Best Toothpaste For Sensitive Teeth

Have you ever have a bleeding teeth while you are bushing your teeth? If this problem arises, it's time to go to the dentist and have the teeth clean. Normally, we shall clean it every half years. But, we seldom take the time to take care of the teeth that we used it everyday... like multiple times. 

To take very good care of my teeth, I booked a dentist appointment and the dentist has given me some good advices on how I can have my teeth clean throughly. I also decided to change my toothpaste as I have been using the same brand for many many years and my teeth is still very sensitive after all. 

I jumped into a drugstore and chose SENSODYNE (repair & protect for sensitive teeth). I instantly fall in love with it and keep on recommending all my friends to use this. After I used it, I never have any bleeding teeth while bushing. My teeth is whiter than before and I feel my teeth are healthier. 

I feel like no bleeding teeth, healthier teeth and whiten have already summarised everything I want for a toothpaste and SENSODYNE is definitely doing a really good job in these areas! 

Tony Moly Foam Cleanser Review

Have you ever felt that you have been using your foam cleanser for too long that it does doesn't seem to have any effect on your face anymore? I am currently under this phase and has found a new cleanser which called TONYMOLY Intense Care Snail Foam Cleanser. 

If you are an Asia, you will know this Tony Moly Korean brand is very famous in view of its mask. I tried their mask before, it is very moisturising.  So, I am confident enough to try their foam cleanser. The result has amazed me. When I massage my face with the cleaning foam,  especially when it is on my nose, I feel like it is removing the dirt. After I rinse my face with water, I saw some little white spot on my nose that I can easily removed it. I feel so clean afterward. 

Before that, if I don't apply any skincare immediately after, I wouldn't feel very tensed. I guess it moisturizing nature is quite good as well. 

If you are not sure which cleanser to use, please try it out. I'm sure it will surprise you! :)


My New Postcard Etsy Shop Has Just Opened

Many of you may already aware that I have a passion in water colour painting and calligraphy. I really hope that one day my passion can become my career. Instead of hoping it to happen, I have made the move and open a tiny little store in Etsy. The store's name is also called LifeWithAlk and will be mainly concentrate on selling postcards at an initial stage and will later selling painting (home decoration) as well. 

I have posted some of the postcard for you to have a look, if you are interested in floral print postcard , please feel free to go to my Etsy account to order or let me know here. I'm sure more products will be launched from time to time. Small steps at a time to my big dream. 

I hope you have found your dream too! 


Olay White Radiance Review

Few months ago after I returned from Thailand, I found that I have some black spots grows around my cheek bone. I wonder what would be the quickest way to remove the spots? My answer is using essence as essence is the most concentrated among the skincare product and I can use it every day (unlike face mask). 

Why do I choose it? I do so many research on which one is having whitening function in particular, the best and most cost effective (as you may know essence can be very expensive due to the concentrated nature). Then, I found an online post which did a test on several brands' product. The result is very surprising that Olay is the second best (the best is SKII) among the other skincare brands. That might be true as I recalled my father has been using Olay all his life and his skin is very smooth and he looks a lot younger than his friends from his age. I guess it shouldn't be a great loss to invest in a drugstore skincare. 

How to used? Two drops every morning and night after cleaning my face and before applying eye cream and moisturiser. I would normally use a little bit less moisturiser if I used this essence as I don't want my skin to be too oily. 

How does it goes? For the first two weeks, I didn't feel much different, I have a phase of thinking if I should stop using it? But I am stuck with no essence at the moment as my Advance Night Repair has just been used up. I keep trying for another week, my black spots is gradually fading. It is the fourth week that I have used the white essence, I can say all black spots are nearly gone. One important thing is that it doesn't worsen the pore growing. The reason I have hesitation in using drugstore product is that I afraid my skin react badly and pore growing, you know once it grows, it is very hard to turn it back as a smooth skin. So far, I think it is quite satisfying in the function of minimising dark spots. 


Eye Mask Comparison

I must say.. it will be a harsh blog post. I would normally love using the title of the best eye cream, the best mask. But this time, I feel like I can only say Eye Mask Comparison as both of them doesn't seem to bit up the sofina eyes mask, you can know more about the eye mask by checking out my review here.

