was surprisingly well prepared and look what he had packed for the day. 

He has packed:
# Shishedo Sunblock SPF30 - this is for me. It is water resistant, so I don't need to afraid the sweat would wash away the sunblock. The sun does not come out as often in HK lately, so SPF30 is enough for us.

# Nivea light feel every day sun lotion - this is for my husband (a manly sunblock, which would not make you look extra white on the face.) He mainly use this to prevent sunburn of his neck. He doesn't really care if he goes dark on his skin, but sunburn of his neck with his heavy sweat is a great trouble for him.

# Invigorating Wet Tissues - Wet tissues is a must have items for outdoor activities, you never knows when you need to wash your hand or swap your sweat. It is lavender scented which we love love love this.

#Nivea aftersun lotion - this mostly used by my husband, as he was heavy sweat and sub lock always being washed away. This is the rescuer for him. :)

#Mosquito sticker - Mosquito loves babies and my husband. The sticker can help keeping the mosquito away.

# Adhesive Plaster - My husband actually hurts his leg, just a small scratch. Luckily we have an adhesive plaster, otherwise, thing will be very messy.

Well prepare makes everything smoother and let us fully enjoy the time. :)

Cheers and hope you have a good time too.


Floral Printed Clothes

The other day, when we are going out for dinner. We both pick our clothes and find out that we both picks a floral printed clothes.

# dark background, pink flower with green leaves are our current favourite.


My Outfit Of the Day - Double Date Night

I'm going out to see Caption America with my friends and husband. Here is my outfit of the DATE.

Comfy and girly.. and 100% pink and grey! Love it!

My face : Sheshido blusher
Necklace : Tiffany & Co
Clothes : Bread & Butter
Bag : Unknown from Aunt.
Pants: A bouquet in MK
Socks & Shoes : Korea 

My Nails Makes me Happy

Pink always cheers me up! I can't believed having my nail polished would make such a different for my mood. 

I have been in a really bad mood because you know.. girls always have one of those days... Flighting with my mood is not easy, but I always try to find different ways to cheer myself up. As you know from my previous post, eating crazily is not an option for me to cheer myself up as I promised myself to eat healthy. So I tried to make myself pretty and see if it works. AND IT DOES WORK REALLY WELL. Girl likes to be beautiful! Beautiful things always cheer girls up. That's why people always say "Girl money is easy to earn." 

To find thing to cheer me up, fist of all, where to start? NAIL! Which colour? PINK! Decision made so quickly. 

I try to search from my old little nail polish bag, and hey.. hello, my love! RMK Shocking pink nail polish is saying hi to me! YOU GETS ME! 

I really really love RMK nail product, it is as shinny as the channel one, yet it is much much cheaper (HK$70/ bottom). You only need to pint one coat and it's done. As I know I would do some typing in these few days for my blog post, I add a top coat on it to make it last longer. RMK base and top coat is so wonderful. It combines two functions and I don't need to store a lot of nail items and you know. The other reason I like RMK is that it drys so quickly. I really hate it when I have my nail polish and I can't touch or do anything for like half an hour to ensure my nail colour won't be ruined. It is so annoying as I know I won't be able to do it. I am always temped to do this and that and ends up I need to redo my nail polish. 

Apply RMK nail polish, it would only take around 5 mins, then I'm free to go everywhere and do anything! WONDERFUL!


In short, to find the best nail polish for me, it has to meet the following criteria:
1) It dries easily.
2) Only need to apply one coat and it is done.
3) Not easy to wear off.
4) Shinny.
5) Lovely colour. 

I hope you enjoy this little post. I enjoy typing this post a lot, as I can look at my fingers when I am typing and it looks sooooo beautiful.. (*HAPPY*) 





One Day Trip to Macau

Relaxing trip to Macau. 
Full of Joy and Love!

- A very old furniture with style -

- In Love with White Door - 

- Make Fun With Each Other -

- A signature post - Ticking -

We had some good time in Macau on Friday. We have been to Macau for quite some times now. Each time we found we had different feelings toward this tiny little place. 

It is full of historical building, yet it is a prospective city, especially in the betting industry.  We also found the joy to be out of a fast paced Hong Kong, to be in a relaxing area. And yes, this is the best place for us. 

Hope you enjoy the picture and yes. The clothes that I wore is what I have mentioned in my previous post. ;)

Gift Idea

It is the first year I received presents from my husband which is all rectangular. Let me walk it through to you on what are they and perhaps this can give you some idea on what presents to get to the others.

Top left: Agns b Optus card case. 
I love it so much as it has ball ball pattern on it. It looks so girly and fashionable. I absolutely love it, I think all girly girl would be too.

Top right: MacBook air
You may already know that I am learning how to edit video. I have actually done one for my honeymoon. I planned to do two more. One for my wedding and the other one for my Macau trip. This MacBook air is light and convenient, which is absolutely fits for a non heavy girl user.

