My Pregnancy Update - 6 Weeks

From the day we know I am pregnant, our life is all about our baby. There are so many changes in our life and we would like to share it here. 

Physically Changes
a) My belly is slightly popping out. I'm not sure if it is my belly or it is a baby belly, but I feel so happy everytime I look at my fatty belly. Perhaps it's happy FAT. 

b) Super tired. My energy level drops significantly. I always sleep on the sofa when it's not even 9pm. I have no energy to cook dinner and can barely walk to bath at night. 

c) Have headache and vomit. I'm someone who can easily vomit before I am pregnant, so I know I will vomit when I am pregnant. So far, I have vomit twice and sometimes have headache and wanting to throw up (but not actually vomit) in the morning.

d) More acne. From the day I got pregnant, I grow acne from my skin (maybe it's due to hormone). This is one of the most ignoring thing to me now.

Emotionally Changes:
a) I love my husband even more. Ever since we know I'm pregnant, my husband would talk to the baby every night. I'm not sure if our baby loves his/her daddy that much and sending the signal to me or what. But I feel like my love for my husband has been doubled. I feel like I love him whenever I look at him. 

b) Emotionally unstable: Now when I listen to a song which is slightly touching, my tears will drop uncontrollably. When I watch some youtube video which talk about someone work really hard to get to her goal, my tears drop again. That's not something I would cry for before, but I'm like that right now.

Daily Life Changes:
a) My husband would talk with our baby every night. He tells our baby about our story, our family story and let him/her understands the world out there. That's really sweet of him in doing so.

b) Change of food selection. I can down a cup of milk (either almond milk or slim milk) in the morning and make sure there are fruit and walnut (which is good for baby's brain formulation) in my breakfast. I will try to drink fish soup every week and eat more at home, and avoid salty food when eating out.

c) I start eating Materna pills and DHA. As I know it is hard to absorb all the nutrients that our baby needs. So I start eating pregnancy bills to make sure my baby grows healthy.


I'm Pregnant!

17 Sep 2016 (4 years after my husband proposed to me) our baby uses his/her method to communicate with us on his/her existence. Yes, we're happily announced that I'm pregnant! 

As we are very desperate to have a baby, so I have a pregnancy test when my period is late for one day. So when I found out I am pregnant, it's just 4 weeks and the result is quite buried, so I checked twice to make sure my baby exist! 

I still remember I question myself the day before I have the test on why my period doesn't come, but I don't want to waste the testing machine as it costs money, so I tell myself to wait until tomorrow to do the test. But this has been in my mind the whole night and I wake up at 6am to have a test and surprisingly the result is POSITIVE! My husband and I both feel so happy and my life turns upside down since then. 

We waited until 8am and book a doctor appointment to reconfirm my pregnancy. Before the doctor's confirmation, we hold back our happiness to prevent any disappointment. Once the doctor congratulates us, we finally laughing out loud. 

We start announcing it to our closing family and would wait until 3 months (the baby is stable) before telling our friends, which is really hard to hide from my beloved friends.


August Favourite - Food, Song, Stationary & Beauty

Perhaps I am the last one who write about August favourite. I know.. I know.. It is the second day of September already, it's better to be late than missing one. This month I would talk about more interesting topics. 

If you have read my previous post about Easy Healthy Snack - Cottage Cheese Avocado, you will know I am currently obsessed with avocado. Not only does it has different kinds of Vitamin (B, C, E&K), it is a low carbohydrate food as well. Perfect for me (currently on diet). I always feel eating avocado alone is a little bit bear, I like to top it up with yogurt add some walnut and sprinkle some cinnamon. This is a perfect pick me up food at tea time. 

Song & TV Programme
I'm currently in love with watching Korea drama, Descendants of the Sun. It is very popular in Asia and is very obsessive. It's a romantic comedy about how a doctor falls in love with a soldier, how they find ways to compromise their own principles and survived in a complicated world. I don't want to give away too much. You can find the shows with English subtitles online and the programme's songs just keep coming up in my mind. 

