Five Things in Life

This week is a busy week and lots has happened. I would like to have a post to recap what has happened. 

Beautiful Flower from Husband in one of the Worst Day of my Life.

Trying to Get Rib of this Bender and Buy a New One which can Make Smoothies. 

Very Yummy Green Tea Desert for the Summer! 

Spent some Quality Time with this Little One.
In Love with Oil Pastel Drawing.

Hope you have a nice week! 

* Alk * 


Something About Me Tag

1) What are you wearing? Topshop Dress
2) Ever been in love? Yes
3) Any Piercings? Yes as you can see in the photo, I have ear piercings.
4) Favorite Show? Chicago PD & Chicago Fire
5) Favourite Band? No, I don't have any.
6) Something you miss? A lot of happy moments in life.
7) Favorite song? I like nearly all the song from Goot Music, Fan Fan and Lee Hom. But the current song I like is 愛最大. The lyrics are meaningful and the rhythm is nice.
8) Quality you look for in a partner? Kind heart and clever.
9) Favourite Quote? Do more what makes you happy.
10) Favourite Actor? Pan Yu Yan.
11) Favourite Color? Pink and Grey.
12) Loud Music or Soft? Soft.
13) Where do you go when you're sad? Home.
14) How long does it take you to shower? 10 mins? I don't know I didn't actually count.
15) How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? If I am going to work, it will take around half an hour. I can be quite fast for routine dressed up.
16) Last Book you read? How can we simply life.
17) Last show you watch? Teen Wolf Season 3.
18) Last person you talked to? My husband.
19) The relationship between you and the person you last texted? Really close.
20) Favorite Food? Spicy noodles.
21) Place you want to visit? Switzerland and Venice.
22) Last place you were? Supermarket to buy fruit for my husband.
23) Last time you kissed someone? This morning.
24) What instruments do you play? Piano, maybe. not very well.
25) Favorite piece of jewellery. Pearl.
26) Last sport you played? Yoga.
27) Last time you hung out with anyone? Last wednesday when I accidentally met my best friend and we go shopping and have dinner together with each other's husband. Nice time!

Gift Cake and Cookies

I have just received some home made cakes and cookies. The packages are so beautiful and CUTE. I don't even want to eat this. Especially the top white rabbit wrapping bag with bread inside. It even has a flower on its ear, so adorable. Enjoy the photos and hope you have a nice weekend! 

* Alk *


What I am Wearing Today?

Today is just a causal day to have dinner with my friend and I surprisingly love what I am wearing and I feel very comfortable with it. 

Clothes: b+ab
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Laces Shoes in Boutique

This b+ab clothes I bought around 2 years ago, I don't know how to wear it as it is rather long. However, I tuck the end inside my jeans. It looks completely different and it becomes my favourite look. I particularly like the imbalance design of the shoulder, sometimes it is this tiny little detail which makes the different. 

The topshop jeans. If anyone who don't mind spending HK$400 on jeans, this will be the one for you. Topshop jeans is so comfortable. It is so soft and thin, I don't feel hot even I wear it in the summer. You know when you know 80% of your time will be under air-condition environment sitting in a public chair which may be dirty, short pant may not be your choice (even it is summer) and this is my choice. 

Laces Shoes: When I first saw it, I love it. But when I tried it, I have some hesitation as the lace is quite soft and and my shape of toes shows quite clearly. I miss it ever since I am home and I know I need to buy it. It doesn't failed me, it basically fits most of the look. Short pants, jeans, skirt. The white colour helps fitting all of my summer look. The little cushion pad makes me feels so comfortable while walking too. This will definitely be one of my frequently wear item.


Summer Beauty Buys - Peach Lover

It is summer time, I love to have something colour on me. PEACH colour! Pink + Orange. Look so happy, well suit for the summer. I have bought two peach items.

YSL Peach Passion 13: Love it. It can basically match with every looks. Soft and girly. Great!

Topshop Art School: Everytime I look at my nails, I feel so energetic and happy. 

