Easy Almond Butter Recipe

Following to our previous blogpost on how to make Homemade Strawberry Jam, I would like to share with you an easy almond butter recipe. Perhaps you may be able to find tones of similar recipe in the internet, I just want to let someone who read my blog to know that almond butter can be made easily and in fact just take you no more than half an hour. One of the thing that is different from other recipe in the net is that we can cook the almond, instead of roasted it if you don't have an oven at home. So, let's get started. 

Ingredients for 1 Jar of Almond Butter
2 cups of almond butter 

1) Place the almond in a pan and cook it for 10 minutes. Stir it once in a while. 
2) Let it cool down for 5 minutes.
3) Place it in a food processor and blend it for 15 minutes until it's smooth like the picture shows you. Remember to scrape the nuts off the side of the processor when you see it stuck.
4) Put it in a jar and it can be stored up to a week.


Easy Healthy Drink Idea - Ginger Honey Lemon Juice

Ginger is a very common ingredient in Chinese cuisine as it has medicinal properties which good for health too. My mum once told be ginger has a history for relieving digestive problems, motion sickness as well. If you are a lady, drink more ginger water would definitely good for easing period pain. 

This easy Ginger Honey Lemon Juice recipe is very common in Asian counties. It definitely help build up a stronger body, but only nourishing the skin as well. 

One small piece from that big ginger 
2 tablespoon of Honey 
6 drops of lemon juice
1 cup of water

1) Boil a cup of water.
2) Chopped the small piece of ginger into square shape and place it in the hot water.
3) Cover the cup for 15 minutes. 
4) When the water warm down a little, add honey and lemon juice. 

I normally drink this in the morning, honey is good for my skin, ginger is good for my health and lemon is fully of vitamin C which is good for both skin and health. Drinking this would definitely be the best to start the day!


Easy Healthy Snack Recipe - Almond & Dates Energy Ball

Following to my previous Healthy Snack Almond Butter Oat Ball Recipe, I would like to share with you another easy recipe which is very healthy and easy to make as the blender would help you do all the job. If you will have gym session tomorrow, let's prepare this "on the go snack" to get refreshed for tomorrow!

250 g of Pitted dates
100g of Almonds or Mixed Nut
2 tbsp of Coconut Oil
2 tbsp of Mixed Nut Butter or Almond Butter
2 tsp of Cinnamon

1) Place all the ingredient into the blender and blend this for 5 minutes.
2) Pick up a little mixture and roll it into a ball.
3) Put it in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

The reason I love making energy ball is that it is rich in nutrient value and I don't have to eat the energy bar which I don't know how much sugar inside. One or two bites can really get me through the whole afternoon.


Easy Healthy Dinner Idea - Chicken Veggie Egg Rice

This is one of my favourite dishes, the yummiest part is that the egg yolk became the sauce for the rice. Let's see how I make it. 

Ingredient (for 1 person) 
1 egg
1 cup of Kale
1 cup of Spinach
2 carrot
Half onion
100g Chicken
3 tbsp Sweet and Sour Sauce 
Half cup of rice

1) Wash the rice, add 1 cup of water and put it to the rice cooker until it's cooked. 
2) Add the sweet and sour sauce into the chicken, wait for 5 minutes before put it to the pan with medium heat to cook for 10 minutes (until it is fully cooked). 
3) Chopped onion, carrot and add it to another pan to cook for 5 minutes before adding Kale and spinach. Cook it for another 5 minutes.
4) Crack the egg and cook it in another pan for 5 minutes. 
5) Once the rice is ready, place it in a bowl, add the cooked chicken and veggie on top and add the egg at last. 


Healthy Lunch Idea - Veggie Noodles

If I am eating alone during lunch time, I used to eat instant noodles. As I don't bother to cook just for myself. I recently really into health diet and actively find some lunch recipe which can be easily cooked. This one only take me 15 minutes, which is as quick as instant noodles. Here is a little recipe for you. 

Ingredient for 1 person 
Half pack of Rice Noodles (from Waltose) 
Half carrot
1 cup of Kale
1 cup of Spinach
half onion
3 cherry tomato
1 tsp of Soya Sauce
Coconut oil

1) Put some coconut oil and chopped onion on the pan with medium heat. Cook it until the onion is golden brown.

2) Place chopped carrot, kale, spinach, cherry tomato into the pan, cover it up and cook for 7 minutes.  Stir it once in a while. 