I always have a thing on stationary. I feel like having beautiful stationary can motivate me to work. That's why I always buy floral print notebook and pen. Among all, I love the brand of Rifle Paper the most. Their stationary are strong in colour tone and make it stands out from other brands. I hope that our Paper and Brush online store can live up with Rifle paper. What a huge target. Dream big and target high. Even though you may never reach the top, you will also have something to run for.

This month's beauty is not about makeup or skincare. It is all about hair mist. I am not a high end product buyer, and this Chanel (Chance) hair mist is a gift from my friend. She gave it to me when I was about to leave Hong Kong to England. This is with me because she wants me to take the chance (product name) to explore the world, to do things that I never do and see things that I have never seen. Everytime I spray myself with this hair mist in England, I will remember what my friends has told me and act as I was told. This simply changes my life in the past few months.

So, what is your favourite of the month? Any food you keep on eating throughout the month? Any songs you keep playing everyday? Any stationary you love using? Any beauty product simply change your life? Please share with me your thought and I promise you I will listen to you carefully and truthfully. 


Clear and Glow Skin Serum - Olay White Radiance Light-perfecting Essence

You really don't need a thousand-dollar serum to get a perfect serum. All you need is a right brand with suitable texture for your skin. Everytime when my skin has any kind of problems (aging, growing dark spot, skin tone problem), I will always end up go to Olay to ask for help. It never fails me.

Reason For Buying: Ever since I traveled to Italy in June, my skin was hurt by the sun and my skin tone goes dark, little black spot grows at my cheeks. Nearly everyone sees me would give me one comment: You skin grows darker! This is the time when I think I need to do something about it. I had gone for really high-end SKII serum, but I ended up having an allergic reaction to this. So, I go back to basic and look for a brand that I tried and always feel comfortable with - Olay White Radiance Light-perfecting Essence.

How to use? Apply 3 drops of essence on the face after using toner.  This can be used day and night.

How does it feel? I have been using this for 1 month now. After 2 weeks of using this serum, my skin tone has changed significantly. My skin tone becomes more even and white. The dark spot gradually fade. After three weeks, my skin glows and is more moisturized. I then started to use the light-perfecting stretch mask as well. This simply magnified the whole moisturizing, whitening, glowing result. I especially love the stretch mask design which sticks totally with my skin. There is no gap around the nose and it sticks firmly around my eyes area. These are the two areas I can hardly cover up with other masks. It is just perfect! I can completely see the different once I removed the mask. 

If you need a clear and glow skin at a budget price, try this one. You will be amazed by the incredible result! 


Launching of New Positive Quote T-Shirt - Paper and Brush

Finally! It comes to the point where I launch my very own positive quote T-shirt! It has been a long time coming and today is the day! I felt so unreal when the T-shirt was delivered to my hands and the first sentence that came up in my mind was: How cool is that to have my own painting print on a T-shirt?!

Where to start: I feel like it's time to let you know how this arty me begins. Thanks to this blog, I can track back the time when I first start learning calligraphy as I have written a blogpost about Where to learn Calligraphy in Hong Kong?. It was written in 2015 after I attended a calligraphy course. Ever since I touched on modern calligraphy, I'm obsessed with it. I still remembered I spent the whole night browsing through all the Instagram photo and thought "Aw.. that's nice!", "O.. this looks amazing!" and "Yeah, I can do that!". After that, I literality spent most of my spare time drawing and I have hundreds of drawing within a few months time. 

Let's get started: Few months later, through the encouragement of my husband, my own Etsy Shop was opened. And of course, you guys are with me as I shared a post about My New Etsy Shop back in Jul 2015. My passion starts to grow, I always dream about having my own product line, including post card, tailor-made card, wrapping paper and hopefully expand to T-shirt, stationary or even phone case. It's always my fantasy which I don't feel like it can happen, but I just keep working with my heart and then passion leads the way. 

