3 Lip Products that Need To Be in Your Everyday Bag

Every lady has a little emergency must-have in their bag. For me, there are three lip products need to be in my bag recently.

EOS lip balm: I have tried lots of lip products in my life. I didn't have any particular lip balm that I feel like I need to repurchase again and again. EOS is one of the products that make me feel like I can't live without. Not to mention about the cute packaging. It is so moisturizing that if I applied it every day, my lip won't peel off at all. I need to have this before I applied any other lip product. 

Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector(01): This Clarins product is kind of like a semi lip balm and lipstick product. It seems very pigmented, but when you applied it, it is quite transparent and at the same time very moisturizing. If I am on my everyday, simple makeup look, this is the perfect lip balm to go. 

By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rough (Baby Bloom 3): Perhaps you can already tell I like peachy corally lipstick. The color is similar to the Clarins one, but once you applied it, you will know the different. It is more pigmented and not as glossy. If I am wearing a full on makeup with a more mature look, this lipstick will definitely be my choice. 

If I carry these three lip products around, I can simply go everywhere without worrying will there be any sudden casual or serious event that needs me to dress up or down.


5 Healthy Food You Need For A Better Skin

Besides investing in high-quality skincare, there is another way to take good care of our skin. There are foods particular good for skin, let's start including these foods into our meal. 

1. Almond has powerful antioxidant and moisturising properties.

2. Carrot contains beta-carotene, vitamin A, minerals and antioxidants and is particular beneficial to skin. 

3. Broccoli is high in antioxidants, with high vitamins C and E. The Vitamin C aids in collagen production and helps to maintain skin health. The vitamin E protects skin cell against UV radiation damage. 

4. Cauliflower is also high in antioxidants and helps with anti-aging agents for the skin. 

5. Tomato can help to increase skin protection, reduces in skin redness and less damage from UV exposure. 

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My Instagram Story

If you ever read my previous blogpost about How Instagram Changed My Life, you will know how much I love Instagram. I found that when I uploaded photo on Instagram, I forgot to write about the story behind it as I'm too busy # thing in the photo. I guess this blogging area can let me explain it better.

Top Row

Sunday Breakfast with Husband: I enjoy Sunday morning, eating healthy breakfast, chilling at home with the loved one. 

St. James Park: My first time exploring London and found a really lovely St. James Park! Love the adventure and it is recorded and put in here

Flower Shopping: Hunting for an appropriate flower to grow at home. Any suggestion?

2nd Row

Things I Love Doing: Exercising, Cooking, Listening to music, Pamper Myself. I'm as simple as that.

Avocado & Strawberry on Toast: My favorite to go breakfast. Add a little bit of yogurt, then I'm in heaven!

Thinking About What to Save and Spend: Beauty product, clothing... shopping shopping.. 

3nd Row

Fruit & Nut Bow: I invent a really quick and easy snack in the afternoon... when I'm hungry.

Women Health Magazine: It is one of my favourite magazines to chill with. 

Anniversary Photos: Finally got our anniversary photos which took in our wedding venue. By the way, I really love the dress that I'm wearing.

Last Row

Roses: 100 roses on the anniversary day. That's a lot of flowers to take care of. 

1st Two Essie Nail Polish Bought in the UK: Many more to come. 

1st Homemade Almond Butter: My obsession has just started...

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4 Habits We Should Have To Look Better

1) Exercise At Least 2 Times A Week. Healthy people with glow skins always look more energetic and better. Get the active spirit on and your beauty will just shine. 

2) Drink Lemon Water Every Day. I have uploaded a recipe and Lemon with vitamin C which can prevent you from getting sick and also keep you young. is

3) Pamper Yourself Every Week. Take good care of the skin are the first simple step to a beautiful look.

4) Smile for Little Things. What you think always shows right on your face, prettiest girl is those who always smile. Try to appreciate things around you and people will start appreciate your inner beauty.

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My Current Workout Essentials

I'm very into home workout right now and I think it may be interesting to show you what is my current workout essentials. 

Yoga Mat (from TK Max) No matter if it's circus training or yoga, yoga mat is my best workout buddy. To choose a good yoga mat, I will make sure it's thick and elastic enough, it makes the exercise experience a lot less painful (to the feet and hands). 

Water Bottle (Primark) I need to drink a lot of water during and after exercise, this bottle is a perfect size for me. 

Weight (Tiger) Choose a suitable weight to exercise required a lot of wisdom. It can't be too heavy, it will hurt my back, it can't be too light as it can't maximize the result. I have been through a lot of trial and error experiments until I get this. 