3) When the vegetable is cooked, add rice noodles into the pan. Add a pinch of salt and 1 tsp of soya sauce. Cook for 3 minutes, add pepper on top, then it can be served.

Little tips: the rice noodles from Waltose are half cooked, so don't over cook the noodles, otherwise the texture will be too soft.


Healthy Breakfast Idea - Strawberry Jam and Almond Butter on Toast

I love sharing healthy recipe as I love spreading the positive vibes in eating healthy. I will start a new series sharing healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipe.  Let start with breakfast! 

Strawberry Jam and Almond Butter on Toast. If you fancy making homemade jam, please feel free to go to my previous blogpost on how to make homemade strawberry jam. ( I will share with you on how to make homemade almond butter next week.) This is so easy to make and is so much healthier. 

Blueberry and apply sprinkle with Cinnamon. I love eating fruit in the morning to give myself more light non fatty nutrient to wake my body up. Apple with cinnamon reminds me the taste of apple crumbles! Nothing can be better to have "desert" in the morning, right?

Honey and Lemon Water. Whenever I start feeling ill (i.e. having flue or sore throat), I would go for honey and lemon water. It's full of vitamin C and honey can help easing sore throat as well. Having lemon water everyday can also help me stay young!

If you want more healthy breakfast idea, please click here of my previous post about how to make avocado and egg on toast.


Never Say Never

I come across a blogpost from Vivienne does make up talking about "A Lesson in Never Say Never". I'm so inspired by it, as I experienced similar thing in the past year and especially when I'm living in the other side of the world now, I faced a lot of challenges and needed to do a lot of things I wouldn't think I can do before I come here. I have developed quite a deep feeling on this topic and would like to write it down and think it through on what I learnt from it. 

Walking Around In A Complete Strange Place with English As My Second Language. In the past, every time I travel aboard, I would either be with my family or friends. If there is no one interested to travel, I would rather not to go than travelling alone. I have never thought that I would walk around in a complete strange country alone for sight seeing like I do now. The thing is when you live in a country, you can't expect your husband or friends to be around with you 24/7. You need to buy food, you need to shop around, you need to get to see the country. Your time can't be wasted by sitting at home all day waiting someone to feed you. So, I start with  places that I have been there with my husband before, then walking around the home area. Once I get more comfortable, I learn to use Citymapper and I can simply go to everywhere now! 

There are always things that is out of our comfort zone that we are always just too reluctant to try and walk out of it. If I walk step by step, try to find things that ease the anxious, those things that not comfort is in fact not that scary at all. I am amazed by how much my ability can do now.

Learning Thai Boxing. Ever since I was young, I am not into exercising. I would draw, I would play piano, I would WATCH volleyball, but I would never play basketball. As I never thought that I can be as tough as other girls and would end up hurting myself. Half years ago, my friends and I went to a yoga class (a rather soft and relaxing exercise) and the yoga teacher has a break and cannot teach for a while.  We have no choice but to take another course in the fitness centre to use up the remaining credit.  We have just randomly picked Thai Boxing. I'm kind of scare at first and only watched my friend to play. I feel like it is hard but still doable for beginner, I think I can try it. So, I take one of the trail class and I instantly fall in love with the sweating, exhausted feeling and most importantly, I feel I get thinner and fitter afterward. I'm even feeling proud to tell people I love Thai Boxing, although my friends always respond: You? Thai Boxing? I can't believe it! Believe it or not.. I'm doing it! I planned to do it in the UK as well. So, wish me luck!

Sometimes it's the fear that set us boundary. Understand the difficulty, analyst the opportunity of getting hurt and how to prevent it, you can just jump off the boundary slowly. I rather play it slow, than fall it down and never wanted to wake up and try again.  

Cooking. I am very lucky that my mum never let me go into the kitchen when I was young. She would rather letting me study or do things that I love to do instead of cooking food. Since then, I feel that I am one of those people who don't know how to cook. People know how to cook are amazing! When I live with my husband, he knows how to cook (as he lived in London alone before he is with me, and need to cook by himself.) and he expected me to be the same. I start to buy some pre-packed food from the supermarket, which I can simply put it into the pan and cook without adding anything. My husband is a very encouraging person, he praises me every time I cook something new and I start building up confident to try some simple easy recipe suggested from my friend or online. I'm now even modified some of the dishes and share the recipe in my blog. 

