5 Little Things in Life

Sorry everyone! I haven't been blog much lately as I have been super super busy with work and everything. I think it is time for me to slow down and appreciate what I have in my life. Here is the series of "5 Little Things in Life": - 

Anniversary Flowers - Nothing better than just looking at flowers
Flag Selling Donation - The smallest help may make a difference. Always be remind to do good things!
Beautiful Weather and Flowers - What a lovely Sunday?! 
Milk Sippy Straw - Drink milk with this straw, it can instantly turns into a chocolate milk! Yum~
My bag always full of Snack and Nail Polish! Typical Me! :)


Monthly Beauty Buys

Topshop Infrared Lipstick: I have never tired Topshop's lipstick before, but it keeps on surprise me! I actually love this (hkd99) over YSL peach passion lipstick (hkd250). Topshop lipstick is just so moisturizing, even I have some dead skin on my lips stick around, it's just cover it up so well!

Color wise - I normally would not buy a sharp orange color lipstick but I saw Zoella who applies it in one of her vlog, she looks so amazing and I saw her lipstick review. This is one of her favourite. I give it a try and it is so good! The color shine my look. You have to try it to understand what I mean. It won't disappoint you, I am sure! 

Mascara: My wedding makeup artist has recently introduce this Mascara to me and I buy it in Leng Leng (Japanese makeup chainstore). It costs hkd275 for 2 mascara. It is definately no as good as MJ mascara which I write about in my previous post. But it is water proof, so easy to remove and gives a natural look to me. If you are in a causal day and would love to make yourself look more energetic. This is the one. However, if you are going on a date or a event, it may not be a wise choice for you, as it may not be hold for that long. 

I hope this little review is benefital to you. If you have try this before, please let me know your comments as well. 


Late Night Smoothies

I l-o-v-e smoothies! My mum has bought a pineapple to me, what is a better way to consume the whole pineapple?! Smoothies!!!! Here is my late night smoothies receipt:-

Half Pineapple, 6 Strawberry, Blue Berry, Ice,  25 ml Coconut Water   

Slice it to tiny little pieces for easy handling. 

Add some coconut water.

Bend it! 

Da Da... Pine Berry Smoothies ... Yummy!


Alex Goot Music

Have you ever watch Alex Goot's youtube video? If you haven't already, please click the link and check it out. He is a very talented guy who make very good music. He can play different kinds of music instalments and combine it all into one song. 

Yesterday, he travels all the way from the US to Hong Kong to have a mini concert. When I first find out he is having a concert in Hong Kong, I was amazed. None of my friend in Hong Kong hear about Alex Goot, let along listen to his music. I used to plan to go to the US and hoping he can have some kinds of show in the pub, so I can enjoy one or two of his songs. Now, he is here in Hong Kong, singing for around one hour for us. This is one of the best time of my life, his music is amazing. When he sings, we all follow his music and move. He is not dancing, he only sits in front of a piano and it is enough to excite your body from head to toe. I am so lucky to be able to know his existence and would like to introduce him to you. Please just click his videos and see if his music is your cup of tea. 

Let's experience the power of music!