I Pad (Apple) I need this to show me the Home workout youtube video

Hair band (H&M) I  like my hair bend to be simple and without anything. I will have lots of lay down movement, having something on the hair band will make me hard to lay flat and makes me feel very uncomfortable. 

Workout pant (H&M) I love this workout pant (not solely because it is pink and grey), but it is short (so I can sweat without feeling sticky) and with a little legging under the trousers (so I can do any movement without worrying to show anything I don't want people to see).

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5 Nail Polish Colours to Try This Spring

We just passed the first day of Spring (although it still feels like winter in the UK), I just start getting bored of wearing dark, nude nail polish and can't wait for spring to come and try on all my spring color nail polish. 

For me, Spring is a transition from winter to summer. If dark color signify winter and sharp color signify summer. Spring will be somewhere in between, which means pastel color! It's colorful but not very sharp (i.e. shocking pink). Here are some of the nail polishes I'm looking forward trying on. 

(From top to bottom in the photo)
Essie Play Date: Ppink is the color most girl loves, I guess purple will be their second favorite. Purple is a girly color, but unlike pink, it is not too overly girlish. This not-too-dark purple color is perfect for all the lady out there who wants to have a sutle girly look in spring. 

Essie Mint Candy Apple: I can't imagine Spring without mint color. Mint color reflects a happy feeling even it's very gentle and not very sharp. 

Essie Lovie Dovie: I will wait to apply this pinky shade closer to the summer time, as it's slightly brighter in the color and it helps to remind me summer is coming. 

Topshop Art School: Apart from the very easy apply (1 layer look perfect) Essie nail polish, Topshop nail polish contributed a large part of my collection.  It's just very easy to dry out and have every possible color I can imagine. This orange peachy color is one of my old friends in spring, especially when I love wearing white in this time of the year. 

Topshop Celestial: I have tried on some dark blue nail polish before, I just feel weird. Blue always signify boy/man, but nail polish is kind of a girly thing. However, this pastel blue magically makes me feel girly. It's not too dark or heavy in the shade, I always call it romantic blue. 

Now, let me know what is your favorite nail polish color for spring.


3 Parks to Visit in London on Sundays

1. St. James Park

St. James Park  is the most beautiful park to walk in central London. It has a bridge and if you walk in the center of it, you can look right through to a museum and London eye (top right corner photo). It is pretty much like a fairy tale view in real life. It also has swans and birth for little ones to feed. If you are lucky enough, you may be able to meet some little squirrel as well. 

2. Osterley Park

Osterley Park is located in west London. If you fancy having an English style park walk, you can go there in winter time, bring a dog and some chocolate in a warm keeping container and bread. There will be some bench for you to sit to let you enjoy the food and view. When you feel it is too cold, you can go to a nice Osterley cafe which serves hot soup, meal, cakes and scones. 

3. Syon Park 

Syon Park is located nine miles from Charing Cross and is one of the largest great house of London. It is very historical and holds a wealth of art in the house. If you fancy looking at some classical interiors with a countryside park and gardens, this will be the perfect place for you and you can join their house tour to have a look. Children (max 2) can also have free admission to the house during Easter Holiday. Don't miss this golden chance! 

If you like to have a look at the parks, please feel free to watch these Park visiting videos. 

St. James Park Video: 

Osterley Park Video:

Syon Park Video:

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4 Things To Stay Upbeat

Have you ever been through a day where you feel very unmotivated? Here are some of the tips to stay upbeat. 

Set Goals. Set up exactly what you want to do and split it up to achieve in day, week and month. Review it every month to see if there is anything unachieved that need to catch up and include it in next month's goal. In the mean time, praise yourself for each goal achievement (no matter if it is a little drink or a shopping trip).

Treat Day. Very often, we are not motivated because we are tired of the job we are doing every day. Don't always push yourself too hard, give yourself a break every now and then, you will find yourself being more productive after a good rest.

Get Inspired By Surrounding Yourself With People You Look Up to. You are an average of 5 people around you. So, surround yourself with people you want to be. Get inspired and motivated by them. 

Listen to Some Upbeat Music. Whenever I feel lazy, I like listening to some upbeat music to wake myself up and push myself to the work hard mode. Sometimes, it really works.

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Sport Relief Games

Few days ago, I blog about a London Travel Guide - Time Out London, it mentioned a "Sport Relief Games" event held on 18 - 20 March 2016. My husband and I had a happy day out and highly rated this meaningful event.