You never try it, you would think you can't do it. Once you try it, it might just clicked and you can simply do everything. 

To summarised, I used to set a lot of boundary for  myself. However, when I have to do something, there are always ways to do it.  One of my 2016 resolution is to stretch out of my comfort zone to do more things that I don't think I have the ability to do. 


Easy Strawberry Honey Jam Recipe

I love Strawberry Jam, but I stop eating it when I know how much sugar it can be added in the jam that I bought from the supermarket. Since then, I turn to almond butter or yogurt as my bread topping. 

Wouldn't it be so wonderful if there is an easy recipe to make strawberry jam which I can completely control the amount of sugar inside (or even no sugar)? All I need is just three ingredients. Here is a little present for you. 

4 cups of Strawberry
1/4 cup of Honey
1/2 cup of Lemon Juice 
2 tsp of sugar (optional)

Step 1: Peel off the strawberry leaves.

Step 2: Rinsed it off.

Step 3: Place it in a large mixing bowl, smush the strawberry with a spoon.

Step 4: Add honey and lemon juice (and sugar) into the bowl, stir it well.

Step 5: Cook it in a pan with medium heat for 40 minutes until the mixture is thickened. Remember to stir it once and a while.

Step 6: Let it cool before pour it into a jar. It can be stored in the fridge for up to 1 week. 

Please let me know if you have try it! Enjoy!

Skincare Review Series - Aveeno Skin Relief Shea Butter

To finish the skincare review series, let's talk about something more comprehensive - whole body care. It is super windy in January and February in the UK. It has no doubt that my skin is completely dry out when I walk outside (i.e hunting a house). Not only my face needs to be protected, my body, hands, legs and my back. Basically, I need to cover my skin up with butter, otherwise, redness grows and I will feel itching all night. 

The reason. As a sensitive skin person, the best way to choose a body lotion is to use those baby can use.  This Aveeno product has triple oat complex formula and is mild, especially designed for sensitive skin and can be used by baby. That's why I would really love to try this out. 

The price is a complete bargain. Only £4.99. Normally, body lotion with this size would be £8.99. If it doesn't work, I can always use this as hand cream only. 

The experience for me to use this lotion is amazing. I previously used a body butter everyday from hand to toe. Ever since I apply this lotion, I feel like I only need to apply lotion every other day. As it's a lotion, it's rich in water and comparatively less in oil. It makes me feel not sticky at all. I don't need wait before wearing any clothes or trousers after applying it. In winter time, I just want to wear my clothes once I dump out of my bath and no need to wait until the cream is dried out. This is such a lovely experience for me. 


Skincare Review Series - Clarins Eye Contour Balm Softens Fine Lines

The reason I want to try out Clarins product is that it is a very popular brand which made from France. I have a sentimental feeling toward France (Paris in particular, as my husband proposed to me there). Clarins product is everywhere in the UK. I guess, it has it's reason to be popular, so I try it out. 

The other reason that I hunt for a super restorative eye cream is that my eyes winkles are getting a little clear after I live in the UK, I guess it's due to the windy weather that dehydrate my skin. So, I am actively looking for an eyes cream which can soften the fine lines of my eyes hoping to restore it or stopping it from getting worse. 

The price of this product is £31. I don't really mind to give a little bit more on eye cream as eye winkles are the first thing to tell my age. It worths to give more to preserve it. 

The experience for applying this eye cream is that I still doubt it a little.  I have been using this for more than 3 weeks now, my eyes winkles are still here, but not getting any worse. Although it is rather liquid cream in texture, it's in fact quite oily. I found little oily spot under my eyes recently. I guess this product is very strong in moisturising function. If I apply this eye cream, I will try to avoid my day/night cream covering my eye area. I will keep on using it to see if there is any improvement on the winkles and will keep you posted on this.

If you have any better eye cream recommendation, please don't hesitate to let me know.


Skincare Review Series - L'Occitane Lavande Handcream

I would love to end my L'Occitane skincare review by sharing with you the hand cream that I am currently using - L'Occitane Lavande Handcream (£8). 

To choose a nice hand cream, I would see if the product is light in texture but strong in moisturising nature. As hands always need to do things (like cooking, playing computer) immediately after applying it. If I have that sticky feeling in my hand, I would wash my hand immediately as I fear that the product would go into my food, or stick to my keyboard.  

