New Beauty Buy - By Terry Ombre Blackstar

I have added an eyes shadow into my daily makeup routine recently. The amazing eye shadow is By Terry Ombre Blackstar (Frozen Quartz). I don't normally do eye shadow daily unless I go on an occasion as the eyeshadow that I previously blog about is quite sparkly and may not suit the daily casual look. 

If you have read my blogs for a while, you may already notice I am a pink lover, however, I haven't owed a pink eyes shadow before, I tried it (from my friend), but it turns out that I look I have just cried my eyes out. Recently I found this ByTerry eyeshadow, it is not a bright red color, it is kind of pale pink and a little bit dark in tone. I thought I would give it a try given my addiction to pink. It doesn't fail me. I do not look I have just cried, I like this slightly sparkly and girly after the application. The little pen shaped makes it so easy to apply even I am in a hurry. I am using it every time I apply make up and I am sure I will repurchase it when it's used up. 

One little side note:  It is quite expensive (HKD398) as a single color eyes shadow, but I am sure you will feel it is totally worth it. I am addicted to it and I think you would too! 

Have a lovely weekend! 


Where to learn Calligraphy in HK?

My husband has kindly organised a calligraphy class as a Valentine's Day activity. Many of my friend ask me where I learn and how does it go? I think it would be nice for me to share my experience here with you as well.

For a start, I first learn about calligraphy from Emily - cupcakesandcashmere.com. She mentioned that she learnt calligraphy when she was young. She loves it so much and took the learning process very seriously. I once know that there is Chinese calligraphy, but have never heard that there is particular pen and style of English calligraphy that we can learn and be an expert in it. I know it sounds so lime, but when I was young, I love writing beautiful word on my homework, it makes me feel more passion to complete it. If there is english calligraphy in the world, I have no hesitation to learn it. 

Fun Fact! We learn English Calligraphy at Kalomakeart

It is a 3 hours workshop and it happens in a little workspace located in central (near Topshop). Kalo (the teacher) is a very talented lady, she prepared a kit set for us and kindly let us play with it for a start. We have no idea how to use it and so, we simply writing a lot of fine line and don't know what do to. 

She then teaches us how to press the pen to make different shape of lines and shows us her beautiful work on how words can turn into a piece of art. Knowing what you don't know and learning the skills is such a process and it happens in a blink of eyes. For the moment I enter the classroom, my whole body is shaking. I can't explain how excited I am to be able to achieve my dream, to do what I love and dream of for a long time. Listen to all her words on explaining how to get the skills just makes me even more excited. My hand what shaking so badly that my calligraphy a little bit shaky and doesn't look all that good (Kalo is well aware of that - but she thought I was sky in writing in front of her, but I am just to excited.) 

After all the practise on each word (from A to Z), we finally have a chance to create our own little poster with quotation which we love. My poster isn't really artistic enough as I am overwhelming myself with too many emotions that I can barely think. 

Anyway, if you are living in Hong Kong or you are going to travel to Hong Kong someday and you love to learn calligraphy, please go to Kalo's website and register a class. Her class is quite full, so be prepare to plan it in advance. The course fee is around HKD1,080/person.

Hope you enjoy it!

Happy Pancakes Day Tag

Happy Pancakes Day! I know I am a bit late for the party! But oh hey! I love pancakes. It is probably my favourite breakfast (except the hummus English breakfast). Here is a little Pancake Day Tag:

What is my favourite topping? Honey. I used to love maple syrup and jams, but it is a little bit adverse my current keep fit plan.   

What is my favourite fruit on pancake? As you can see in the photo, blueberry, I also like to put banana and strawberry on top as well. 

Do I cook pancake from raw material or ready made pancake? Um.. I am somewhere in between, I love buying ready made pancake mix in Citysuper. It is not completely cooked pancake for you to preheated, but it is a pancake mix that I can just simply add water, milk or eggs to make a pancake. You know it is not always easy to cook in the MORNING! :)

How many pancake do I have at a time? One or two big one. I used to cook mini-pancake as I think it is cute. But my husband and I would always lost count and end up eating too much! 

I think that's it for now and I would you have a lovely pancake days by eating as much pancake as you want! 


The Best Lip Gloss

Now I am back to the blogging routine now. The first thing I would like to write about is lip product. I was never a lipstick or lip gloss lady in the past as I think that it is sticky and it is hard to eat food without messing up my lipstick. More importantly, I tried a slightly red lipstick before, it turns out it is too red for me and I look weird. 

However, recently I am obsessed with lip product. I tried out a few bits and see if I can be able to use it in a daily basis. To begin with, I use a lighter color lip gloss from Jill Stuart (001). Not to mention the beautiful packaging every girls would love, the sparkling lip gloss stick in the lip makes everything become more elegant! I absolutely adore it! 

I bought a few lip stick from MAC, YSL and tiptop, I don't know if it is because my lips is too dry or what, there is always some "dry line" coming up whenever I applied lip stick. I once would use my finger to smoothen it, but now I found that I can apply a lip gloss on top which can also make some variation of the color. This is such a win-win situation for me. At the moment I would to mix my MAC purple lipstick with my Jill Stuart sparkling lip gloss. It turns out to be a not so purple sparkling lips which is perfect for an every day look. 

A little tips: Never mix two strong color lipstick and lipgloss together, it will turn out strange in some way. 

Hope you have nice day! :)