New Invention - Mid-Autumn Festival Toys

My blog is about everything that happens in my life. It is not limited to skincare, make up, fashion, cooking. I would like to blog about everything interesting! 

As I have mentioned in my previous post, Mid-Autumn Festival is coming in the week. So, I am trying to buy some toys to the little kids so they can play in the dark under the moon. Then I found this little invention! It is totally a Ding Dong (Popular Japanese Cartoon) invention for me! It is an infra-red Yo Yo. When you press the dark button on the top, it scroll like a yo yo, at the same time an infra red emitted. When it rolls, it turns out a red circle around the yo yo. 

What a genius idea? Yo Yo is what kids like to play, when you add a little bit creativity and matching with the festive idea, it becomes everyone's fav. I am sure the inventor can earn a lot after mid-autumn. For those who are living in Hong Kong, please go to 7-11 to get one. I am sure not only kid, but also big boy (my husband is playing it for so many times) would love it! 

P.S. From my understanding, it starts running out of stock and people are pending for restock! Hope every one would have a lovely Mid-Autumn Day! 

The Best Eyes Shadow Kit Set

I have been using this eyes shadow kit set since I start using eyes shadow. It is a present from my friend and I totally love it. It has everything in a little box (eyes linear, base eye shadow coat (white), main eyes shadow (light brown) and eyes shadow highlight (dark brown). My apology that it doesn't have a brand name on it, so I can't tell you exactly what it is. But I guess there are many similar product available in the market. I hope you can get similar colour eyes shadow to feel how good it is.  

Maybe I just "try" to walk you through how I apply it. 
1)  I would draw my eye linear (as I don't want it to be too obvious, so I can use my eyes shadow to slightly cover it up to make it more natural. )
2) I would apply the base coat all over my eye lip (which is quite a large area). 
3) I add the main eyes shadow above my eyes linear across my upper part of my eyes and just a little bit under my eyes. 
4) Then I add the dark brown eyes shadow in the centre of my upper eye lip (right on top of your eyes ball when you look straight to a mirror). This can make my eyes  ball looks bigger without wearing a fake eye ball contact len. 

I am not a professional make up artist at all, it is just how I normally TRY to apply my make up and I love it. If there is any better way to apply, please tell me and I would love to learn and improve. Hope that I don't mess up too much :)

Estee Lauder - Advanced Night Repair Skincare Product Review

I have been using Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair for around 2 weeks now and I can totally notice the difference and can't wait to share it with you here. 

As the product stated advanced NIGHT repair, I use it at night time after I cleaned my skin and applied softener (toner).  I immediately notice the difference the second day I applied it, I feel that my skin is smoothened. The colour of my skin is even, no more dark and white imbalance colour on my face. I feel like my skin is full of water and is more elastic. Basically, I feel like the base is stronger now. I totally love it and would strongly recommend you to apply it if you are looking for a skincare product which improve your skin quality. 

However, I am hoping this product would also minimised pore growing, but it doesn't seem to work on this department (I know there is another serum under Estee Lauder is specially working on this). I need to keep looking for a morning serum or maybe night cream which can help with this. (Does anyone have any recommendation?) But this Advanced Night Repair is definitely adding to my night time routine! 

Hope this review is fair and useful for you! Have a nice weekend! :)
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The Best Snacks - Freeze-dried Fruit

Have you ever crave for snacks when you are on diet? Or have you wanted to eat crisps but struggling if it is healthy? If you want to eat snacks and be healthy at the same time. This is the perfect snacks for you - freeze-dried fruit. It has peach slices and strawberry slices. It is of low fat and healthy. So now you can less guilt to have snacks in your mouth! :) 

Buy / Eat / Life

I love BUY (WEAR) / EAT / LIFE series. It can quickly summarised what I have been up to. ;)


I have been wanting to have a Michael Kors Tote bag when I saw someone holding it in an instagram picture. I went to Michael Kors store to find one, it only has a huge sized one. I found it Apple Store sells Michael Kors bag in the accessory section. They have a very little size (15') which is perfect for fitting in a mac book air. I seldom carry my MacBook around, but I found the zipper section is perfect for me to put my valuable (i.e. wallet) in and leave the tissue kind of thing outside for easily accessible. I totally love this bag. 