This hand cream absorbed immediately after I applied but have a light Lavender scent which makes me feel so good throughout the day. I like to avoid applying hand cream with really strong scent as I normally apply it during office hour, the last thing I want is that my colleague asked who is applying hand cream?! This slight scent hand cream is prefect for nourishing my hands in this cold weather!


Skincare Review Series - L'Occitane Immortelle Cleansing Foam

The reason I choose L'Occitane Immortelle is that my friend with really good skin recommended me back in the day when I was in Hong Kong.  She recommend to me that L'Occitan's product is organic in nature, with very little preservative and will need to use it up within 3 months. Organic product in Hong Kong is quite expensive, that's why I have hesitation in testing it out given my skin is very sensitive. 

The price of L'ooccitane product in the UK is cheaper comparing with the UK. The cleansing foam that I talk about is just £19, so why not giving it a try?

The experience for me so far is okay. The best thing about this cleaning product is that it is having a pumping bottle. I always find it so hard to make foams out of a cream, I either adding too much or too little water into the cream, and it turns out can't become a foams when I clean my face. With this pumping design, I can instantly get a very thick foam to clean my face and feel more flesh and clean. It save so much more of my skincare time.
A little tips on using this product: Remember to apply this foam with wet face, the result will be much better. Cleaning is the first step of the skincare routine and I always forgot to wet my face first.

I will have one last post about L'Occitan product. Stay tone and remember to follow me in blogloving' or Facebook for more interesting post.


Skincare Review Series - L'Occitane Immortelle Precious Day Cream

We shall get back to our skincare review series now. Let's start with day cream. The day cream that I chose is L'Occitane Immortelle Precious Day Cream. 

The reason I choose Immortelle as the line is that this line is make up by everlasting flowers which have essential oil for anti-ageing purposes. Not to mention it is organic. If you are in mid twenty or early thirty, you will definitely start using anti-aging product. To preserve your face to the current age and Immortelle line is the prefect fit for this. 

The price is on a little bit high side, it's 42 pounds for 50ml.  However, for anti-ageing product, this price is completely fair. 

The experience that I first use this product, my skin reacts to it a little (with a little bit of itchy and redness). However, I don't have when I applied it in the second time. It would give you an oily feel in texture as it is a organic essential oil, but it absorbed instantly. Although it's cream persay, I found it quite light. The other night, I have incorrectly applied this day cream at night time, when I wake up, I feel my skin is drying out. I guess this day cream is specially design for day time and recommended not be used at night time when skin are dehydrating a lot! I also love the flowers scent when I applied it. It is like having a perfume! 

I will talk more about Immortelle line on the cleaning foam blogpost which will be up tomorrow. Please remember to follow me for more interesting post.


Where Did I Go On Valentine's Day? Camden Town

Following to my previous blog post about What Did I Wear on Valentine's Day. I think it will only be completed to let you know where did I go as well.

This year, my husband and I went to Camden Town. We instantly fell in love with this place once we walked out the tube station. The artistic feeling with little bit of funky feel was just amazing! We came across a little lane which looked really like Mong Kok in Hong Kong.  Camden Market right in front of the lane is full of different style's T-shirt, little items which really signify the place. 

We especially loved the food area right next to Camden Lock. It was like a mini world food expo. It just gathered foods from different countries and you could try different food like pizza, pancakes, craps and even sushi. We was just eating non-stop. 

 I know it might sound little bit like an adventurous happy date more than a romantic one, it's probably not. We had gone for a boat trip (there is a river next to Art and Craft market there). Round trip is 24 pounds for two people.  We went all the way to little Venice and went back. We bought a little cinnamon and apple juice in the food area, sit and look at the beautiful view outside, while there is announcement in the boat telling us history about the little city.  

For me as a new person to the city, I got a day to know the city better and understand different culture of the city. If you haven't been there before and would like to have a look before deciding if you should go there, please feel free to click on the little video I made to follow us around the place, I'm sure you will fall in love with it too!

If you want to read more about Valentine's Day, click on the my last year's post about what is the best Jewellery for Valentine's Day. Hope you enjoy it and don't forget to follow me on Facebook or Instagram for more beautiful photo!


What I wear on Valentine's Day!

