This week's WEAR / EATS / LIFE is pretty amazing for me and I can't wait to share it to you. Let's get started. 


ZARA is currently on sales. The best thing for having ZARA sales not just because we can get a discount price on clothes, it also means you can have another chance to buy some of the old items that you have missed in the hot sessions. You know ZARA changes their item really quickly, if you love a shirt, you don't buy it today, you may not be able to find it the next day. I have saw Zoella wear this little clothes in her vlog and love it ever since. I love stripe and floral prints is my current favourite. This two pattens combined together is just lovely. It costs HK$299 originally and it is now HK$149 only. It still have small and median size left in Labour City's stores. If you are interested in buying those, go and rap it quickly before it is too late! The stores are really hectic yesterday. 


I love C!TYSUPER. It always has so many yummy and healthy food that I cannot normally buy in the superstores next-door. This time, my husband and I go crazy! We have bought the following yummy non-resistable food:-

HUMMUS: For those you don't know, hummus is made of chickpeas,tahini, olive oil, lemon juice etc. It is high in Vitamin B6 and C, iron, protein and dietary fiber. It is very yummy to eat with pita bread as breakfast. 
PITA BREAD: It is a wheat bread and basically I was introduced by my husband in our honeymoon. I have never tried it before. If you have read my Honeymoon in Tasmania Vlog post you would know that it can eat with cheese and it is sooooo good! If you never try it before, try it and you would be addicted to it. 
ROASTED GARLIC CHICKEN SAUGAGE: This is not really a healthy food, but I really love Garlic sausage, if we forget about the processing meat part (which is quite hard), garlic is really good to defend our body from diseases. At the very least, it serves one purpose. 
SAUERKRAUT: I still remember when my husband brought me to eat Germany food in my last birthday. He told me that sauerkraut is in fact VERY healthy and full of good nutrients. I like sour food, so it is my taste and healthy. Double benefit. 
JAPANESE BEANS: It is full of proteins, but I don't like the taste, so this is for my husband only.
GRANOLA: It is currently a very popular healthy breakfast and snack in the western world. Not many HK people know about it, I don't even tried it before. I just know it is fully of oat, nut, honey and I would like to have healthy breakfast instead of eating bread every morning, so I give it a go. It is quite sweet, so it will be better to eat with other oat with no sugar.
MOZZARELLA: For me it is cheese dumplings. I love cheese and I love dumplings and Chinese dumplings always has lots of veggies instead of cheese. So this fulfil my desire!


BOOK: Speaking of life, it is a lot going on in my life. A lot of changes, a lot happening, a lot of decisions to make. Although things are not totally as I dream of currently, I still find the process of experience let me understand more about myself and what I want. To be honest, I am figuring out what I want my life to be, especially when I am just married, I have a new role. How I can balance my role as a wife, my role as an excellent employee and daughters all at the same time. I am losing the balance at the moment and need some guide. I found this book. HOW TO SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE. If you don't like reading complicated book and you like to have some little picture next to the content to push you through. This is the ideal book for you. It provides steps on how I can walk back to a happy life by understand myself through simply thing in life. It is a very inspirational book and I recommend it for those who is currently not feeling 100% happy. I haven't finished it yet and may write more about it later.

BATH: I have never had a bath at home as I think it is a waste of water. But yesterday I really want to give myself a nice treat by having a relaxing hot bath. I go to LUSH and buy bath product to prepare for my Lavendar Bubble bath (French Kiss). This smell really nice and hot bath helps to booths my blood flow which is really good to my health. I love the feeling when I come out the bath, but then I stay awake until 3am and can't sleep, what happen to my body?! Funny! :)


The Place That I Live - Hong Kong

I seldom talk about the place that I live. Not because I don't love where I live, it is just sometimes when I live in the place, I get used to it and forget to treasure the environment that I have. 

Whenever I have holiday, I dream of traveling to a place that I have never been to. However, there are in fact lots of places in Hong Kong I have never been to. I play tourist today and I found that there is beautiful sky that I search for overseas right on top of my head. I just always too rush for my life, always look down at the road that I am walking and missed all the fun part of my life. 