The two products I would like to talk about is Kose Fitting Lift Eye Mask and Supreme Pacenta Collagen Eye Mask.

Kose Fitting Lift Eye Mask: I bought it from Log-on (Japanese Chain Stores). It said it has high moisturising function and I expect it would be very moist, however it is very dry and I can hardly feel the serum on the mask. It is just very elastic and I can't really feel the difference after I applied it. Maybe it does improve my skin under my eyes, I just can't feel the difference instantly by it looks. 

Supreme Placenta Collagen Eye Mask: This on the other hand is quite different. It is very moist and full of serum, even when you take out the eye mask, the serum is just all over the bag. You need to be super careful when you take it out, otherwise it will be very messy. This mask can help promoting the blood circulation and metabolism of skin round the eyes and prevent loss of skin collagen. It also helps diminishing dark eye cycle, eye bags and wrinkles. Although I still find my dark eye circle and winkles after applying it, I feel like I have a relaxing eyes after applying it.

The Best Pink Nail Polish

To get it straight and quick, I love Topshop nail polish, it dries quickly, it only requires you to apply one layer and it is exactly the color your want and more importantly, it has a very good constancy over which time you bush on your nail. More importantly, it always has the color that I want.

Last time I had a stroll in Topshop, I was shocked that it released a shocking pink color which I definitely love, it is called Wonderland. It is well fit to the summer weather especially I love wearing white right now, it is kind of good to have a pink nail polish to brighten the whole look up. 

What is even better is that it has a sparkling nail polish called Adernalin. I thought it will be a good combination to wear it together in different fingers or on top of each other. It just looks really really nice and I love it!

Instagram Diary

I know I have been off for while here, but just want to let you know that although I am not around here that often, I am quite active on instagram and my account name is lifewithalk too. Please feel free to follow me there as I have been trying really hard to upload as many beautiful picture as possible for you to enjoy! :) 

ON THE LEFT: my rose gold penholder from Franc Franc and newly brought flowers / me writing calligraphy / Designing card / Japanese food date night with husband / another cards designed / Cupcakes water painting / Me with my new hair / my favourite quote / beautiful yellow rose / designing poster / my new favourite mug and blogger / always remember to be kind

ON THE RIGHT: Room during our Thailand trip / my newly designed bedroom declarations / newly bought flowers which cheers me up a lot / Holiday must have / picking up a flowers on the swimming pool in the resort / enjoying the book under the sun / our very yummy breakfast / banana cheesecake / my favorite items / beautiful flowers with jelly beans shoes / Happy Friday! / home-made pancakes

The Best Day Cream

It has been a while since I write any blog post.  I think it is best to write a blog spot when I feel like it, rather than push it too hard to make it up. Today is the day I have so many idea that I would like to share and I would like to choose here as the platform to express. 

The other day, I have a skin test and the result shows me that my skin is 4 years younger than I actually am and the sales told me that I am actually taking good care of my skin. I took a lot of time look into the skin care product that I used, so far, I feel like Shiseido is doing the best job to my skin and the question is which line should I use?

When I was younger,  I love using the line of White Lucent, as it definitely brightens up my skin and I don't need to worry about anti aging. So, I have been using and repurchasing that for over a decade. In these two years, I start noticing winkles grows all over my face, I feel like it is time to change to a line that has anti aging function. For day cream/emulsion, my top priority is with SPF at least 15. Although many people said SPF 15 is no longer enough or you can always applying sun cream after your day cream. I just feel that it is too much of a burden to my skin if I apply so many layer to my skin everyday. The only other line that have anti-aging and SPF15 is Benefiance Winkle Resist 24 Day Emulsion. 

This product dooes its job on anti aging and protect my skin from the sun. However, it doesn't have brightening and whitening function. My skin start turning yellow day by day. So, if I am using the Benefiance product, I will have brightening mask at least two days a week to compensate the work that I didn't do on daily basis. 

I hope this make sense to you or give you a little bit of idea on Sheshido product.