One of My Hobbies - Oil Pastel Painting

Today is one of those days where I feel a little bit of down and would like to find something to concentrate myself. I saw some beautiful photo on instagram and would love to draw it on my own. I can't remember when I start loving oil pastel drawing. I guess the main reason I love it is due to the easiness to use. No need to open water, just pick up the pen and draw and it is fine. The texture of the colour is thick like oil painting. One bad point is that I can't draw it very finely and the pens are quit think. As a hobby, it is good enough of mr. Here comes the swans that I draw to be with me when I am down. 

Start by a pencil and rubber...
Add on a little bit of colour ...
And it is Done.. Here comes my Swans.

Next, I am planning to learn faux calligraphy. I hope one day I can write really pretty words! :)

Lovely Art Days! :D


How Do I Organise My Wardrobe?

Have you ever experienced a wardrobe which has no drawer? You can simply put clothes and trousers on top of each other. When you try to pick the clothes in the bottom, clothes on top ends up falling down and it's hard to keep a tidy wardrobe? Besides, clothes at the back is always out of reach as you only want to pick up the clothes in the front to prevent everything got messed up if trying to pick one little clothes at the back. 

I have had enough of this situation and have found a solution from IKEA. I have bought Antonius (HK$199) from IKEA. It basically provides drawers for me to put all the clothes. I can now classified each layers to dress, clothes, trousers and home wear. I can easily reach those at the back as I have DRAWER. Another good point of having this Antonius is that it is transparent. I can see through what is inside and helps me decide which clothes I should wear. 

I am very satisfied with how it helps with my wardrobe organisation and think everyone with huge wardrobe but no drawer should have this. This makes my day ALOT easier.

Summer Outfit of Three Days

Topshop Grey Dress (HK$409) + Jelly Beans Heels: I have shop around at Topshop and found this lovely dress. I think it can easily dressed  up and down by changing heels and sandals. Very cool for the hot summer! 

Pink Clothes + Topshop Jeans (HK$499) + Toms Shoes: Everytime I go shopping at Topshop, there is always clothes that I love and I can't go without them. I won't regret buying it even the price is a bit high. Their quality is so good. This jeans are very stretchy and thin. I won't feel hot even I wear it in the summer. Perhaps it is deal to the cut on the knees?! 

Grey Clothes + Short Pants + Laces Sandals: This are all what I bought last summer (except the Sandals). I have a quick tidy up of my wardrobe and found lots of clothes that I fancy and thought I don't need to buy anymore clothes for the summer. I have done some mix and match and here comes the look. The floral print on the shirt and sandals and star print on the pants find their own harmony. I love this look so much! 

I'm no way an experts in fashion. I just love what I wear and wearing clothes that I love makes me happy! I hope it gives some ideas to you! 

* Alk *


New IPhone Case

My kate spade iPhone case was broken due to the fall on the floor for so many times. Opps.. I saw this lovely case online and I can't stop buying it. Love it so much! So refreshing! :D

Happy Wednesday, everyone!



Summer Beauty Buys

It is summer time! It means there is time that I can go out and have lots of fun under the sun. It also means a colourful season for me! There are some of the items which I think would be totally fit this colourful summer. Let's see if any of these catch your eyes.

Topshop Hair Bend (HK$49): Summer is hot, but I don't want to cut my hair short. The only way out of this complicated situation is to pull my hair up. How can I make it more summer like? Topshop has the answer for me. This floral print pink hair bend is exactly what I wanted. This pastel bright pink with green leaves and flower print makes me feel I am in a holiday! Love it so much!
Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Gloss: I like wearing nude lipgloss in the summer. I don't know why, I feel that bright red is for the winter and nude is for the summer. This Honey Pump gloss with little sprinkles inside is what I wear all the time in the summer. The magic happens when the sun shines on the lips - SPRINKLING! 
TOPSHOP Rose Petal Nail Polish (HK$99 for 2): I like wearing grey, short pants an sandal in the summer. It is also nice to have some pink (Pink + Grey - win!) to give a little bit of energy into my look. I think this colourful rose petal nail polish is pretty! When I need to take photo with my friends dying any outdoor activity. It will also be the phone that catch people's eyes!