HappyValentine's Day! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day yesterday! I decided to have a break on my Skincare Review Series as I have an even more interesting post I would like to share with you. The interesting topic is what I wear on Valentine's day (from head to toe, from makeup to clothes!). Let's get started. 

Let's talk about Make up...

I would normally go for a natural and happy girly look.

BB Cream: Shiseido Perfect Multi Base BB SPF30.PA++  This base can even my skin tone, however it is not thick enough to cover any of the redness or spot.

Foundation: Shiseido Wet Foundation no 10 I love using this foundation to cover the redness around my nose, the outer corner of my eyes and of course my dark eyes circle. As it is wet in nature, it tends to be quite sticky through out the day and it is doing an amazing job so far. 

Eyebrow Pencil: Shiseido Interate Gracy This pencil is grey in color. I was previously using brown color to match with my eyebrow color, however, it always goes too dark, make my eyebrow too prominant and the whole makeup look not natural at all. I used to spend so many time to brush it out to create a natural look. Now, I found a grey pencil, it's like a highlighter, to highlight the eyebrow. If you want a natural look, try this. Once you try this you won't need any brush anymore. 

Eyeshadow: ByTerry (Frozen Quartz) If you have read my By Terry Cream Eyeshadow blog post you would know how much I love this. It's still going strong. The Frozen Quartz shade can instantly add on the girly feeling into the look. 

Eyeliner: Majolica Linhunter I just use this pen to add a little wing in the outer corner of my eyes. It is so easy to use and I can easily erase it if I found the angle of the wings doesn't match with each other. Perfect for makeup beginner!

Bush: Topshop (Goodgirl) I really love Topshop makeup line. They nearly have all the stuff with decent price and color. This baby pink bush is what I love the most. This match with my scarf color which I would mention later.

Lipstick: Tanya Burr Cosmetics (Picnic in the park) One of the best thing in living in the UK is that I got the chance to try out all UK blogger's beauty product. The first one I bought is this lipstick. It is highly rated from the net and I instantly fall in love with it and become one of my makeup routine item. The color is very naturally girly with little bit of glossy feel (but not too much). I will definitely stock it up when I leave the UK one day. 

Let's talk about What I Wear...

Coat: Topshop This is my Valentine present from my husband. I want a grey coat for so long, this can definitely wear for work or in causal day. Even it is very light, it keeps me warm though the day yesterday which is around 4 degree.

Clothes: Shop in Korea

Scarf: Shop in Mong Kok I really love the colour of it. When all my coat, clothes, shoes are grey and dull, it is always good to add a little bit of colour to brighten up the look. It was like a magic to change everything!

Boot: UGG So warm and cozy!

Legging:  Primark If you can't find any comfy legging, go to Primark! It has different kind of legging (from thin to thick or even with feather inside to keep you warm!) Go check it out!

I hope you enjoy this little post and let me know what you do or what you wear on valentine's day or any date night! Remember to follow me on Facebook as well (the button is just on the right hand corner!). Stay tone for more blog post about Valentine's Day.


Skincare Review Series - Olay Regenerist 3 Point Firming Serum

If you have read my blog for a while, you would know that I am quite a stable person in view of my skincare product. I tend to stick with the brand that works for me as my skin is quite sensitive and will have "not so good" reaction (i.e. redness) to new product. So, it may not be uncommon for you to see my blogpost highly rated Shiseido (a Japanese skincare and makeup brand). This is the brand that works really well for me and I have been repurchase for over ten years. 

However, I have recently moved to the UK, due to the cold and windy weather, my skin starts to dry out and my shiseido skincare products starts to run out. Perhaps Shiseido is an Asian brand and I can't normally find their counter in the UK stores. The only way that I can do is to seek for alternatives. It has been a month now since I try out some new skincare products and I would like to share with you my experiences by writing a series of skincare blogpost. It will includes from serum to body lotion (head to toe). You may not be new to the county but perhaps some of you might be in the same stage as me in exploring new product for the new weather too. 

The first series I want to talk about is serum. I have been using Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super firming Serum now.  

The reason why I choose it is that instead of Shiseido, other serum that I used and loved is Olay (Olay White Radiance Serum Review). I trust Olay as a brand and I saw their advertisement from Women's Health Magazine. This magazine mentions all the way that keep us health as a person, it doesn't have many skincare product advertisement in their magazine. I believe, if this is what they chose to advertise, it will be what they think it's good!