Where is it? The event was organized in Stratford.

What is it all about? It is an event that raised money to help people in the UK and poorest regions of the world to improve lives' living and support birth clinics in Africa. 

In order to raise money, people can register to get sponsors to take part in walking, running, cycling and swimming. Family, friend or any non-registered participant can also take part in the after party. The party includes dancing, live music, face painting and many fun sport games. Free snacks provided by Sainsbury (the sponsor) are distributed everywhere, so you won't get hungry from playing sports. 

What is good about it? Not only this event raised money for the needy, it also promotes sport, energetic, positive and healthy vibes. There are various sport activities for both kids and grown-ups to try on. Parents do not need to go to a whole day "kid" event and babysit for the whole day, instead, they can have fun together and enjoy a playful family day. 

To feel the atmosphere on the day, please feel free to click on to below video to follow me around on event. 

If you want to know more about Sport Relief, please click here to the official website to see if you are interested joining their upcoming activities. 

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Something About Me Tag

I love reading my old post to see how I think back in the day. I came across Something About Me Tag and I found it very interesting and would love to do a similar personal post today. 

How the blog name (lifewithalk) come up?
I thought I will start with this basic question. Alkaline is my ICQ name (a very popular internet messenger back in the 90s). I choose Alkaline simply because I am studying Chemistry by the time I need a name for my ICQ account. My friends found Alkaline was too long, they just simply shorten it and call me Alk.

I blog about things in my life, that's why lifewithalk comes up when I decided to open up a blogging account. 

What is your favourite thing about blogging?
Recording memories. I enjoy sharing recipe and skincare product review. Whenever I forgot how to cook something or if I should repurchase a product, I will just go to my blog and search. That's very handy for me. 

Also, I like sharing. In real life, if I found this recipe, product or restaurant really good, I can't wait to tell my friends all about that. Blogging helps me to share my experience to more people.  

What camera do you use?
My phone. I love blogging life and my phone is the first thing I grab whenever I see something interesting. 

What's your go to outfit?
Something with pink. A scarf, a knitwear, a jacket or even shoes. Anything really. Pink is my favourite color and I love looking at it. So why not wearing it? However, I don't like overwhelm myself with pink. A grey outfit with a touch of pink scarf is the perfect go to outfit for me.

If you could visit any one place, where will it be? 
Switzerland. It is a very beautiful country and I would love to visit it someday.

What is your favourite thing that you own in your home?
A copper glasses which I bought from Oliva Bonas. I wanted it one year ago when I was in Hong Kong. It sells in the UK only. I know I have to buy it once I am in London.

Summer or Winter?
Definitely Summer. I get to wear different clothes every day. In winter, everything is covered up by a huge jacket and hard to show the body shape when I have so many layers on. 

What is your favourite thing to take photo of?
Flowers. I love flowers, it makes me happy.

What is your favourite clothes shop?
Topshop. It sells clothes with good quality and trendy style. No matter how many times I shop around, there are always things that amused me. 

What is your favourite type of holiday?
A walk around historical buildings, followed by lovely meals. The feeling of exploring the world, seeing new things are amazing. 

Where is your favourite place to eat out in London?
Breakfast: Costa
Lunch: Wagamama
Tea: Original Maid of Honour
Dinner: Honest Burger

Now pick one of those question and let me know your answer. I'm interested to understand you too. 

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Healthy Morning Routine

A good start of the day is important and I have developed a healthy morning routine since I come to the UK and I can't wait to share this with you.

Open up the windows and get some fresh air. The first thing I do when I wake up would normally be opening up windows next to my bed(when it's not rainy). I like looking at the weather and get some fresh air and sunshine (Vitamin D) into my body. It is always good to have as much oxygen as possible in the morning to start the day.

Make my bed. I love making my bed to the point where my husband would think there is something wrong with me if I don't. A tidy surrounding makes me feel more organized. It's probably a mental kind of thing.

Do 10 to 15 minutes yoga. I enjoy few minutes of yoga to wake my body up and boost my metabolism in the morning. I feel more energetic after exercising. Here are some yoga youtube channels you might be interested to subscribe. 

Enjoy a healthy breakfast. I believe in "I am what I eat". Always eat healthy, especially in the morning. This is the frist thing that put into my mouth after a long rest, nurture my body in the way it deserves as it helps me to get through the whole day.  I especially like to include some fruits or milk in my breakfast. (Here is a healthy breakfast idea for you.)

Now, let me know what is your morning routine?