Now, may I introduce you the place that I live, which is full of tall building due to the high population density. That is in fact how we survive in this little city. If there is not enough space for people, think harder to find way to live! People here work really hard. They always work more than 40 hours a week, sometimes they skip lunch just to finish a project. Working people always talk about work life balance because this is something that they dream of. They work really hard to make Hong Kong a prospective city for themselves, for the next generations. Now, I am living in the beautiful city that created by the prior generation and I am very thankful for this. The next question is what do we want to create to our next generation? A speech free environment? a safe place where people love each other? Rich people help the poor? Poor people strive the best for their life? 

I wish Hong Kong all the best. I see Hong Kong changes a lot especially changes from western to Asian way of living. We always afraid of changing as human love living in the comfort zone. However, changing isn't necessarily be worse, it can be better. If we understand what we want, work on it, the life that we dream of will come! We suffer from many difficulties now and in the past and we overcomes it and I'm sure our hard working, always strive for the best character can create a better future! Go Hong Kong!


What I am Wearing Today?

Black Shirt - A boutique next door
Trousers - Topshop
Heels - Jelly Bean

Love this look! 


Simple Way to Bake Gluten Free Banana Bread

If you are alleged to gluten, yeast or wheat, you may probably haven't eaten bread for a very long time. If it is the case, your saver is in City Super! The other day when I shop around at their bakery area, I found this gluten, yeast and wheat free banana bread mix, which it WONDERFUL for me. It also stressed that it is all natural and with real banana. I saw the receipt in the package, it is really easy the bake, so it will be a really nice weekend treat to my husband! Let's get started. 

1) Ingredient: The banana mix, 3 eggs, 170 ml of water and 50g butter (the package stated 80g, but I think it is too much, trust me it is equally yummy!)
2) Hair handling: I like to put my hairs up in case it ignores me during the baking period.

3) Crack the eggs, put it together with the butter (I like to cut the butter in a little cube - as I have no time to melt it ;) ) , water and the mix. 
4) Mix it with hand. Don't use the electric stirring machine. It will be too much air inside.

5) Place it in a cake tan and bake for 50 mins under 180C.

When it is done. It is supervisingly soft and sweet! We both love it and it is definitely a new heaven to my husband! :) 

Quick Note - My Summer Must Have - Tee & Shorts

Tee - H&M (HKD49.9)
Shorts - Tao Bao 
Phone Case - Kate Spade
Earphone - Philips (HKD69)

Just want to write a quick blog about my summer outfit which I really adore! 

My H&M tee is my current favourite!!!!!! I don't know how thankful I have picked this up. Don't even want to mention the price is only HKD49.9. It has really soft and breathable texture and at the same time it is tough to give you some shape of the clothes. You know when you have some really thin clothes, it tends to stick to your body which is really ignoring and hot in the summer. The best point of having such a slightly tough tee is that it allows air to go inside the body from the bottom of the tee. So COOOL! And it is grey in colour which means I can match is easily with my flower printed top shop jeans and newly bought ankle blue topshop jeans or the shorts I shown in the picture above. Basically I wear it every weekend whenever I am out! ;) So comfy. Go grab one really!

This flower printed shorts is one of the shorts that I ordered online for my honeymoon to Australia. It ends up coming here late and it doesn't go to honeymoon with me. But I do love it very much. I think I particularly love flower printed shorts, pants, tees or dress. It is just so girly.

Pink Poka Dot Kate Spade I phone case adds a little bit colour to the summer look! When it matches with my Philips Baby Blue Earphone, I think it is very colourful and cheers me up whenever I look at it. Normally, I would buy pink colour earphone, but I don't know I start feeling some kind of blue (like the post which I write about a blue nail polish) can also match me too. [side note: My husband has told me that my blue nail polish is surprisingly matched me. He thought only girly like colour i.e. pink would be on my nail that look nice. So, always open to new things and let it surprises you and your husband.]

Just a really quick blog to make sure you know the very comfy H&M tee. H&M has currently had some really cool stuff at store. If you have some money to spend, go there and check it out! ;) 

4 Current Hair and Body Favourite

My current bathroom favourite a pretty simple, effort able and it works really well to me. Let see what are they. 

Essential Rich Premier Shampoo (around HKD50): I currently love ESSENTIAL hair stuff. It makes my hair really soft, smooth, fully moisturised but not too wet. I have long hair and I also ion my hair quite often and I like drying my hair every time I washed my hair, so it's not surprise that I have split hair when my hair grows longer. However, after I use this shampoo, hair mask, not only it has its detangle function, I have no more split hairs. I am very curious of what ingredients do the job, so I search it. I found it is highly concentrated with honey and milk protein, that's why it can maintain my hair healthy. So thumb up for that! 