It nearly Mid Autumn Festival in Hong Kong now. For those of you who are not living in Hong Kong, Mid Autumn Festival is a day when all family member gathered together to eat moon cake (as shown in the picture) under the full moon and little kids would play lantern. There are also many myths about this festival, like there is a couple who can only see each other once a year at this time. There are a rabbit who can actually run towards the moon a very long time ago. 

I have been watching essiebuttonvlogs (a youtube channel) for a while now. She has the "always smily" face which always cheers me up. She is currently having a road trip with her boyfriend and eating sausage, sweet potato during that trip. My husband said why don't we eat it tonight?! He cooked everything and it is the yummiest dinner of the week! 


My husband recently buys a ukulele. He has been wanting this for so long. We decided to learn an instrument. He plays ukulele and I play piano. Let's rock! :)

Hope you have a nice weekend! 
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Instagram Diary

Couple in Tasmania / Art Jamming / Beautiful Flower 
Our Pink Grey Wedding / homemade Pancakes / Favorite Chicken Wings 
Cheesecake / Nando / Cheese on Tomatao

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My Current Favourite - Housewife Edition

It has been a while since I become a somebody's housewife. This means I need to learn to take care of myself and my loved one. I feel like I have develop some of my logic in life, which I would love to share them with you. All of them makes my life a lot easier: - 

Cook Book 

I have write about my favourite Cook Book in my previous post. Last time is more about baking healthy. This time I would recommend this healthy eating cook book for you - Healing Foods (eat your way to a healthier life. Recently, I have been obsessed to be more healthy - drink more water, eat more fruit, do more exercise, be more aware of what I eat. This book was amazing. It starts by detailing all the healthy food (i.e fruit, seed etc). Then it comes to my favourite parts -Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner receipt. It gives you idea on if you would like to have a healthy heart, what should you eat for the whole day. Oh My God! I can't believe it. I just want to take every single picture of  every single page of this chapter and then follow it. When all the page is up, I can just repeat myself. The receipt is so easy to cook as well. Healthy and Easy - what I great combination for life! 

Cleaning Haul  

Scotch-Brite Disposable Toliet Scrubber - Many people may use non-disposable toliet scrubber, but I found it is very smelly after all the cleaning and I hate cleaning the scrubber. This disposable toliet scrubber is prefect for me as I don't need to clean it and it doesn't need to grow germs and become smelly in the toliet. How important it is for life?!

Lion Cleaning Liquid and Ultra Softlan (especially for Summer Smell) - These are my summer clothes washing cleaning best friend. The reason I use cleaning liquid is that I found it can be easily dissolve for cleaning. I use this Softlan product is mainly because in the summer, sweat always create bacteria which generate smelly scene in your clothes. This can kill that bacteria and prevent the smell that you don't want anyone near sense it. So let go and have a try and let me know what you think. 

Housewife is now going to do a laundry. See you in a bit. 
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My Travel Tag

It's summer time! Have you gone on a summer trip yet? I thought it will be interesting to do a "My Travel Tag" to let you know what I items I like to bring along in my summer trip. 

My Favourite Travel Bag
I bought this bag from Accessorize a day before I went on my last trip. 

I like bringing cross the body bag when I go travel as it is so easy for me to take care of (protect) my stuff and take out my tissue and everything. This is better than a backpack as this can limit what I bring along with me during the day and I can enjoy my trip a lot more. 

What I can't miss in the plane 

A Little Pillow from CitySuper.
Every time I go on a plane, I would bring my iPad, lots of magazine. But I was just end up sleeping all the way.I know the self bowing pillow is more convenience, but I think this ready made pillow is more comfy. At the end of the day, comfortable is more important, especially in a long way haul.

Must Have Body Care for the Trip

Different kinds of face mask. 
My husband said I am a weirdo as I love having facial every night in the hotel (if I haven't knock out due to the trines of the journey). I am not weird at all. I  need to take a lot of picture during the trip. I need to make sure my skin is as good as possible. Besides, being in the trip means more time under the sun. Facial care is a must!  
How to make the Trip more Fun?
Bring a camera with me 24/7. Take pictures for everything new and interesting things. I enjoy looking at the picture. Picture always bring you back to old memories, which is very important in life.

