Best Casual Lunch / Dinner Restaurant - Apple Green (House of Salad)

Do you fancy eating some strong taste, high calories yummy American Western food while you are on a decent diet for too long? There is a really lovely place that would make your treat day worth. You can also go with some friends to chill, relax and enjoy a variety high quality food in a decent price. 

The restaurant is called Apple Green (House Of Salad). It is located in Tsim Sha Tsui (full address will be stated at the end). You can expect some cheesy food, salad, huge steak, spaghetti, American/Mexican food in this restaurant. The best dish you can't miss is Mac and Cheese, you can either order original or with burger. Either one is taste absolutely delicious. 

The price is quite fair I must say. It is only around HK60-100 per dishes or HK150/person at lunch time. I think it is an extraordinary price for such a drooling food. 

Unlike the real American food, the dish is quite tiny. This is quite food for me, as I can try out a few different dishes in one meal. It will be the best if you eat with a group of friends, so you can try a lot more dishes. However, don't over order from the beginning, as I have mention earlier, the dish can be quite cheesy and you can become full quite easily. As the dishes is served quite quickly, you can order a few at a time, order some more in case it is not enough. Last time my husband and I went there during lunch time, we ordered three dishes (as shown in the photos above) and we are unexpectedly full afterward and gave a solid 10 out of 10 to this restaurant and would definitely come again. 

If you are interested to go there, you can book in advance and pop by. 

Location: Shop 2A, 2/F., Pacific Mansion
172 – 174 Nathan Road Tsimshatsui, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2312 2488
This post is completely not sponsored and solely my own opinion after enjoying the food. I hope you love it like the way me and my husband do! 


HABA Lift-Up Serum Review

Sunday means time to let my body relax to prepare for a hardworking week ahead. I enjoy having some skincare routine to get my skin energise and.. this is something that I can't do during weekday..

Today, I would like to talk about serum. Last week, when I took a photo, I feel like my skin is not lifting up as it used to be. By that time, I know I need a serum which help lifting my skin up and tight. You know.. woman like our age really need to be very careful, when the skin is loosen, it is so hard to firm it up. You will need to try and stop it before it is too late. 

I start searching for one which have particular lift up function, and dada.. HABA Lift-up serum is exactly what I am looking for BY ITS name. Its pink package really catch my eyes and I used HABA's G-lotion, it works quite well on my skin, so I bought and try it. 

Price: HKD800 (60ml)

It is oil in texture.

It is particularly used for firming up the skin and penetrate deep into the skin to stimulate the production of collagen and work on winkles. If you are looking for fine line due to dryness. 

How to use: 
Get 2 -3 pump and apply it after cleaning your face before putting cream on. 

I must agree that I am too desperate to get a lift up serum and completely forgot that I am having a neutral skin type, but not a dry skin type. Oil texture product never work well for me. Makeup remover, eye serum, lotion, basically all skincare products that I am using are either gel or water (lotion instead of cream) in nature. Due to the oil nature of this serum, I found that there is some really tiny little oily spots grow after 2-3 times I used this. I know this won't work for me. This product may not be that bad, but it just doesn't fit my skin type. I really like this brand, but I guess I am choosing the wrong product line. 

Lesson to learn: Always think about skin type. You can get the most incredible skincare product, but your skin just doesn't like it.

I decide not to stop using it as it is quite expensive, so I apply it on my neck, it works quite well by far. 

Rating of Serum: 
1. Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate (shiseido)
2. Advance Night Repair (Estee Lauder)
3. Olay White Radiance (Olay)

I can't believe I didn't blog about Ultimate Power Infusing Concentrate. I think I will get back to my old routine, but that serum, take some good picture and let you know how good it is!

Please let me know what serum works best for your skin type and let's have a serum chat soon!