Essential Nuance Airy Ultra Honey Hair Mask (around HKD60): We need to take really good care of our hair as you know healthy hair changes how you look, if you have nasty hair, no matter how stylish you wear, it completely changed the look. So I love having the hair mask two to three times a week. I just apply after I washed my hair, leave it like 3 minutes before rinsing with water. I found it makes my hair extra soft and smooth. It also provides a protective layer on top of the hair which maintain the healthiness of the hair. I love this pink line of Essential, as it gives air between hair and provide some volume naturally.  

H2O Raspberry Guava: This is a body wash with little sand inside to help erasing dead skin. This is actually a Christmas gift from my auntie. She gives us two pack and this is the 2nd pack that we used. My hubby doesn't really like the strong scent of raspberry. It actually is like a child coughing drug taste. I think it is fine. I like the thick texture that I feel as I don't really like sand all over my body when the body lotion isn't thick enough to protect my skin. I would normally used one or two times a week, but I will never use it on the sensitive area. You know it is always not good if the sands go inside.

Dove Beauty Nourishing: For body wash, I really like using Johnson baby or Dove. I think it is affordable but do a really good job. It moisturised my skins well, especially in the summer. We need to open air con overnight which drys my hair. Dove would help washing and moisturising my body at the same time. 

I'm just a woman next door and use really simple bathroom product, like you and your friends. Please let a comment to let me know what products you use and I may try it out if I can buy it in HK. ;)


My Current Favourite H&M Sport Wear

Once has told me that we need to take good care of our body as we will need to use our body for the next 80 or 90 years (luckily?!). So I start eating healthy and do more execs whenever I can. To start with, I need some motivation. So I thought having a lovely sportswear would definitely help! So, I go to H&M and buy some really lovely sportswear.

H&M TOP: I love this top, it is very breathable and dry quickly. I feel like my sweat speeds quickly across the fabric surface and evaporate very very rapidly. The down side of this top is that, their is not inner bar, so I need to buy an extra bra (the blue one that I am wearing) to serve the function. It kinda make me quick hot in my upper department. It cost only HKD179 and it is kinda cheap compare with other big sport brand sport top. 

SHORTS: This little shorts is just great. When I wear it, I feel like I am wearing nothing and is best for running or jogging under a hot weather. The best part of this shorts is that it has a tight short under and I wouldn't show my pants no matter how big my movement is. So good job. Oh.. I forgot to mention, it is pink and grey, so there is no other shorts I should buy but this one.

SHOES: I think this is adadias. I bought this few years ago and it is still wearable. It is really light. I don't feel the burden of shoes when I go running or little hiking. If I am buy a new shoes, I may go for Nike Free Run as everybody says this is the best running shoes ever.

Oh yes, by the way, I have a half an hour run today and give myself a nice apple juice treat after clam myself down for a while. Lovely! 


I know I have just posted a WEAR/EAT/LIFE blog post. But I have just found out that I have some other favourite wear eat life related stuff I really want to share. I really enjoy writing this and I hope you will enjoy reading this too.


TOPSHOP BLUE NAIL POLISH - Perhaps you have already read my blog post about my latest nail polish purchase. I have started to try one of the nail polish week by week. This week, I am wearing this sea blue nail polish colour. I really love it so much and would think it would match perfectly with my topshop jean and white shirt that I bought recently. I recently found TOPSHOP nail polish is actually more wearable than the channel one. I will try some more time to see if this is true. 


PEANUT BUTTER M&M - I love M&M. Whenever I am having one of those day, I would crave for some chocolate. M&M would always be the one that cheers me up. My bestie has recently been to the US and bought this super sized peanut butter M&M to me. I am sure this can keep me super happy for a really LONG time. ;)