Now what? Now.. It is the big day for me. My husband and I have created a website called Paper and Brush (it means everything starts from paper and brush) and we are launching our very first positive quote print T-shirt. The launching day is TODAY! Unbelievable! To find out the reason I create this Tee, I need to admit that I'm not a positive person all the time, I need to constantly remind myself to stay positive and I believe a positive vibe leads to a positive life. Who wouldn't want a happy life? So, I incorporate the positive quote into my watercolour drawing for empowerment and hope to spread more positive vibe to the world. Imagine people looking at your T-shirt while they are having a bad day, you go home with a tiring day and look at the positive quote print on the wall. I believe it may somewhat help or give others some kind of comfort. I don't mind doing it quietly as this suits my style. 

My Esty shop has run for a while now and there are people from all over the world ordering my print, fathers'/mothers' day/birthday card and even asked me to tailor-made some card for their friends. Sometimes I feel so unreal that my drawings are hanging on people's home in Germany, U.S.A or even England. A father is receiving a card that I draw. He may feel warm and may even keep it for a while. Now,  people are buying my printed T-shirt walking on the street. It's so amazing!

I have already received lots of T-shirt orders this morning and feel overwhelmed with love. Thanks for making me living my dream and I can't thank you enough for all the lovely people believed in me and ordered from my site. I will make sure our products are the best and will create it with full passion and joy! 

Let's share the love and spread the positive vibe.  If you are interested in buying a T-shirt, feel free to go to below site for t-shirt ordering (worldwide shipping). It has lots of size to choose from. If you are looking for some print or card, you can also check it out from our site or Esty shop . There might be some interesting items that you may want. If there is nothing for you, don't worry, I can always tailor-made one for you or you can simply enjoy browsing it through. Thanks again for those who ordered, you have just made my dream comes true!

To order "Be Strong" T-shirt: Ordering T-shirt
Our Webpage: www.paperandbrush.com
Our Facebook Page: Paper and Brush Facebook Page
Instagram Username: papaerandbrush.co


Easy Healthy Snack Recipe - Cottage Cheese Avocado

Have you ever been hungry in the middle of the day while you are on diet? You feel guilt to pick up an ice-cream, but you feel like you have no energy without eating anything. Here is a healthy alternative for you.

All you need are:
1 Avocado
Cottage Cheese
Salt and pepper 

Simple Steps: 
1. Cut the avocado into half. 
2. Put cottage cheese in the hole. 
3. Add salt, pepper and cinnamon on the top. 

It's all ready for you to eat with a spoon like you are having ice-cream, it tastes delicious and is healthy as well. 

Being healthy can be easy, try this out and eat with no guilt!

Check out another healthy snack recipe here - Almond Butter Energy Ball
Please also let me know what your healthy snack is. 


Monthly Beauty Buy - Princess Make-up

It has been a while since I write any blogpost here, mainly because my life got a little bit too busy and I finally have some time to slow down and appreciate life once again. 

Let's start talk about two of my makeup beauty product that makes me really happy by just looking at them. 

Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks: This little pink bush comprises of red, pink, slightly orange and pearl colour in one tiny box. Normally, I would combine all the colour (except pearl) and apply it on my cheeks and leave the pearl bush as the highlighter. It's perfect for everyday casual no make up makeup look. It just instantly boosts your look without too over the top. I also feel so excited  everytime I look at the floral and bow pattern. So girl and princess like. 

Jill Stuart Lipgloss (01 Strawberry Crash): I admit I love Jill Stuart's lipgloss simply because of its beautiful packaging. The pink diamond on the top reminds me all the Japanese girly cartoon I used to watch when I was young. The sprinkle glitter inside the lipgloss highlight the whole make up look and yes to be completely honest I adore the packaging way more than the result of the product. But it is still a lovely product as I nearly used it everyday.

So, what is your monthly beauty favourite?

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6 Things To Quit In Order To Reach Your Goal

Why our goal is so hard to reach? Perhaps there are somthing that we keep doing and created an obstacle to prevent us from moving forward. Let's see 6 of the things we shall quit to enable us to reach our goal.

1. Stop thinking "I will do it when I have time.". There will always be another thing that occupy our time. If we don't prioritise and write down a list of thing to do to achieve our goal, there will always be "another time", thing will then never be accomplished.  