The experience so far is very amusing. Not to mention I don't have any unpleasant reaction when I first applied it. I know that Olay's product might tends to be more oily, it is a wild decision to dump right to serum instead of trying out their cream first. However, the serum is non-greasy and fast absorbing as well. It gives me a soft and smooth feeling instantly and feel so comfortable to add up the lotion on top. I also feel that my skin is much firmer and not dry out like before.

The price is also very fair. You can find this product in boots or superdrug (if you are in the UK). It costs only 25 pounds. As a serum, it is a total bargain. You may wonder what is "3 points" Firming Serum means it means the product contain highly concentrate amino-peptide complex which is designed to give dramatically firmer looking skin on the face neck and decolletage (including neck, shoulders, back and chest, that is exposed by the neckline of clothing). If I am buying a hundred pounds of serum, I wouldn't want to apply it to my shoulder, as it's too precious. However, serum with this price, I can surely applied to those area which is not on the fact but as expose as face ( which normally we would forget to protect). 

I totally in love with this serum and would definitely repurchase at least in the winter time. 


Healthy Dark Chocolate Cookies with Coconut Oil - Video

I have recently written a blogpost about Healthy Dark Chocolate Coconut Oil Cookies (recipe included). I think it will be interesting for you to see the process, as I have lots of fun making it. 

I speak a little bit of Chinese in the beginning, but the rest are with music and English subtitle, please watch till the end and I'm sure you can feel my joy too. Enjoy your weekend! 


Healthy Breakfast Idea - Avocado & Eggs on Toast

I have been very into healthy lifestyle lately, starting the day with healthy breakfast makes me feels good the whole day after. Today I would like to share with you my Avocado & Eggs on Toast breakfast recipe as it makes me feels like heaven and I hope you do too. 

2 Irish Brown Soda Bread (or normal bread / Pitta bread) 
1 Avocado
2 Eggs
Cottage Cheese

1) Please two pieces of bread on a toaster or fried pan for 3-5 minutes.
2) When it's slighted hot, place it on a plate and add honey on the breads.
3) Add Cottage Cheese. 
4) Chopped Avocado and place it on top.
5) Sprinkle some cinnamon, salt and pepper.
6) Cook the eggs and add few pins of salt and pepper. Place it on the very top when it's cooked. 

If you want to have more healthy food idea, please feel free to check out my previous What I Eat In A Day? post. Enjoy!


What I eat in Pancake Day? Easy Healthy Pancake Recipe

It was national Pancake Day on Tuesday. What kind of pancake have you eaten? Let me share with you an easy healthy Mexican and Fruit Pancake recipe. Let's see if you fancy a salty Mexican Style pancake or sweet fruit one.. 

Pancake Ingredients

1 1/2 cups of all purpose flour
2 teaspoons of baking soda
2 teaspoons of baking powder
1 1/2 tablespoons of sugar
Few pinch of salt

1 2/4 cups of almond milk
2 eggs
1 teaspoon of coconut oil
Few drops of lemon juice


Pancake Directions

1) Mix all the dry ingredients in a mixing blow and mix together.
2) Pour almond milk into the mixture and mix it well.
3) Add eggs, coconut oil and lemon juice and whisk it until mixed with little lump.
4) Add a bit of butter a frying pan, pout in some pancake mix when it is hot.
5) When the pancakes starts to bubble and is golden brown, flip to the other side and continue to cook until the other side is golden brown as well.
6) Repeat the cooking step 4-5 with the remaining mixture.

Mexican Flavour Sauce Ingredient
1 cup of red beans
8 cherry tomato 
3 table spoon of tomato sauce
1 red pepper 
1/4 cup of Quinoa 
1/4 Onion
Few drops of lemon juice
Coconut oil 
Greek Yogurt

Mexican Flavour Sauce Direction
1) Place the red beans in a mug cover it with water overnight to soften the texture. If you use canned red bean, this step can be skipped. 
2) Add a bit of coconut oil a frying pan, add chopped onion into the hot pan. Cook until it is golden brown.
3) Add red bean, quinoa and few drops of lemon juice into the pan, cook for 20 minutes. If you are using canned red bean, you can add the red bean after the quinoa is cooked.
4) Add chopped red pepper, chopped cherry tomato and tomato sauce into the pan and cooked for another 5 minutes. 
5) Place some yogurt on the pancake and put the cooked food on top of it.