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3 Masks that Work

I mail some of my paper mask from Hong Kong to London. However, it isn't arrived yet. So I have no choice, but to try out some U.K. mask to see what works. After few month of try and error, here are some of the products that I'm currently in love with. 

Oskia London Renaissance Mask (Nutri-active Brightening & Resurfacing Mask) (£49.5) This is a highly rated enzyme gel mask which includes passion fruit, lemon, pineapple in the formula. I know some fruits, especially passion fruit and lemon are very good for skin and with anti-aging purpose. Plus, papaya enzymes can help to remove tired skin and clear the congest pores. So, I'm very interested in trying this out. It doesn't disappoint me, my skin is glow, definitely clearer and more even in term of skin tone. 

Elemis Absolute Eye Mask  (Anti-ageing)  (£24.15) I first found out this product from Fleur De Force in her monthly favorite (beauty blogger/youtuber) video. I was in a stage where I actively hunt for a good eyes mask which can smoothen my under eyes wrinkles as it getting worse after I live in the UK. I found it really works and sometimes when I'm too lazy to complete a full face mask routine, I will simply use it as my eyes cream and just leave it overnight. It really helps to counteract dullness and make my eyes feeling rejuvenated.

L'Occitane Immortelle Cream Mask (£48) This is the best mask I have tried so far. I mention in the L'Occitan Day Cream Review Blogspot about the reason why I choose immortelle line and this cream mask is like a tool to maximize the anti-aging function. It leaves my skin really smooth, soft and hydrated. I can't ask for a better mask. The only downside of this mask is that the package suggested that we don't need to wash it off. But my face is so shinny if I don't wash it. So, I would normally wash it off with warm water. 


A London Travel Guide Magazine You Can't Missed - Time Out London

No matter if you are planning a trip to London or a Londoner, I guess you will love to know what is fun to play, eat or join around the city. This Timeout London magazine is exactly what you needed. 

What is it all about? It is a free magazines which has all the information on what you can do in London. It suggested place you can go, eat, drink and do. It recommends wireless festival, wildlife drawing session, London nightride you can join around the city. 

What's good about it? Unlike Tripadvisor, please don't expect it to provide London huge attractions  (i.e London Bridge or Somerset House location) for your to visit. Instead, it provides more local information and tell you what is happening in the city. The activity may happen in the coming week or month and blink an eyes it's gone. If you would like to feel the culture of London and have a deeper understanding of the City. This magazine is a perfect guide for you. 

Where to get it? It is free to pick up in an underground station exit (i.e. Oxford Circus station) and is released every Tuesday. 

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Best Place For High Tea In London - Original Maids Of Honour

If you ever been in England, you can definitely feel the high tea spirit. It's all about English tea, sandwich, cake and scone. To find out what cake an English king would love, you have to go to Original Maids Of Honour located in Richmond to taste their Maids Of Honour Cake. 

Original Maids Of Honour is a family run bakery and tea shop serves pies, sandwiches and cakes since 1860. The maid of Honour cake was part of the Richmond history for 300 years. It became King's favourite long time ago and to keep the secret recipe the maid who invented the recipe was imprisoned to produce the cake solely for the King. Now that the secret recipe is disclosed and served in this shop, we need to grab the chance to try this out. I did and it tastes like heaven!

If you ever go to Kew Garden, I would highly recommend you to drop by this shop and try out their tea set as a whole. Their sandwich and scone are so soft and the sweetness is adequate.  Together with the cake, it's just perfect!

A little tip for you, their tea time starts at 3pm, if you ever go there in the weekend, you will need to go there 15 minutes early. As the shop can't reserve any seat for you at tea time and be expected to wait for 10 to 15 minutes.

Here are a little video of me and my husband travel around Syon Park and eat at Original Maids Of Honour, please feel free to have a look and follow me on facebook or bloglovin if you enjoy it.


4 Home Workout YouTube Channel To Subscribe

I mentioned in my 4 Simple Ways To Stay Healthy blogpost that I'm one of the people who has very low motivation to go to the gym and exercise. If you are with me and are looking for some exercises at home video to do, this will be a perfect post for you. 

1) Popsugar Fitness: In my previous 5 realistic tips to keep fit blogpost has mentioned how good the length of popsugar video can fit our busy schedule. Other than this, I would like to talk more about how their circus training help scrubbing our body shape in a decent way. The videos (especially the 30 and 40 minutes exercise video) are very well structured.  It normally begins by doing some warm up exercises. This is very important, as some other videos might assume you will warm up your body before playing the video and simply dump into the circus training. Beginning with a warm-up exercise can help to prevent any injury that will stop us from exercise in the future. Having a professional to guide us how to warm up particular muscle for the later training is always the best. Following the warm-up exercise, it will lead you to exercise your arm, your leg (depending on which video you choose). At the end, it will have some cool down and stretching exercises. 