2. Stop thinking " It is just a dream." Your dream will not come true unless you come up with a concrete plan to make it happen. If you dream hard enough, you will work it out. If you don't make it happens, perhaps this is not really want you truely want. 

3. Don't quit once things block you up.  No one say achieving a goal is easy (unless you set up a really easy goal). There will always be things that work all the way round and don't happen the way you think it should be. Be prepare the challenges that will come across and be ready to celebrate each little step of achievement toward your goal. 

4. Don't compare. People design their own life differently and choose to live their life differently. Don't ever compare yourself with others when we have made completely different decisions everyday. Instead, look at the mirror and ask yourself what you really want? If you are in the right track of your life? If not, what we can do to get ourself back on track?

5. Don't believe those who under estimate you. If you have read my previous post about you are more than what people think you are. Then, you will understand people don't 100% understand you, don't believe you are what people think you are, especially those underestimate you. Trust yourself that you can achieve more than what people think you are. Keep challenged and amazed people by your ability and your goal will not be too far for you to achieve. 

6. Don't bother if people think you are lame or crazy. I once heard "Those matter don't mind, those mind don't matter.", this is one of my favourite quote. If you are very sure about your goal and this is what you want for your life, people understand you will support you, those doesn't support you don't really matter. Don't let them get in your way. They may not be wrong, just that they design their life differently and your life doesn't necessarily need to be the same as them. 

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The Best Essie Nail Polish

If you have read my blog post about top five nail polish for summer, you may already notice that I always has a thing on nail polish. My nail with me everyday and I look at it most of my time and the colour on top of it always cheers me up. 

Essie - Eternal Optimist: Ever since I live in London, I went completely nuts as "Boots" has a whole section of Essie nail polish with different shade for me to choose from. Essie is one of the brand I'm dying to try when I was in Hong Kong. It never that easy to find essie nail polish in Hong Kong as compare to London. 

Let's talk about Eternal Optimist. This colour is so beautiful. If I know is soon enough, I will use this nail polish in my wedding or ask my bridesmaid to wear this. This pinky shade is so romantically beautiful. It's not the pink which makes you feel like a teenager, at the mean time, it's wouldn't make you feel old. This is not too shape that it would instantly stand out from your outfeet, but it matches with every outfit naturally. It's is just perfect! This is the best colour I have tried on and I am with no doubt that this will be my favourite colour for a very long time. 

If you are in London, go to Boots and grab one (only £7.99). I will need to stuck up some more before I leave.

May I know what is your favourite nail polish? 

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Things to Do in Edinburgh, Scotland

I heard many good things about Edinburgh (Scotland) and finally got the chance to go there. If you have planed a trip to Edinburgh, there are few things you can't miss. 

1) Edinburgh Castle: Scotland is a place where the people there treasure history, lots of old buildings has been maintained nicely. If you want to understand Edinburg's history, the best place is to go to Edinburg Castle. It has so many museum inside to let you understand the king, the queen, the war or even the meaning behind the King's crown. Definitely worth visiting. 

2) Living in a Castle: There are some castles converted to hotels in Edinburg and the price is decent. Why not trying this one and a life time experience there and pretend to be a King/Queen for one night? 

3) Arthur's Seat: Arthur Seat is a place includes rock mountains. When you have a hike there, you can view most part of Edinburgh. The endless view is pretty amazing. The weather in Edinburg is quite rainy, be prepare to wear a hiking shoes and bring an umbrella when going uphill. 

4) Museum of Childhood: This museum displayed lots of old school toys. It just throws me back to my childhood and I lost count on how many toys I have ever owe in the museum.

Little tips: If you travel from London to Edinburgh, I would highly recommend you to go by train than on the plan. As you can enjoy the view during the train journey. Plus, the flight ticket is more expensive and waiting the flight takes time too. 

However, please be reminded to bring books, magazines for the train journey as it will be a four hours journey and you might not be able to enjoy the view the whole time. If you can't leave without electronic devices, bring a charger with you, the train can let you charge your i phone or i pad for free.