Fruit Sauce Ingredient
2 banana (for 2 person)
half of 1/4 cup of blueberry
half of 1/4 cup of water

Fruit Sauce Direction 
1) Add few drops of honey on the pancake.
2) Put chopped banana on top.
3) Place the blueberries on a hot pan, add water and cooked for 10 minutes until the blueberries are burst and juice is mixed with water. Place it on the pancakes
4) Spinkle some cinnamon on top. 

This year I have an absolute fun pancake day with yummy food. If you want the pancake spirit going, perhaps you an read my pervious blogpost about pancakes(Happy Pancake Day Tag and Best Pancake for the Day).

Easy Healthy Snack Recipe - Almond Butter Oat Ball

Are you hungry at tea time, but don't fancy eating chocolate? How about getting your own snack with no sugar but taste a lot better than candy? Here below is a simple and quick healthy Almond Butter Oat Ball recipe which won't take you too long for preparation.

100g Oat
20g   Mixed Nuts (or 10g walnuts +10g almonds)
50g   Fruit Mix (or 50g raisins)
170g Almond Butter 
6tsp   Honey

1) Mix everything in a mixing bowel.
2) Pick up small amount of mixture and roll it like a ball.
3) Put in the refrigerator for an hour.

This recipe is super simple and easy, you don't even need a food blender. All you need is just a scale. Let me know if you try it and feel free to share with me any other healthy snack recipe!  


How I Make a Place a Home? Homeware Haul - Primark

Bargain Choice - Primark: If you are building up your home and is in a budget side, I would highly recommend you to go to Primark's homeware section to have a look. Yes! Primark has a homeware section, I don't know it until I shop around it this time I come to London. Their stuff are so beautiful, they have pastel pinky, purple theme product, they have black and white line product, they have copper product. The product are so bargain and absolutely beautiful. Everytime I go there, I didn't plan to buy anything, but I will end up buying some bits and pieces. Who wouldn't buy when the price is low and the product is so girly-like? 

Top: Pink & Grey Slippers / Red berry & Jasmine Candles
Bottom: Sliver & pink Mug / Peachy pink throws

Sourcing Shop:  All from Primark

Ending of the Series So "How I Make a Place a Home" series has come to an end now. I really enjoy blogging and sharing my homeware haul experience with you.  I feel so happy and excited buying it, I hope you also feel the joy of it or get some ideas or inspiration on how to make a place a home! 

Please let me know what theme color your home is and how you decorate them. Please also recommend any homeware shop that I should go shopping for. I'm sure I still have so many items need to buy.. opps...


How I Make a Place a Home? Homeware Haul - Rose Gold / Copper

Top: Photo Frame and Candles from New Look (6 and 2 pounds) / Copper ball ball LED lights from Primark (6 pounds)
Bottom: Jar from New Look (6 pounds) / Copper Carafe and cups from Oliver Bonas (25 pounds and 12 pound each)

The charming of Gold and Copper: Few years ago, if you ask me to put copper or gold color to my home as one of the main color, I would have doubt it. I would feel old fashion back in the day. But ever since I saw so many lovely stuff through UK youtuber, I start to feel that Copper and Rose Gold is in fact one of the texture that make my home feel elegant and pretty. Never say no to something until you really understand the ability of transforming. The beauty of art, isn't it? 


How I Make A Place A Home? Homeware Haul (Next & Debenhams - PastelBlue)

The Reason for choosing Pastel Blue: To start my "How I Make a Place A Home" series today, I would like add a little bit of colour them on it. I guess I didn't explain why I choose pastel blue in my "Getting Started" post. Let me explain here. As you may know, pink and grey are my wedding color, my husband and I love these color with no doubt and would really love to put it into our new home. The problem is grey is a very mild color, which make it hard to project a happy home. However, give I add too many pink on, it will turn out to be a girly home. To spice up a little, we have chosen a pastel blue which is the color that my husband loves as well and it matches perfectly fine with pink and grey well!

Left to Right on the first photo: Pastel Blue photo frame (5 pounds) / Winnow basket / Baby blue and grey cushions (12 pounds each)

Sourcing Shop: Next 

Left to Right: Pastel Blue Tablecloth (5 pounds each) / Pastel blue plate and cups (3 pounds each) / Plastic Flowers (1 pounds each)

Sourcing Shop: Debenhams and Wilko (for the plastic flowers)