BEAUTIFYMEEHTV (YOUTUBER) - I am a total youtuber addict. I start watching youtube video since half years ago. I am obsessed ever since I started, I love watching UK you tuber as I can learn english, understand their UK culture and lifestyle. You may already guessed I love watching Zoella, Alfie Deyes, Lilly and Vivannadoesmakeup. Today, I suddenly scan through a Korean youtube video and I am obsessed to watch every single video she produced. The youtube channels are called beautyifymeehtv. She is a young mummy with a loving husband living in the US. They talked about how they met, how they are together and how they takes care of their baby and stuff via vlogging. I think when their kid grows up and they look back all these videos, it really fills him with all the memories that he loses as a baby and love their parents more. Meeh's husband is a super caring one, he takes care of his kids, carrying him around and doesn't need his wife worries too much. Well done and happy Father's day. Meeh is a very beautiful lady and freelance makeup artist. They seems to have such a lovely life. If you love watching couple's vlog like I do, please go and check it out. But be prepare to be obsessed and make sure you have a whole afternoon to watch it. :) 

I hope you enjoy the recommendation that I state in this post and I swear I will not upload another WEAR/EAT/LIFE blog post again today.



TOPSHOP EYELINER - This is the first time I buy an eyeliner and attempted to use it in a normal shopping day. (I tried it during my pre-wedding photo shot while I do my makeup by myself). I think I am in love with topshop eyeliner. It is very easy to use. The colour is easily stick onto the skin and you know as a new user, I probably need to rub it off and draw it again several times, but it can be rub it off not messily. So I highly recommend it to any new learner like me and it costs only HKD89. If you find eyeliner really isn't your thing, the investment isn't that high. 


PINEAPPLE BUN - I love eating pineapple bun, but if you are a heavy person, you would know that it would make you fat. So I try to do it myself and use the least amount of oil to bake it.  You may think it is very difficult to bake, you are right, but not anymore! I found that there is a box of package with all the required ingredient available for sale in supermarket next door. I am just simply follow the instruction, mix it with eggs and butter and put it in the oven, then it is done.  


HAPPY FATHERS' DAY -  Today is a Fathers' Day in Hong Kong. I would like to take this opportunity to let my father's know how much I love him. He is the best father on earth and I am so lucky to have him in my life. Everyone should spend more time with their love one before it is too late!


5 Beauty Tips on how to use skincare products

Skincare routine is always the basic thing we need to do everyday and I'm dying to understand how people wash their face, what product they use and which product is the best? After a few years of research, I found out that it is not only the products we use that matter. it is HOW we apply it that makes the different. 

Tips 1: Cleaning Foam - While we are applying a cleaning foam, make sure the foam is thick like the photo shown. It is always the foam that do the job, but not your hand rubbing your face. If your foam is thick enough, your fingers are actually massaging the foam and the foam is rubbing your face (your fingers are just slighting contacting our face). This is always important as rubbing your face so hardly, not only can age your skin, but the sticky dirt wouldn't come out just because you rub so hard. That's the reason we need skincare product. 

Tips 2: Use of Softener - It is very important to use softener. It can help directing the lotion/cream that we use later on to the deeper part of the skin and it really improves the texture of your skin. I have redness around the nose and I come to release that it is because I always forgot to moisturise that area and it becomes try. So, always put an extra effort in that area when applying softener and lotion/cream.

Tips 3: Lotion / Cream: Should I use lotion or cream? It really depends on what skin type you are. If you are in late 10s to early 30s and your skin type is neutral. Lotion is the answer. As you wouldn't feel the stickiness and have applied softener and will apply water lotion. I'm sure it will be enough to moisturised the face. But if you are having dry skin or you are at mid to late 30s or older. Cream will be a better choice as our body are getting harder to absorb water and are not providing sufficient water to the skin. Cream is the best method in prevent aging of your beautiful skin. Sometimes oily skin shall use cream as well. You may want to ask why oily skin person still use cream? The reason your skin is oily sometimes is because your face does not have sufficient water and it generates oil to protect the dry skin. If you are having dry skin, it is the best to choose skincare brand with an oily skin care line. It would have a particular function that helps your skin resume to normal texture. My husband is having oily skin and I introduced a face wash and a moisturiser to him. He is so pleased he finally found a prefect product to make his shinny oily skin away.

One of the important tips in applying lotion/cream is to massage it slightly. Circling your front head, your cheek and your jaw and don't forget the nose area. Massage it until you feel the moisturiser is fully absorbed by your skin.