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Feel free to watch the Edinburgh Youtube video here.


London Travel Guide: Foodies Festival

I don't know I am such a foodie until I come to London. London has so many food markets and food festivals where they gather different kinds of food to gather for you to choose from. From there, I simply want to try out everything. I can say I am such an explorer, but deep down I can't deny I am such a greedy foodie. 

In spring, the weather is nice and London has lots of food festival organized at the park, so you can enjoy food and the sun at the same time. My husband and I found a food festival called Foodies' Festival and no doubt we are in. 

Foodies Festival is UK's biggest series of food festival. It tours across country, from Brighton, Bristol to Edinburgh etc in summer time. If you are living in the UK, there must be one nearby. 

Insides the food festival, you can buy taste treats from popcorn, Japanese sushi,  fresh seafood, award winning hot dog and burgers or even amazing ribs. For beverage , you can find any kind of wine,  champagne, juice, soft drink or real English tea there. You name it, they have it. You can also grab an ice-cream, seat on the glasses and enjoy the live music around the counter. It is such a lovely weekend activities. 

The ticket price ranged from £8 to £38 (VIP) per person and you will also need to pay for the food you choose from each counter. The ticket will be more expensive over the weekend, if you have a day off, go there in weekday, you can get a bargain price in. 

If you want to feel the atmosphere before going, please feel free to check out the video here. What other festival will you recommend? I would be interested to test out more in this summer. 


Me Time Tag

Some people may be really afraid of being alone, but I see otherwise, we shall embrace loneliness and enjoy some time to be with ourselves. We don't necessarily need to be very sociable all the time. Give yourselves some time off to go to the place you want to go, do something you want to do instead of what other or the group want.

To let myself embrace the Me Time more, I found a really fun "Me Time Tag" and would like to share this with you. 

What do you watch during me time? 
I'm currently watching a US TV series the Suits, which is very addictive. I am currently in season 4 and can't wait to finish season 5. I can watch it all day if you let me. 

What do you wear during me time? 
I like wearing my pyjamas. This is the most comfy things on earth.  It is a loose, soft, fluffy and cozy pink top and trousers. Yes, I'm a pink lady during me time. 

What do you eat/drink during me time? 
I normally cook for my husband and it will be super healthy. If it's just me, I won't bother cooking and I will just eat instant noodles with Kiwi juice. Let's just treat this as a treat day for me. 

Do you ever have outdoor me time?
Yes. I love outdoor me time. Shopping in particular. I enjoy shopping alone, so I can drag on to one place (normally topshop, forever 21 or urban outfitter) for whatever time I want and try on whatever clothes I love without worry others waiting for me. 

Would you ever go see a movie alone? 
I never am a movie person. I normally see a moive because my husband or my friend want to see it. I can always wait for it to be released in DVD. I'm not opposite to go to the movie alone if there is a film I really want to see and no one have time going with me.

How is your favourite Me Time like? Please let me know and don't forget to follow me on instagram (lifewithalk) or bloglovin. 


The Most Addictive Nelfix TV Series To Watch - Suits

Few days ago, I come to a point where I want to give myself a break. No more work, no more running around and just give myself some me time. So, I start picking up my iPad and click Neflix. This leads me to the next obsession. They just have too many good program I want to watch. Among all, I found one program really addictive. When I say addictive, it's really addictive, be prepared you have enough time to watch the whole five season (the season six is coming).

The addictive television series is called  Suits. It is an American legal drama TV series about a talented college dropout Mike Ross (without a Law Degree) works as a law associate for Harvey Specter (Senior Partner) in a Law Firm in New York City. The show talks about how Harvey and Mike work together to close cases. In the mean time, avoiding Mike's secret being exposed. 

If you have ever worked in the office, you will love to watch this. As it created a friendly and lovely office setting, with people dressed professionally, act professionally and you will be amazed by the clever move of the characters. They also included one dramatic character (Louis Litt - one of the Senior Partner of the Law Firm) into the show and makes the show more fun to watch, but it doesn't really lose the professionalism of the show.  

