Easy Banana Cupcake Receipt

It is this kind of a day where you are craving for a banana cake at home and would love to put in a mouth within 30 mins. Here is the receipt which suits your need!

50g              Butter
2                  Egg 
100g            Flour
1teaspoon    Baking Power
6 spoon        Sugar
1 1/2            Banana
25g              Walnut

1) Melt the butter and put it into the sugar. Use electric mixer to stir it till it turns white.
2) Add whisked eggs (little at a time) and use the electric mixer to mix it evenly.
3) Add smashed banana, baking power and flour into the mixture and mix it well (no need using the machine). 
4) Please the mixture into a six cup baking tray with paper cup placed.
5) Put compressed walnut on top of the mixture.  
6) Put it in a 180C oven and bake it for 15 minutes.

# Little Tips: The reason I place the mixture into a cupcake baking tray instead of a cake tray is that I found that if I put the mixture in the big cake tray, the centre of the mixture is always wet due to the banana moist. When I heat it up for longer, the other side of the cake has already fully cooked. So, a cupcake tray can solve this matter instantly.

I hope this give you a little insight and let me know if you have ever been baking a banana cupcake or banana cake is your favourite. Kindly share with me any receipt and I would love to try this out! 


Chinese Red Packet Online Shop

Chinese New Year is coming in mid February! For those married couple, is your red packet ready yet? 

For the of you who are not Chinese, you may not know what I am talking about. There is in fact a tradition in Hong Kong or around the Chinese community where married couple would give red packet (Lai Sei) to the younger (single) to wish them good luck in the coming year. There is money inside the red packet. The amount of money you give to that person would vary based on your relationship with him/her or their parents. For those who are really close relatives or best friend's children, they might received HK$500 or HK$100 per packet. If you are a couple, you will need to give two red packet at a time to signify one is from the husband and the other is from the wife. If you are a very friendly guy with lots of close friends, simply saying you will be bankrupt in February. Of course, for those who are not very close, you can simple give HK$50 or HK$20 in each packet to minimise the damage! :)

Many of my Chinese friends who live abroad is very jealous of me being able to buy cute and funny red packet. They can normally get some old fashioned red packet from local Chinese restaurant or from their parents. So, I try to help them to search and see if there is any online shop which sells young style red packet.

I found a site called redpacketshop.com which can deliver many cute, elegant red packet all over the world. They have red packet for Chinese New Year (i.e. first two photos - it says good luck in the red packet) and even red packet which can be used in wedding day (like the last two photo - it states Happy Wedding in the envelop). As it is free delivery in the UK, US and Canada with very reasonable price, I guess anyone who interested to buy funny envelop shall check the site out! 

My friend found this is very useful and I hope you are too! 

Have a nice weekend and can't wait for the Chinese New Year to come!
 + Alk +


SPF Day Cream/lotion Comparison

Clique Youth Surge SPF15/PA++ Age Decelerating Moisturiser: If you have been viewing my blog for a while, you may already notice that I am a huge Shiseido fans as I found their products (i.e the line of White Lucent) really react positively on my face. As times goes by, I need to move on to the Vital Perfection line to have higher protection of my skin from aging. The problem is the Vital Perfection line does not separate day lotion to night lotion, which mean there is no SPF in the lotion. This come out as a headache to me. I normally use SPF15 to protect my skin from daily light radiation. (I feel like high SPF is really necessary as I will be indoor most of my time and thick SPF may just have negative impact on my skin). So, I start searching for another brand's lotion/cream that have anti aging function and SPF at the same time. I once notice that Chinque is a product line which suits my age and the sales recommend this Youth Surge Moisturiser to me as it can mines pore which grow due to aging (not pimples). It includes SPF and PA++, which means it protect my skin from UVB (function of SPF) and UVA (function of PA++). When I apply it the first time, I feel like the texture is much thicker then White Lucent's Emulsion. It is very creamy. As I was using lotion before, my skin doesn't react well, and one or two pimples come out. I was scared and stop using it for a while, BUT I notice my skin texture is getting better overall. So, I wait for a month and apply it again. It becomes my favourite day cream now.  

The only downside is that it is quick hard to apply it evenly and smoothly. I will need to make sure my face has not white cream on every sleepy morning (which is quite hard). Besides, I would not recommend using this cream when you are going to apply make up. When I use a sponge to apply my foundation (rubbing my face with the sponge), some tiny white streak come out (like the by product when you rub your rubber). That is definitely not what I wanted, especially when I am in a rush. 

Shishedo White Lucent Brightening Emulsion: I love the thin texture of this Emulsion and having SPF15. I would not feel that I have applied any SPF. This has definitely do a very good job in brightening and whitening my skin. If I am not required to protect my skin from aging, I guess I won't move on to other day cream/lotion.


Monthly beauty Buys

It has been a while since my last Monthly Beauty Buys blog post. I have been adding few beauty products lately and would like to share it with you. 

Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer R (113): This is one of my Christmas present, which is kinda nice. I always love Jill Stuart's product. Their packing is very girly and grand. Their products was like owning by a princes. This peachy red color is so easy match with white or dark clothes which I love to wear during winter time! 

MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick - Rouge A Levres (Asian Flower): I was always been so rejected to wear any lipstick color other than red/pink. I have had a breakthrough lately trying peachy orange and  has start thinking purple color will also be good too. This line of MAC lipstick is more moisturised than other line. I don't actually need to apply any lip balm before hand and it is smooth and no roughness on the lips once you applied. I crazily in love with this brand and would love to repurchase it when this used up. In fact, I wear it on my anniversary, you can check out how I look by referring to this blog post. 