Anti Sun Shining Product
ShiSeiDo Urban Environment UV Protect Extra Mild.
If you have read my blog for a while, you would know how much I like Shiseido product. Their Sunblock still stay strong. This products is perfect, not only it protects your skin under the phone, it moisturise your skin, it even smoothens your skin colour. How cool is that?!
If you are going to Taiwan or Austalia, feel free to click onto the link to see what to play. I hope you enjoy this little blog. 

Enjoy your summer before it's gone! :)
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My Fashion & Beauty Haul

I have a little shopping yesterday and have a few items which I determined to buy. Here is it.

Estee Lauder - Advanced Night Repair
I noticed my skin is ageing rapidly lately. I am so dying to find a nice skincare product to at least slow it down. My friend recommend that this product is very powerful. I can simply apply this and use any other night cream. The difference can be seen very rapidly. Okay. Let me have a try and see how it goes. 

Sofina - Eye Mask
This is not a research buy. I just randomly saw it, I know I need it, my friend think this brand is good, the price is good (HKD220/ 12 pair). What a bargain! Let me have a try and I will tell you how I feel. 

H&M Long Tee
I like tee with nothing on. I can simply match it with my jewellery and I think simple is the best. 

Summer Must Have Under clothes 
I nearly swear it everyday in the summer. Sometimes the summer clothes is see through or you just want simply want something cover your bar. This is what you need!


Five Things in Life

I like this Five Things series, this helps me to remind the small little things that spice up my life.  
Pink & Grey Thread
You know how much I love pink and grey. They are friends. I saw them together this morning just makes me so happy that the pink and grey colour is messily together. 

Coconut Water
I cannot find any coconut water (in a can/bottle) in the supermarket. I need this healthy drink in the store so so much. As I can't find anywhere, the only way to drink it is to buy a fresh one, equally happy! 

Gatsby Deodorant Aqua
For those of you who sweat a lot and hate that stickiness. This is your saver. You can simply shake it and then place some of this water on your body. This can help maintain the dryness to your body! :)

Baby Sitting
I enjoy baby sitting with this little one, especially when I reading books to her. She likes it and I enjoy it. 

Baby Shoes
This is the gift that I am ready for my friend's baby. It will be given to an adorable baby in mid August. Can't wait to meet her. 




Hello Everybody! I am Back! Sorry that I haven't blogged much lately as I have been busy with life. I guess it is time for a quick WEAR / EAT / LIFE update. I start wearing base lately. I normally don't feel like wearing base, as I don't like the stickness. But then I found that this Shishedo base can really smoothen my skin tone and base can actually protect the skin from makeup. So I will definitely use it in the future. There are two more items (as shown in the picture) became my regular make up items. I feel like I am developing my skill in doing make up now. 


Oh my God! Ruby Tuesday burgers are unbelievable! I have been wanting to eat mini burger for so long! I think they are cute and easily to eat (won't be messy when eating). Ruby Tuesday really doesn't disappoint me. These three burgers have different flavours (pork, beef and crab), it is very juicy and not dry at all. The bread is slightly heated and created a amazing texture. I really want to go there again soon. Somebody please come with me! Besides, their service is super cool, a waitress is assigned to our table and they can basically address all the things that we need, from menu introduction, water pouring and flavour choosing. I have an excellent experience there!


If you are sport lover, please don't miss the Sports Soho Expo 2014. There are lots of sport related items for you to shop around or even actually try on. You can also pre-book an exercise class (HK$200 / 2 hours course) to have a qualified trainer to guide you with the workouts, so you can sweat and keep fit! This definitely is a weekend fun playground!


Sportswear - From Head to Toe

Something interesting! I start loving sports when I start love buying sport wear. Two interests combine together becomes pretty good for my mental and physical health! Win-win. I went on cycling with my husband today, I love my sportswear, I love cycling and I feel my skin are much better afterward. If you want to have pretty skin, fit body, but too lazy to make the first move, try buying pretty sportswear for a start, I am sure this can give a good motivation for you!

Easy 3 Steps Chicken Wing Receipt

My husband and I are chicken wings lover. We like to try all kinds of chicken wings. Also, I like to use up all of my flavour at home before buying new one (to prevent my kitchen overwhelmed with all sort of bottle). I try to mix and match the flavour to cook chicken wings and it actually comes up quite well. 