If you have ever been addicted to watch White Collar or Prison Break, you will like this one. As it also talks about how intelligent people work things out. 

Let me know if you are addicted by this TV series and let me know if there is any other show as addictive. 

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The Perfect Healthy Ice-Cream Alternative

My previous post about 5 Healthy Food Swaps for Junk Food mentioned we can use frozen banana as a healthy ice-cream alternative. If you are too lazy to make one, there is an ready made healthy ice cream alternative for you. 

This Booja-Booja Feisty Rollerercoastery Ginger is an award winning healthy ice cream alternative, which can be bought from Waitrose or Wholefood. It mainly contains four ingredient, water, agave syrup, cashew nuts, raw ginger.  It is also dairy, gluten and soga free. If you are allergic to these, this healthy ice-cream alternative is a heaven for you.  Beside ginger, it also has some other flavour, like vanilla and chocolate.

I normally won't write a post for one healthy product, but it is just so good that it eased my crave for ice-cream. The best of all is that it's healthy, so I can eat this without feeling guilty. I really want to share this with you and let you know that we don't always need to go for an ice-cream to satisfy the ever needed joy. Be prepare the texture, is slightly softer than ice-cream but it tastes equally amazing.

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May Favourite - Sportswear, Bath, Beauty and Daily Stuff

Time flies! It's this time of the month, I got to sit down and appreciate some of the things that I have over the month. This month is easy as there are some of the things that always in my mind and no doubt they are my favourite. 

H&M Running Shorts: I love shopping at sport session in H&M as they are currently selling alots of stuff with pink and grey colour (my fav) and they have many cool design too. This running shorts is a winner. I love running with shorts, but I never want to worry about things that shouldn't be seen being see. This short has a mini short underneath which let me move freely without worrying anything being explosed. 

Zoella Fizz Bar: English youtuber Zoella is launching a new Zoella beauty line. The old line will be replaced soon, so I get the last chance to grab this fizz bar who is highly rated everywhere. I have difficulty in running a fizz bath with lots of bubble and this save my day. 

Lush A French Kiss Bubble Bath: If you ever feel like you can't sleep or too stressed. Try this lavender bubble bar. The lavender scent helps calming your mind and you will definately feel blissful at bedtime. 

Essie Nail Polish - Eternal Optimist: There are lots of beauty stuff I like this month, but nothing can compare with this nail polish colour. I have written a blog post to talk about this. This is just perfectly beautiful. I can reassure you that you won't regret to get one. 

Daily Stuff
Cath Kidston Blossom Bunch Foldaway Shopping Bag: If you have read my previous post, you will know I am trying every possible means to save the planet. One of the thing I incorporate into my daily life is to use a shopping bag instead of using plastic bag. Who say using shopping bag is lame? It's not, if this is a well designed bag. I am a floral print product lover and my home theme color is currently blue and pink and this bag reminds me of my home. How can I not love this? 

H&M Pink and RoseGold Key Holder: This key holder is currently holding with my bag. This makes my black bag more girly. I guess I am currently into not so girly, but don't want to be too man style. So, this key holder is my new shopping mate now. 

So, what is your favourite items of the month? 

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5 Things To Do On Sunday

Have you ever imagine the perfect Sunday that you do all the things you want to do in a day and you still find it relaxing? Here are some ideas for you. 

1) Coffee Shop breakfast: To save up the energy to cook a breakfast, why not having a relaxing Sunday morning, just to sit in the coffee shop and have people serve you the breakfast?

2) Sunday Park Walk: After breakfast, go to the park and have a walk just to get some fresh air and think about nothing. No work, no worry. 

3) Pamper Routine: After the walk, pamper yourself, skincare pampering or just have a long shower/bath to enjoy some "Me Time". This can also hep to get into a relaxing mood for the day.

4) Cooking Healthy Lunch: Try treating cooking as a hobby, and not something you have to do to keep you alive. Find one of the healthy lunch recipes with amazing result and enjoy the cooking process.

5) Invite friends or family over for dinner: Time for some soical life and feel the love and care from the loved one to end the day. 