I spend quite some time to make up this post, I hope you enjoy reading it and let me know what is your favourite beauty buys and don't forget to follow me in blogloving! :D

Have a great Monday!
* Alk *


Recent Beauty Buys - Topshop Magic Liner

Few weeks ago, I blogged about how much I love my topshop Magic Eye Liner. This is the first time I actually start loving to have my eye liner on in causal day out (not in any event or big occasion). Ever since I bought this Topshop magic liner, I am obsessed to apply it, I also find a little technique on how to swing the end. Swing the end has absolutely helps to make people think my eyelash is firming up the whole time while it is not and I completely love the look. When I develop my skills, I want more. It is hard for me to draw a thicker line with this thin liner. I want one magic liner which can help me to shorten my eye liner drawing time. Is there any suggestion?

2 of the Best Mascara

There are two Mascara I have repurchase for so many years and their quality never fails me. The reason I blogged about two of my favourite mascara is that they complementing each other. When you go to an event which needs to dressed up, you most probably need the dark one (Lash Expander) and if you are on casual occasion the red one (Dejavu Fiberwig) will be what you need. Here is my review:-

Dejavu Fiberwig - Extra Long: It has extensive function which helps to make you have really long eyelash. If you are going on a causal occasion with your friend and you don't want to look overly dressed up, but you would like to look pretty. This will be the mascara that you want. It wouldn't make your eyes look too dark, it is kind of natural, but make your eyes ten time more "awake". 

However, this mascara is not water proof. If you are going on a water activity, this will not be your choice. It is not  super long lasting too, my husband has helped me to remove the fall off mascara on my face during a long night out. One good point for not having water-proof function is that it can be removed easily. I don't particular fancy taking a long time making sure my mascara is completely removed (mascara remains always contribute to the reason of deepen dark eye circle). A casual day with an easy washed make up is what I wanted on daily basis. 

Majolica Majorca - Lash Expander Frame Plus: Perhaps you can already guessed this is for a high-ended event where you need a full make up. This mascara has all you need for the best mascara - long lasting, water-proof, super extension and make your eyelash really dark. It also has the ability to help holding your eyelash up for the whole night. I totally in love with the product when I apply it but not when I remove it. AS this is super water-proof. It makes me a very long time to remove it. My Sheshedo Make-up Removal gel is not strong enough to remove it, sometimes I still find some mascara leftover when I wash my face in the next morning. I suggest using cleaning oil which particular for eye makeup to remove it. One side note: You make find the rush is all plastic unlike the normal one, don't worry. It is completely normal and it do the job equally well or even better, as it don't jam the mascara in one lump when you want to apply it. 

I hope this little review give you some good ideas for which mascara to be purchased and let me know what mascara you are using and how does it go? 

Have a nice weekend! - ALK -


My Topshop Pink Grey Nail Polish

So my Pink + Grey Obsession continue. Everyone knows I love pink and grey, from my daily life to my wedding. I just think they are the best friend and make a great couple together. Please help me to get my eyes off them.

What is on my nails? 
Grey: Dancing in the Dark from Topshop
Pink: Sweets For my Sweet from Topshop 
[HK$99 for two.]

Tips for applying the grey nail polish: The nail polish is quite thin, I need to apply at least 3 lays to make the grey colour as shown in the photo. Don't rush and wait until one layer is dry before applying the other. If not, the white spot will end up sticking in one side and look really messy. 

The Best Facial Masks Update - Summer Version

I have wrote about my favourite facial masks in my previous post. Bihada is so far my favourite facial mask of all. When I am too busy at work and do not have time for face mask for a long time, it really helps to inject all sort of water into my face and make my feel moisturised. Last week, I go to CitySuper and I was very surprised that Bihada has released a mini version of mask with different functions all in one little box. This is SOOOO AMAZING! The price is so cheap (HKD20 / pieces; normally it is HKD80/ pieces). Although it is cheap, I have no hesitation in putting it in my basket as I have been using Bihada for so long and I am definitely very confident with their quality. This is just a surprise treat for the Summer! :D 

Let me walk you through what are they:-
BLUE (Moisturized & Shining): This would normally be used after I am in the air condition area for a long time and my skin dry to dead. This is super watery and make you feel shine again. 