Chicken Wings 
Mixed Herbs
Black Pepper
Premium Flavoured Pepper 
Lemon Juice
Maggi Soya Sauce

Step 1: Place all the herbs, pepper, soya sauce and few drops of lemon juice onto the chicken wings. (No need to place too much, you can see from the picture of how much mixed herbs I have placed in each chicken wings).

Step 2: Wait for 5 minutes and put it to the oven with 220C for 20 minutes

Step 3: Pour the water under the chicken wings and put it into the oven again with 160C for 5 minutes until it is golden brown.

Here come the yummy chicken wings! Enjoy!


Quick & Easy 3 Steps Simple Lunch Receipt - Dumpling Noodles

Many of my friends skip meal because they think it is time consuming to cook and instant noodles is not a healthy choice.  I found that lunch can be quick and easy to cook and it can be more healthy than eating instant noodles. All you need is: 

1 pack of noodles ( I choose Tomato noodles from Organic farm)
4 ready made veggie and meat dumplings
Soya Sauces and Pepper 

Step 1:  Place noodles and the dumplings in boiling water for 8 minutes. 
Step 2: Pick up the noodles first to prevent overcook, leave the dumplings there until it looks transparent. 
Step 3: Add soya sauces and pepper on to the noodles and place the dumplings on the noodles. 

It tooks less than 10 minutes to get the above dumplings noodles done. It may not be the healthiest, but at least it has vegetable, meat, noodles. Worth to have a try when you are on the go with no time cooking for a nice lunch or simply too lazy cooking. 

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Wedding Guest - The Make-up, The Dress & The Shoes

The Make-Up: I am trying new make up items. 
Base: ShiSeiDo Refining Makeup primer Bas Perfectrice De Tient
Eyes: Designer Brands Australia Black Brown 632, Lash Expander Frane Plus Majoloica Majorca Mascara, Eyes Shadow from Japan, Topshop Magic Liner
Cheek: Topshop Good Girl Blush
Lips: YSL Peach Passion

I love attending my friend's wedding, so I have got the chance to dress up myself and having fun during the process. This time I have not disappoint myself. I actually love my look and my husband loves it too. Let's see how to make it happen?!

The dress: In order to pick up the right dress. I will need to understand my style, my favourite colour which match my skin tone. How loud I want to be. For me, I love to look girly, but not looking young. A little bit of elegant and the colour cannot be sharp as I want to be low as a guest.

So I pick up this pink&grey (clearly a me colour) dress with floral print, sprinkling and pearl accessory. It is an all in one dress which perfectly fit my style. I also like this soft colour very much.  

The Shoes: Jelly Beans. This is my absolute favourite. The colour can match with my skin which makes me easily dressed with work wear, soft or dark colour dress or trousers. 


My Everyday Shower Routine

My shower routine has slightly changed due to the hot summer weather. My body is always cover with sweat which I need to take extra care of. Here is my everyday shower routine on how I protect my body. 

Lactacyd Feminine Hygiene: This product is designed to protect girl's sensitive area, especially in period time when there are extra germs and higher chance of infection. When germs meet sweat.. you will not be a happy person. :) It has slightly mild pH value (pH3.5) which can help prevent irritation. I would normally shake it slightly before application and no need to use other product afterward.   

Johnson's pH5.5: I care about pH value a lot lately as I know high pH value product would irritate skin and will not be good when irrupted skin shine under the sun. Normally, shower product would have pH value of around 7, which is higher than our body pH value. Also, I tend to forgot applying moisturiser, so this 2 in 1 (body wash with moisturiser) is the perfect choice for me.  

[OPTIONAL] Unicorn Aqueous + Vitamin E Cream: Normally,  my hand and body are not dry after the 2 in 1 shower wash. My leg tends to dry out a bit. If it is too try I would apply this unicorn cream. This is by far the best body lotion I have ever used (especially in winter time), when your body become red due to the dry weather, this is the cure. The texture is quite thick, but when it drys out, you won't feel the stickiness at all. I wouldn't need to apply it everyday, it can normally keeps my leg moisturised for few days.

Have a lovely friday and look forward to the weekend! :)
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