Now, please let me know what you normally do on Sunday which would make you happy. 

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How to stay away from the nasty snack?

What do you think about your will power? If there is a yummy cake, crisps or donut in front of you, will you be able to say no easily? For me, NO! I have zero mind control power, but I have some ways to help me stay away from the nasty snack.

1) Never let it gets into your sight.  Easy thing first, if we never taste it, we will never know how good it is.  If we never see it, we will never eat it. Report has shown that if we have lots of snack in front of us, it will be of higher chance for us to eat it even we don't need it or crave for it. 

2) Eat decent amount of main meal. If we have enough food to provide us energy throughout the day, we will be less likely to search for snacks. It's the habit that matters. Once our habit of eating snack developed, we will look for snacks even we are not hungry. 

3) Buy healthy alternative.  If we are unable to stop eating snack during tea time. Buy healthy snack instead. You can refer to 5 healthy food swaps for junk food to get some idea of what healthy alternatives to buy. 

4) Give yourself a vague deadline to eat the nasty snack.  If we want to eat that nasty snack, tell ourselves to eat it "later". Don't give an exact time or date to ourselves. If we tell ourselves to eat it at 4pm if I am still hungry, we will keep thinking about it and once reached 4pm, our will power will be completely defeated. That snack will definitely end up in our belly. 

5) Look at the ingredient and calories before eating. Sometimes, we kiss the devil because we don't know how bad he is. Let's show ourselves the truth, look at the ingredient and calories before eating. Add some resistance to ourselves.

How do you say no to nasty snack?

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Most Needed Bath Time Routine

Having a good hot bath have lots of healthy benefits to our body. It can improve our blood circulation, help to have a good night sleep, clean and moisturized the skin, relieved injuries during exercise and most importantly help to relax in the stressful day. 

I know it is not always easy to include bath time in your day to day routine, but try to have a bath every week or at least once every two week. It will be a treat day for your body.

For me, there are some products I love using to create a good hot bath.

Lush Bubble Bar - The French Kiss: I particular love the lavender scent which helps calming the mind during bath time and helps me feeling asleep.

Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar: Although the french kiss is a bubble bar, I like to add 1 cube of Zoella beauty fizz bar to make it extra bubble like. It's so comforting to go into a bath full of bubble. It feels like  going to a huge marshmallow.

Epsom Bath Salt: Epsom salt is high in magnesium which is the second most abundant elment in human cells but is very important to our body. It helps organize body functions, like muscle control, energy production and eliminate harmful toxins. Adding this to our bath is definitely benefital to our body.

L'Occitane Immortelle Cream Mask: While having a hot bath, skin pore is open and it's time to clean and moisturize my skin. This cream mask is currently my favourite and a review has been posted here.

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion: I like to put some lotion on my body immediately after the bath to  keep my skin hydrated. This Aveeno lotion is the second time I purchase it. It's not thick in texture, it keeps my skin away from dryness throughout the day and it is fragrance-free. 

So what is your bath time routine like? Do you like reading book or playing around with your ipad while you are having a bath?

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3 Ways To Worry Less

I am a worry type of person. Over the years, I have developed some habits or belief which helps me to worry less a little. Hope this can be of help to you too. 

1) Get Things Planned: Most of the time, we worry because we are unsure about the situation. If there are ways for me to understand what is going on, I can plan what to do step by step. This will stop me from over thinking and worry too much. 

2) Ability to Resolve Problems: When there is a problem ahead, think about the good and the bad and come up with a plan to tackle in case it falls over. However, don't think about hundred possibilities of the down side. Always believe yourself in solving problem when it comes to you. Never over thinking. 

3) No Perfection: There is always good to have goals, but don't seek for perfection. Allow mistakes on the way to your goal, we are just human. 

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Guilt Free Banana Bread Recipe (No sugar and Butter Required)

Last Sunday, I have baked a banana bread with a recipe with no sugar and butter added. Not to mention, it tastes exactly the same as banana loaf and it is totally guilt free to have this as an afternoon snack. For those who are interested, here are the recipe for you. 