GREEN (Locking Water & Minimised Winkles): This is what I am looking for in the Summer. I like biking in the summer and most of the time when I am under the sun, my skins gets dry. I like using this the night before I have any outdoor activity to make sure all water is locked. 

PINK (Whitening & Brightening): This is the one I normally use when I am tanned and am under the sun for a long time. This is my immediate rescue. 

ORANGE (Anti-Oxgen and Tightening): Well .. well.. well.. Girl at mid twenty to early third. It is time to make sure your skins stay as good as possible. This is the one for you to make sure it is all firms up. The skin is loosen very slowly in the way that you don't know and this is the prefect mask for you.

* One magic box with all the ingredients you need! So Wonderful. Plus, all Bihada masks are very thin and watery. It helps with your skin absorption. You can massage it during the masking period and you can instantly see the difference once your remove the mask and I can be very sure of it!

Quick go rib some of these magic boxes before it runs out of stock!


Topshop beautiful Lemon Color dress

I admit I am a huge fans of Topshop. Topshop clothing is simple, stylish and causal. The texture is super comfy. Whenever I shop around at their place, there are always items that I go crazy about. 

This time, I particularly fancy about this lemon yellow dress. It can easily dressed up and down. Should I buy it or not? :)


Useful Cooking Buys - Corn Peeler

For those who love eating sweet sweetcorn, here is an amazing tool for you - Corn Peeler. This corn peeler helps peeling the corns very quickly and easily. My hubby and I love eating corns, but we found it hard to peeling it by a knife and put in a container for later consumption. This tool really makes our life a lot easier.

♥ This was brought from Jusco - HKD12. 

Easy 5 Step Receipt - Sushi

Ingredient: Egg, Cucumber,Crab meat, Seaweed, Cheese, Kimchi, Rice, Rice Vinegar

Step 1: Cook the rice. When the rice is ready, add rice vinegar according to the vinegar guideline.

Step 2: Cook the Egg in a pan and cut the other ingredient like the above picture.

Step 3: Place the seasweed on the Sushi mat, add rice and other ingredients with the amount as shown on the picture above.

Step 4: Roll it over and use the Sushi Mat to ensure the thinness is even throughout the seaweed roll.

Step 5: Cut it into small pieces and enjoy.

Japanese Sushi can be quick and easy to cook. Give it a try and let it be your ready to go meal.

Adorable Clip from A Little Baby

The other days ago, a little baby has left her clips at my home and I used it whenever I am at home. I just think it is so convenience and can easily hold my front hair on the right place that I don't feel ignored. Tell you what, I am going to to beg her (the little baby) to give it to me. haha..I hope she won't cry too much.. :P  

Instagram Summary #2

*Funny Toy from my Cousin * Wedding Book Arrived * Birthday Gift from Bestie *
* Cutie SuperMarket Bag from Hubby * @ Fd's Wedding * Apple Shield in Tasmania*
*Homemade Fish & Chips * Pre-Wedding Photoshoot * Our Wedding Cupcakes*

 Sorry guys, I am overwhelming with ideas today and am so energetic. So here come my second Instagram Summary. Remember to join this site and follow me on Instagram.  


Instagram Summary #1

*House Warming Gift to my bestie * I love Kiwi * My Wedding DaY*
*Carrot Cake from Starbucks * Beautiful Floor * What is inn my makeup bag?*
*Honeymoon in Tasmania * Last Day at Work * Rainbow in a random DaY *

I am currently obsessed in browsing Instagram. Instagram really is a good social media which have so many lovely photo there. If you are into fashion, hairstyle, flower, it is a place where you can  spend hours and hours of your time. You can also be a part of the contributor to take picture, edit, share it with caption to the world. I thought it will be interesting to do an Instagram Summary to see what I have been up to for the past few weeks. 

Please feel free to follow me on Instagram @lifewithalk. Can't wait to see your picture! :)


What is in my SuperMarket Bag?

Breakfast: Yogurt (full of protein, antioxidant, Vitamin)
Dinner: Chicken & SweetCorns (full of protein and Vitamin) 
Fruit: Apple, Orange, pineapple, banana, lemon ( all full of Vitamin C) 
Snack: Red and yellow pepper, Tomato (full of Vitamin)