Bottom left: Floral printed notebook from Cath Kidston
I have been searching for a hard cover beautiful notebook for a very long time. I'm so surprised that my husband actually find a foral printed one for me. I love foral printed dress, I guess that's why he buys it for me. The reason why i love it is that it has pale pink and mint green color, which is my current fabourite. But then I'm afraid it is too pretty that I don't even want to use it. I thought of DIY it and make it reusable. I havd already had an idea on how to do it. Just to find a little book that fit it then it will be fine. I will show it to you on how to do it later.

Bottom right: Pink envelop of a birthday card
This is nothing special, but I think no girl can resist this pink color. Even a color of pink can vary a lot. Shocking pink, baby pink, peachy pink. This pinky girly color makes me think of valentines day, which amused me. 

I hope you enjoy this random little posts and give you some idea on what to buy for your lovely wife, girlfriend or friend.


Spring Favorite - Mint Green & Lace

Last post, I write about how I do my last minutes shopping before my birthday last year. This year, it is way more fun! 

I don't need to work crazily late. I manage to go shopping, have a pamper evening and dye my hair. Wooohoo... what's a surprise! Being a busy Hong Konger, you have no choice but to try your very best to every single thing you love within a time. I have a little shopping and I found out that Mint Green, Pink & Grey & Lace are spring fashion trend in my eyes. At least, I love wearing it during spring time.

Whenever I wear lace, I feel I am very girly. Which girl doesn't like lace? But of course, we can't wear too much lace at a time, otherwise, it will become over the top.

The above look has all the combination that I like. pink with lace (both shoes and dress) I think it will look nice to wear grey legging as black legging would be too strong for a spring look.

I like to add a little bit springy happy colour - Mint Grey to make the whole appliance more FUN. The best way to add this all over the look is wear a colourful coat - easy!

This will be my outfit of the day and I will post a final look of myself later. Enjoy!


Three Day Looks with the Same Jewellery and Legging

I recalled last year, I worked really late to finish my work before my birthday. I went for a last minutes shopping. I buy a lot of stuff to make sure I have a very HAPPY birthday.  Sometimes, you would tell yourself - I don't care about the price, please just let me buy something. And this is what I did. 

Even the same jewellery, same leggings, different clothes make everything so different. 

Let see how it works: -
Eye Ring - b+ab
Necklace - b+ab
Clothes - b+ab
Leggings - H&M

Necklace - b+ab
Clothes - b+ab

Necklace - b+ab
Clothes - b+ab
Leggings - H&M

a) If you want to have a printed leggings, go for a plain clothes. It would look awesome.
b) If you want to have a colourful top (for colour, happy birthday picture), go for white and black leggings or trousers. 
c) Plain top always matches with huge necklace. Spice up the whole look!

Hope you find this little tips helpful! ;)


Weekend Entertainment

Holding my I pad and spend the rest of my time on YouTube.

btw, I love my Pink Floral Clothes


Trendy Color

I like Pink & Grey

- how about you? -

Two of My Current Using Eye Gel

Eyes determines your soul and it also reflects your age. That's why I spend a lot of time finding the best eye cream, especially I have an easily growing dark eyes circle.

The product that I'm currently using are:
1) Kiehl's Creamy eye treatment with Avocado : It concentrates on moisturizing and the texture is thicker than the eye cream I normally used. So, I'm a bit worry about growing oil spot under my eyes. Whenever I feel this way, I would normally apply this once a day. For example, if I use it in day time, I would use the eye cream that I normally use in night time. This way, I can monitor the change during the day and let my skin gradually adjust the change. I admit I am a conservative person and really afraid new product gets any unreversed harm. So far, I like it. The down side is that it has no particular function in suppressing dark eye circle which is the main problem that I have. This way, I would continue using different eye cream in the morning and at night.

2) GinZing eye cream from Origin: This the eye cream that I confirmed to repurchase. It has all the functions that I need, suppressing dark eyes circle, hydrating and anti aging. I love love love this multi function product. This way, I won't feel I missed anything during the day.


Five Little Things I Adore

I would like to start a new series called " Five Little Things I Adore" to remind myself things I should appreciate in life. 

My Husband - He is the best husband ever. He tried everything to support me in my down side.
I love him!

I start watching Ghost Whisperer all over again from series 1. I still love and enjoy it. 

My Tiffany necklace becomes dark due to the oxygen in the air I guess. I buy this little "Silver Washing Water"
and it becomes bright silver again. Thanks God!

This little one always makes me want to hug her! 

I wrote a blog post about this product. I start feeling my skin grows brighter and whiter.
It is not the product that I want to mention. It is the way of doing things.
I start changing my cleaning routine which I repeated for more than 10 years.
My skins grows spot, it is not easy to find a new job.
But hey, I am taking the move to CHANGE!
Is it good or bad? Please tell me.
No matter what, I tell myself not to look back!