Their videos are in fact not very intense and are suitable for anyone who wants to have a  better body shape. Also, the leading person is very encouraging and the video has a countdown clock on the top right corner, it kinds of motivating us to work till the end. I personally really enjoy following them to exercise and 30-minute Fat-Blasting Workout and The Ultimate 30-minute Cardio Pilates Workout video are my current favourite and work best for me.

2) Fitness Blender If you are totally up for more circus training, you don't really bother if the leader is cheerful or not, all you need is just someone tell you what movement you need to do to get your body into shape, Fitnees Blender is another well-planned fitness channel for you to subscribe. Their videos are very cool, it starts by telling you what sort of training they will work on, what equipment you will need, and then they will start doing the same exercise repeatedly without any chatting or motivational words to push you through the end of the exercise. It is like playing video games, so happen they won't give you any score at the end.

3) Tara Stiles: Tara is a very well known yoga teacher. She uploads videos for yoga beginner to advance learner. Her yoga movement is very smooth. If you choose the right level of video to follow, you will find it very easy to catch her move. You can start by following her yoga for beginner video and build up body strength video. Once you feel like your body is ready for a more advanced move, you can play her Advance Yoga with Tara Stile video. Always do it gradually with yoga and try out new move when you feel your body strength has been built up (especially when you are doing it at home). It's always dangerous if we push ourselves too hard when our body muscles are not up for it yet. 

4) Yoga With Adriene: I will give all the credit to Viviana Does Makeup for introducing Yoga with Adriene to me. Her movement is slower and has more pulse compare with Tara Stiles. She also allows us to do yoga slightly differently to let us see what works for our body, give us time to feel the body and be still. If you are ready to commit and would like to try out yoga from the very beginning, 30 Days of Yoga  Camp is the one for you. By attending this camp, Adriene will help you to build up your yoga knowledge, open up your body for yoga step by step in 30 days. You don't have to do it every single day for 30 days (best if you can, but if you can't, you can just follow the video one by one every other day or even every Sunday when you have time. This is one of the advantages for subscribing youtube channel instead of attending class). You will find yoga is very relaxing and fun. If you are a very rush person, be warned that her style is rather slow and you will need be very patient to follow through and get the clam spirit on before start to play her video. 

Please let me know what is your favourite fitness youtube channel to subscribe and I would definitely add this to my to-do list to try it out.

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5 Things That Make Me Happy

Following to my previous blogpost about my favourite quote - Do More Of What Makes You Happy. I think it's time to get back to my old 5 Things Series. This series is designed to remind me to notice 5 little things in life that make me happy. We always too busy for life and forgot to feel grateful for the little things that we have. Here are 5 of the little things that amused me lately. 

A Letter Coaster: I found this little letter coaster at Card Galore. It costs £3.99. I have a thing on personalised touch at home. I have bought two of those with little initial signify me and the other one signify my husband. I place it in the cupboard next to the sofa and this instantly makes my place more like our home. 

Energy Ball: I'm currently really into healthy snack and have been trying out so many energy bits recipes. I'm totally obsessed. If you want to understand why am I obsessed, try out this two recipes (Almond & Dates Energy Ball & Almond Butter Oat Ball ). I'm sure you will be in love with these too. 

Post Wedding Photoshoot: My husband had arranged a post wedding photoshoot at our wedding venue on our wedding anniversary. It is the best present ever! I have always feel a little bit upset that I don't have enough time to take wedding photo on our big day. It was like my dream comes true now. If you are interested to view the photos, please let me know and I can share it here. 

UK Travel Guide Book: Going on a sightseeing trip in London, exploring the world is one of my favourite things to do at the moment. This is my magic book which help me to do all the research on which place I should go. I can simply grab this book, get on a train and have fun all day. 

Deliciously Ella: If you really want to start a healthy diet, you have to buy her book, or even just browse through her blog. She has all the easiest healthy recipe that you can cook everyday. Whenever I'm sitting on the sofa, not holding my phone or iPad, I am holding her book. It's so fun to read. It also includes her story, it's not just a cook book, it's also a lifestyle book with lots of healthy information. 