Banila Co Very - Very Kissy Lip Plump (Envy): I guess this is my least favourite product for this monthly beauty buys. I love to have a sparkle lip plump to put on top of my lipstick. I found this in Korea and would think it would be a prefect. However, I feel like this is too red to be treated as a top coat. There is a mint feeling once I applied it. It is kind of strange as I was thinking if my lip reacting to it negatively or it is normal?! My lip is completely fine the day after so I guess it my skin is ok for the formula. I would prefer applying it alone to avoid a bright red lip. 


Everything About a Skiing Trip to Korea

Me and my friend had gone to Seoul (Korea) for a skiing trip over the Christmas time. We have so much fun! I would like to share what I wear, eat and play there with you!


Pale Pink Hat / White Elder Down Outerwear/
Trouser with 2 pairs of Super-warm inside/ UGG Boot

It is currently winter time in Korea and this is how I survived in -16C. I won't be able to survived without the outerwear. This is so warm and cozy. I wear it whenever I am outside. My husband wear converse shoes and he can't help but to stick two heat pad on his feet to keep warm. UGG boot is what I needed to keep my feet warm. 


We ate Jinseng Chicken Soup in two different places.

Queen Jinseng Chicken Soup (Top): I follow this website's instruction to get there. I found the most amazing part is not just the soup, it is the wine (around HKD30) that they made is the yummiest! I am not a wine lover, it is just like a juice with so little alcohol. Easy to drink! 

百濟人參雞湯 (Bai Jian Jinxseng Chicken Soup) (Bottom): This restaurant is very popular among Hong Kong Traveller. Their kimchi is good as it is not very spicy!

Fresh Beef Market & Restaurant: We went to a beef market with lots of fresh beef selling in a reasonable price. We can just buy it and there is a restaurant upstairs for you to cook it by yourself. As the beef is very fresh, you don't need to add any sauce and it's still very yummy. You can order some rice and Kimchi are free for you to pick for as many as you want.


Snowboarding / Skating @ Welli Hilli Park滑雪渡假村

We bring all our gear to the park, but borrow their equipments (around 60000won for 2 days). We will also need to buy tickets to go up the hills.

Little Tips: When borrow their equipments, they will ask us to give them our ID card or passport. Don't ever give your passport to them. If they lost it, you can't go back. I would suggest you giving them your driver licence or a card with your name and photo on, which can identify you.  They just want to make sure you would return the equipment.

Shopping ( Dongdaemun, 梨大,明洞)

Dongdaemun has lots of shops which would not closed until 3am. We lives in a hotel near the shopping mall there, so we can go shopping every night. Their clothes are at reasonable price (not very cheap). I just buy a lot of clothes there.

Little tips: It is always good to go there with friend as some of the shops sell 2 same clothes at a time. They will refuse to sell it to you if you buy only one clothes.

梨大: We buy a lots of reasonable priced make up, skincare and clothes in this location. It is cheaper than Dongdaemun. I only spends 2 hours there and has already bankrupted myself.

明洞(Mingdun): We go there only because we need to go to Lotte Supermarket to buy souvenirs to my friend. Their clothes are comparatively expensive, but there is lots of yummy snack food on the street which I can't help to try it. The strawberry is super yummy and I would strongly recommend it for you to eat it.

I hope you like this little blog I used to record my happy memories there.

Happy Holiday!


3 Easy Step Receipt - Christmas Snowman Snack

How to make an easy and quick Christmas snack? Here is the simple receipt:-


1) Marshallow 2) Pretz3) Chocolate Pen. 

Step 1: Put two marshmallow through the Pretz.

Step 2: Put the chocolate pen into boiling water to melt it slightly. 

Step 3: Draw a smily face on the marshmallow.

A Christmas Snowman Snack is completed! This can be done with little kids as a fun little activity!


Korea Souvenirs ( Gift Guide )

My husband and I went on a holiday during Christmas time. Our chosen destination is Seoul, Korea (More picture about this trip will be up soon, stay tune.). Travelling souvenirs is what I always get headache of and would like to ask my friends what is the famous souvenirs of my travelling location before I go on a trip. To save up your asking time, I guess it will be useful to share mine to you.

Socks: Socks in Dongdamun (Korea) is super cheap. It is around HKD7/pair and have thousand kinds of beautiful print for you to stop by and choose for. 

Glove: Haven't I told you it is currently -16C in Seoul right now. They sells all the protective gears everywhere and I buy this cutie little glove suits well for my niece. If it is warm for -16C, it definitely enough for the cold weather (6C the coldest) in Hong Kong.

Eyes Mask: Modern people love watching all kinds of electronic devices (computer, phone, TV), a cold and hot eye mask is definitely needed for them. I just buy it in a drug store. It has both cold and hot therapy to let your eyes relax and removing the dark eyes circle (well suit for girl). 

Facial Mask: I think it is common sense for Hong Kong people to buy masks in Korea as it is so much cheaper (around HKD6/ piece) in Korea than buying in Hong Kong (I mean the same product). The most popular band you have to buy in Korea is Missa, Skinfood, Etude. My friend also introduce a skincare product shop called Holika Holika (Korea brand) to me. She said that pig nose clear product is very powerful in removing all the dirt on your nose. I will try it out and let you know if there is any good. 

Jinseng product: Jinseng is one of the famous product in Korea. I would highly recommend you to go to Lotte Supermarket (at Mingdung) to buy Jinseng. They even cost you only HKD10. I have buy this Jinseng soup pack which I can just place it into a boiling water and put a little chicken inside to create chicken soup. I have also bought Jinseng tea as one of my souvenirs to my older friends. This Queen Jinseng tea is especially for woman.  There are many other products which is easily good to build up a healthier body. 

I hope this give you some idea on what to buy as a souvenirs in Korea. I will upload a clothing haul and what to do in Korea later on. 

I hope you have a Happy New Year!