1/3 cup of coconut oil
1/2 cup  of honey
2 mashed banana
1/4 cup of almond milk
2 large eggs
1 teaspoon of baking soda
1/2 teasppon salt
1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
1/1/2 Flour
1/4 cup of chopped walnuts

1) Preheat the Oven to 165 degree.
2) Beat coconut oil, honey and eggs in a large bowl with a whisk. 
3) Add milk and banana into the mixture.
4) Add baking soda, salt and cinnamon into the mixture and whisk again and add the flour and blend it gentl until it combined.
5) Pour the mixture to a greased pan and add chopped walnuts on top.
6) Put it into the oven to bake for 50 to 60 minutes. (Check it every 15 minutes to see the progress)

It's so easy to bake and please share with me any easy baking healthy recipe and I would really want to try it out.

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What Healthy Food Do I Eat In A Day?

Time for a new update on what healthy food do I eat in a day. This post really helps me to keep track on my healthy diet. 

Fruit and Granola Yogurt Bowl: This is an easy and quick breakfast. Just put  three strawberries, an apple, some granola, mixed nut and berry to the bowl and add some greek yogurt. Then, it's done. It's also a healthy afternoon pick me up snack for me as well. 

Avocado and Strawberry Salad Sandwich: Put some almond butter on bread, chop an avocado and some strawberries and put a handful of salad on the top. Healthy and yummy guilt free lunch is quickly done. It's especially good for people on diet as Avocado can give you energy throughout the whole afternoon. 

Chicken Wings and Cous Cous in Pepper with Veggie on the side: This healthy dinner is very easy to make with so little preparation time. But the result looks amazing. 
Chicken Wings: Place some Nando sauce and salt on the chicken, place them in the oven for 20 minutes. 
Peper:Cook some cous cous with mushroom, green beans, garlic and lemon juice in a pan. Chop a yellow pepper into half, place the cous cous inside the pepper and place them in the oven for 20 minutes.  
Veggie: Copped up the carrot and asparagus, add coconut oil and black pepper on the top and put it in the oven for 20 minutes.

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5 Things I Want To Do More Of

Have you ever feel like you don't have enough time to do things that you want to do more? If there is, what will it be?

Here are some of that the things that I would like to do more of. 

1. Travel More: The world is big, we only have so little time to explore the world. If time and money isn't a problem, I would love to travel more to understand the world better.

2. Rest More: Living in a busy city in Hong Kong. It can develop a rushing personality easily. There are endless things to do and totally forget the time to rest and think about what we really want.

3. Exercise More: Healthy life is important for me. I wish I can do exercise everyday, even it's just half an hour a day. 

4. Being With Friend More: Sometimes I feel like even I don't meet my friends for half a year, I feel really close to them. But it is not, it's no way to be close when you have no idea what they are up to. 

5. Bake More: Ever since I moved to the UK, I found out Deliciously Ella, her baking recipe can be completely sugar free and totally healthy. I really have to pick up her book more and bake more.

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Saturday In Notting Hill - Portobello Road Market

If you ever come to London on Saturday and don't know what to do. Check out Portobello Road Market in Notting Hill. It is so much fun and I'm sure you can spend a whole day there full of joy. 

To See

Portobello Road Market has so many antique stuff from camera, utensil, cup to suit. Just play around with it and see what you fancy. 

To Drink

There is a little shop at the beginning of the road which sells fresh ginger and lemon water and fresh fruit juice. This really caught my eyes. The colourful apple, orange and lemon just make me really thirsty.

If you want something more summer feel. Walk along the road, there is a Hawaii theme shop which sells coconut water. Just looking at the men cutting open the coconut makes the day. 

To Eat

Basically, it is like a food festival with a variety of food for your to choose from. Crepe, strawberry ice-cream, pastry, seefood, burger and sausage. You name it, they sell it. Unlike food festival, there is no entry fee required! How amazing is that!

A video about portobello market has been uploaded here. Feel free to feel the atmosphere there. 

Please let me know how do you spend your Saturday and if you have ever been to Notting Hill, please let me know what will you normally do. 

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