Music - Locked Away (Adam Lavine): I know Energy Ball and Deliciously Ella Book is kind of similar and is healthy related, so I add a bonus point here. My current favourite song is Locked Away. I just love this song so so much that I can keep repeating it hundred times a day. Please tell me I'm not the only one who do this. I love Adam's last song Lost Star and this one is just amazing. I really love his voice.

Now, I'm interested to know what 5 things can make you happy in  your life.

If you want to read more 5 things post, please click here.

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3 Lifestyle Shops You Can't Miss in London

London has a very inspiring culture. Even shops in the shopping center are not just clothes or stationary. There are shops  that would amaze you by selling meaningful products that boost a healthy lifestyle or motivate you to have a better life.  If you are very dull today, and would like to stroll around some interesting shops that promote healthy, motivational lifestyle. Here are some suggestions for you. 

1. Kikki. K is one of my favorite stationary shop in London. There are two shops located in Covert Garden. For me, it is not just a stationary shop, it is a lifestyle shop and there are two areas which I truely love. 

It promotes a positive and motivational life. The most interesting product they sell is inspiration journal (i.e. goals journal, health journal, mindful journal). They are journals which ask you a lot of questions. By answering the questions, it guides you on how to achieve your goals or to a healthy life (depends on which journal you pick). 

It also sells products that help your relationship. There is a product line that relates to wedding. From wedding planning, guest book signing, couple's story journal to anniversary journal. If you have friends just got engaged, the wedding planning would definitely be the perfect gift for them as this just helps to walk them through all the possible things they have to do from budgeting, flowers booking, guest planning etc). I wish I  have an amazing organizer like this when I plan my wedding.

For me (as a married lady), I particular love the "Our Story" and "Anniversary Journal". The former one record the love story. It guides me to records all the memories from the day we first meet, move in together, engaged, we got married to the trip of our honeymoon. My husband finds it so lovely to get back all those memories by filling in the book. I have also secretly bought the anniversary journal which will be one of our activity to do on our wedding anniversary. It is always good to review what we have been up to in last year and write down three things to do in the coming year. It's kind of help with the marriage in some sort.

2. Oliver Bonas is a fashion, jewellery, homeware & gift shop. It sells a lot of gold and colourful products which promote a colorful lifestyle. It also has a section which sell healthy, motivational, mediation book. When you walked around the book section, you can seee the book are cauously selected. It talks about different between man and woman, one happy line in a day or even a recipe book which teach you how to cut sugar in your life. You will find this shop is not just selling products that you need in your life, it sells products that motivate you to improve your life. 

3. Urban Outfitters is a simular to Oliver Bonas, but more on a fashion side. However,  particular love their golden colour and succulent theme homeware, creative book section which sells books to guide you drawing 5 things in a day with particular theme and the stationary section which sells marple phone case. I always feel their creativity and energy for life whenever I step in the shop. 

Comment down below what shop you like shopping and I would like to explore it someday. 


3 Burger Places to Eat in London

People always talk about Fish and Chips to eat in the U.K. I found burger is one of the other food that impressed me the most in London. There are three burger places we can't miss if we want to try  burger out in London. 

Burger and Lobster: When we talk about burgers, we really have to go to this restaurant. This restaurant is related to the best steak house (Goodman) in England. They don't provide any menu as they sell only 3 dishes (Burger, Lobster and Lobster Roll) with a reasonable prices (around £20). This restaurant is so popular that there is no booking in advance service. If you want to try this out, you will have to go there early as there is always queue outside. 

FGI Friday: What does FGI Friday mean? It means "Thank God It's Friday". As you can tell from the name, it is a restaurant bar, everyone loves going to the bar with friends on Friday in England. The atmosphere is rather relaxed and chilled. I love their Classic American Burger with potato chips. They use chuck steak for tenderness and beef brisket for flavor. The best thing about their burger is that they are all freshly grilled to order and if you are dairy or gluten allergy, you can order a dairy free / gluten free bun too. However, as it is freshly made, you will need to wait a little  bit longer. For me, yummy food is worth to wait. 

Honest Burgers: If you ever go to Oxford Circus for shopping, don't miss eating burgers at Honest Burger. (Fyi, they have 12 branches in the UK at the moment.) The cheese in the burger makes the burger so juicy and yummy. If you can, always order medium rare of the steak, it always tastes much better. Their sweet potato fries are one of my favourite side dishes too. Don't forget to order their home made lemonade. It's very refreshing and tasty! The other good things about eating in Honest Burgers is that you can book a table via phone in advance or you can book a table in person, it has an app which allows you to see your reservation status, so you don't need to queue outside the shop. It's quite convenience!