Tips 4: Eye cream - I haven't used eye cream when I was young. I always think that eye cream is expensive and I can use face lotion to do the same job. But then I found that there are little tiny spots come out and it is due to the face that face lotion is too oily to my sensitive eyes area. When people have tiring eyes due to watching computer/ipad for too long, we really need some particular cream to tickle the dark eyes circle and baggy eyes problem. 

When applying the eye cream, I like putting the cream evenly on top and under my eyes. So I can make sure the upper and lower part of my eyes are being moisturised evenly. I used to place it under my eyes only and when I circle it up, it is not enough cream for the upper part of the eyes. I massage it by making an outward circle until all the cream is absorbed. The massaging can always help the blood flow and help to resolve the dark eyes cycle problem.

Tips 5: Water Lotion: It is one of the most important part as it helps locking all the products that you have applied, especially you would be in an air conditioning office or you would sleep with an air-con on. This time, I would put the water lotion directly to my hand, put it right to my face and clap it slightly to help with the absorption. Claping is very important as it helps to make sure the water lotion is stick to my face, but not just hang on the surface and being blow by the winds easily.

This is the skincare routine that I do everyday and little tricks that I developed and learnt during the years. I am no where an expertise but I hope this helps you and you know with a good skin, people can never find out how old you are! Keep it up!

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My favorite Jean - Topshop

I want to wait until weekend to write a blog post, but I really can't wait! I love love love this jean from topshop. I first come across this and afraid the patten would look like my mummy's jean. As I have some hesitation, I tried this in the fitting room, since then I know I can't leave topshop without it! The patten it prefect for summer. It matches perfectly with white or black top. 

You can easily dress up and down by changing the top and shoes. I wore twice in a week and I still can't stop looking at it.


Food for A Day

Everyone love food and I do too, so I thought it would be good for me to write a blog post about it.  This post is about my favourite food of the day. It may not be the healthiest one, but it is definitely the yummiest one. I really support the idea that you give yourself a really strict diet in the weekday and praize yourself a treat day over the weekend. 

BREAKFAST - I am currently obsessed with Instagram. As you may know, if you are hungry and no food around, don't go on Instagram. There are always all sort of food photo that you can't resist. By far, I found there are lots of pancakes photo that I just want to put it in my mouth. The other day, I learn about Banana pancakes from a you tuber (Amelia). I tried it, it is actually really great and healthy. I also cook a pancakes with almond butter in the layer, cottage cheese on top and add some syrup, blueberry and banana for my husband. You can't imagine how amazing it can be to start the date like this.

LUNCH - If you have read my blogpost about My Taiwan Trip. You would know how much I love Grill Skewer after the trip. It is in fact, very easy to cook. You only need to buy some veggie, onions and pork, stick it all together with a little wood, add some pepper and salt, put it in an oven for 15 minutes and it is done. It is one of my favourite dishes now. My husband and I always cook this dish every now and then. 

TEA - Tea time dishes is not actually a homemade one but I will definitely DIY later. This is a tea time dish from Oliver's Supersandwiches. If you have been to Oliver, you would find out that their breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner has some added dishes. You would be amazed on how different and how much you want the dishes. The other day ( it is the first time I have tea time @Oliver), I found that their tea time dishes are absolutely fab. They have pineapple & ham flying saucer, mini sized tomato pork spaghetti. The one I really want is mini hot dogs. It is sooooo cute! It includes an original one with tomato juice and mustard on and the other one with melted cheddar cheese on top. OMG! the melted cheddar cheese really melted my heart! It is with an adequate thicken, if it is too thick, you would feel it is too "FAT", if it is too thin, you would think there is no point putting the cheese on a hotdog. It is exactly the amount of cheese that I want and needed.  With the combination of sausage, salad and chips. I would give them 100 marks for doing such a good job. I recommend to many of my friends since then. By the way, their night time dishes have fish and chip, we have tried it. It is not the best, but it is quite good! You can also try it if you fancy a fish and chip next door. 

DINNER - Whenever I travel, I find one or two dishes that I would love for a life time. In Taiwan, it is a grill skewer, in Australia, it is Fish & Chips. I love these dishes and I always will be. One day, I want to eat fish & chips all of a sudden. I try to find all the ingredients in the supermarket, but I failed. I ended up buying veggie finger as (fish). Poor me. But it still satisfying to me. For the chips, I love the really thick chips. I like the thick texture that i can chew. I really can't wait to go to Australia and England for a real Fish & Chips dishes!

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