My Water Painting Experience

I have written about my cailgrapghy class experience before. After I finished the class, I started following lots of cailgrapgher on Instagram. I found out that many of them are good at water painting as well. The water painting and cailgrapghy combination is amazingly beautiful. 

I used to love similar art when I was doing research for my wedding invitation. There was one flash in by head by that time that I should draw the invitation myself. I didn't feel like I can do it, so I dropped the idea and let my husband (soon-to-be husband by that time) to do the job. 

Now, I have took a cailgrapghy class, I did something I can't imagine I can do. My husband keep telling me I have some art sense, so I tried water painting as a relaxing activity. I can't believe it is easier than I thought it would be. The above pictures are the result. I won't say it is beautiful but I really enjoy the process and calmness that it brings. 

What I want to say is, you will never know the result if you don't try it. Sometimes you may be amazed by how much you are capable of in the way that you don't know! 

Have a lovely weekend!


Don't Be Afraid of Ageing

I admit that when I see the winkles besides my eyes, I'm fully aware of and undoubtedly want to stop the ageing. 

I still remember, when I was small, like few years old. I keep telling my mum that I am old enough (an adult) who can make my own decisions. When I start my first job in the company, I want my colleagues to treat me like a mature human being, to treat and respect me more than just a kid. When I can make my own decisions, people respects me because of my achievement. I start to be caution of how random little kid addressed me as sister or "auntie" and start to use different kind of cream/mask to resist the ageing process. The birthday cake is now placed without an age candle. 

It is completely natural to wish to stop at certain age to stay beauty, but time would always say no to you. I guess for things we can't change, we need to strive for the best and accept the unchangable truth. I am not saying don't use anti-ageing cream, instead we should wisely use the product which help slow down the process and at the same time changing the mind set of ageing is bad, to understand and treasure the wisdom times have given to you.

People don't like to age because it's all about winkles. When we have a closer look at the winkles, it has so many history. The history brings us wisdoms on how to make good choices among the bad one. Experiences just grow when time passed by. I have seen so many women in the middle age are full of confident, because they gathered their experiences over the decades to control their life and make use of all this advantage to become a better lady. Their smile just shines a lot better than any lady who struggle to deny the fact that they are growing old.

Be confident of who you are, be happy for the life you have strive for so far. The charmingness will just come right through your eyes which no one can resist. If you are still not happy the current stage of your life, work as hard as you can to reach your goals. You will find the joy to your life. After all, the winkles on your face become the pride of your achievement!