Please let me know where do you normally eat Burger and I would definately try this out.


4 Things We Should Do To Have a Better Life

Sometimes we moan about having a bad day and how life can be that shit. Instead of stuck in the depression side, let's do something about it. 

1) Be grateful. Try to think about 5 little things you feel grateful for. Like, you have water to drink when you simply open the tape, you meet an old friends in a coffee shop, you can choose to do whatever you love in your life. Just start keeping a secret journal to write 5 things you appreciate in life (no matter it's big or small). If life has a body, just give it a little hug.

2) Read motivational book.  I mentioned a motivational book called Love your life in my previous post. You don't have to buy the exact same one, or you might have particular one you really like. Grab it and read a few lines to feel the positive vibes whenever you feel down.  This kind of book can remind you the things in your head when you are happy, but kind of forget that when you're angry or upset. This is just a little friend to dust you up and push you forward. I find it quite comforting too. 

3) Help others and love people around you. Love doesn't cost a penny. When you give love to others, you gain love in the process. When you see a little girl with no seat on the train, give your seat to them, she will reply you with a kind smile. Even if she doesn't, it feels so good to do kind things. If you see an old lady needs to pick things up on her own, help her out. Be able to help others and be useful are in fact something that we love to feel inside our heart. Be kind at heart, smile more and you life with just shine like your heart does. 

4) Regular break to slow down your life. It is very common that when things starts from the beginning, it is so bright and good. Things might not turn out the way it is and you feel down and lost. It is always good to give yourself a break, go for a walk, give yourself a mediation or even go for a trip. Get yourself out of the situation, and then think it through again. You may find a new perspective. This will just make life so much better and easier. 


What Drugstore Products Did I Buy Once I Arrived London?

One of the things that I love about London is that there are drugstore (Boots & Superdrug) everywhere. They are big and have so many lovely things to buy. I love shopping around whenever I have time and here are some of the products that I bought once I arrived London. 

Tanya Burr Lip Glosses (Picnic In The Park and I Found Nemo): Tanya Burr Cosmestics are not sold in Hong Kong, Once I arrived London, I have no hesitation but to run to the drugstore and buy it. I want to buy her lipstick for so long as it is highly rated in the internet and I would love to try it out. It doesn't disappoint me, I instantly fall in love with it as it is highly pigmented. I would wear it especially when there is special occasion like Valentine's Day

Zoella Blissful Mistful Solid Fragrance: I guess you can tell I am an absolute youtube lover.  I love Zoella as a person and would love to buy her product to support her. I have never used a fragrance before (I guess it is just not popular in Hong Kong). The scent of this product is not very strong, it's quite pure, I love it. 

Essie Nail Polish (Lovie Dovie & Mint Candy Apple): These are two of my favourite colours. It signifies happy and young. The colour of Essie nail polish is quite solid and I just need to apply one layer, which is quite good for me as I never have the patient to wait until it drys and applies for another layer. Who is with me? Please let me know. 

QGX Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner: Some of the blogger mentioned this shampoo and conditioner and I love to try this out. However, to be honest, this doesn't really work for me. My hair seems quite dry after I use this to wash my hair and my husband said it's quite hard to style his hair ever since he uses this. Maybe our hair are dry in type, so we end up combining this product with another more moisturising product to use. (i.e.UGX Shampoo + other conditioner or other brand's shampoo + UGX condition). It works out fine now. 


How to Make Today a Good Day?

If you feel like today isn't really a good day, what will you do to make it a good one? Here are some ideas for you. 

Start with a healthy yummy breakfast. A happy mood to start the day can completely change the mood the whole day. Perhaps you can try to keep one or two favourite breakfast recipe which can instantly make you happy if you feel down in the morning.

Drive to the countryside to appreciate the beauty of nature. It is always fun to have a getaway trip to go to the countryside to feel the different in life.  Exploring a quiet place and looking at the sky can make you feel so refreshed. 

Go shopping and buy one thing that you want for a very long time. Is there anything that you don't need it but you just want it? Have you left it in the shop? Go grab it. The feeling of getting something you want for so long is like a little prize for yourself. Let's just set aside the evil feeling and do one thing that can make yourself happy. Let today be a treat day!

Call your best mate(s) to come for a friend(s) night. No matter if it is just one friend chatting or a group friends to have a pizza film viewing night, it also works equally well. Social with each other, understand what each other are up to, support each other. The feeling of giving or accepting support will just make the day shine.

Open a champagne and celebrate 5 of the things that you happy about for the week. It got to be something in the week that you feel grateful for. It can be as small as being able to catch the bus to as big as doing do at work. Just be silly and celebrate anything that makes you feel happy for yourself. Stop for a while and appreciate life. 


5 Realistic Tips to Keep Fit In An Easier Way

If you have read my blog for a while, you may note that I'm totally on a healthy mode right now. I have learnt some ways on how to stay healthy and keep fit at the same time and I can't wait to share this with you. 

1) Brush your teeth before 9pm. You may heard from lots of media to tell you not to eat after 9pm if you want to keep fit and stay healthy. Your body wouldn't be able to use up all the food that you consume and end up turn into fat for storage purpose. Brushing teeth before 9pm can totally add a little bit of resistance not to eat because I really don't want to brush my teeth twice at night. 

2) Eat healthy breakfast and lunch in a decent amount, so no need to eat snack afterward. I used to think that eating less can help me get thinner, but I end up growing fatter. This is due to the fact that I am hungry and I need to eat snack. Then, I would regret it. To stop this, I would eat a decent amount of breakfast and lunch, so I don't need to snack before lunch or at tea time. This improves my body weight a lot, as snack in the office may always be not healthy and full of sugar. If you found you are eating a really large portion of food in every meal, don't just cut down your diet immediately, do it slowly and gradually. At the beginning, perhaps you can eat a smaller portion at night time (or cut down carbohydrate) but not at day time. This is due to the fact that you will need a lot of energy for work in day time. Then, you can cut down the portion at day and night time gradually to a decent amount week by week. Your body can adjusted a lot better and wouldn't end up looking for unhealthy snack in between meal and failed the keep fit plan. 

3) Eat healthy. As I prefer to eat three times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). There are only three times, so I will be very careful on what I eat. I ensure it can energize my body and is a healthy food. There is no way for me to waste the eating chance on junk food. If I really can't stick to the 3 times eating plan, I would prepare some healthy bites in advance.

4) Show off the part of body that you don't like the most some times, this reminds you how much you don't want to keep this fat. Some people choose to cover the fat on their arm, as it is something that they don't really like. It's sensible to do so. However, I tends to show the part that I don't really like sometimes (like in front of the mirror at home or when I am going to the supermarket alone). Sometimes, when you don't see this, you will forget it even exists and don't bother doing exercise to get rib of it. It will grow to the point where it is so hard to turn it back to the stage you love it to be. (Winter time is always the riskiest time, as most part of the body is covered up). So, show off your body once in a while, or even just remind yourself to look into the mirror after bath time. This can definitely motivate you to stay on with your keep fit plan. 

5) Exercise two to three times a week. I know this might sound not easy, but  you can make it easier by just doing half an hour exercise at home. This will still give you the result. All you need is just a yoga mat and open a pop sugar video. The one thing that I love about pop sugar video is that there are all sort of circus training videos which take you only 5, 10, 30 or 40 minutes. You can choose whatever video that suits your schedule. It's quite handy, if you want to keep fit, I highly recommend you to subscribe them and keep doing it two or three times a week! 


Monthly Beauty Buy

Time flies and I can't believe February has just gone and here it is March! It also means it is a good time for me to start my Monthly Beauty Buy Series again. This is one of the post that I'm most excited about, it is like open up a present in front of you. 

Essie Nail Polish (Left: Apres-chic & Right: Play Date): Whenever I shop at Boot, I can't stop browsing through the Essie counter to see what colour I don't have at home. If you have read my Top Five Nail Polish post, you may notice that I am a little bit obsessed with nail polish. This two colours instantly become my favourite among my collection. The purple one is very milky feel, which makes it so adorable and the silver one is very elegant and perfect fit for night wear.
L'Occitane Immortelle Cream Mask: I have talked about L'Occitane Immortelle's Day Cream before. I feel like this line is working for my winter skin, especially in the cold weather. I understand that the Immortelle flowers produced the oil that boosts collagen and enhance cell renewal. This is exactly what 20-30 years old lady needed. I feel my skins are so smooth and hydrated after I applied them. Fun fact: It is quite hard to wipe it afterward.
Maybelline Lash Sensational Multiplying Mascara (Intense Black): Maybelline's Sensational Mascara is never sold in Hong Kong.  This is one of my must buy items in my London Beauty Buying list. Now I can cross it off. I got a little bit too excited and picked intense black instead of black, but this turns out really great, I can only apply the mascara once and it instantly show the different. It helps making my makeup routine a faster one! 
If you are interested to read more about beauty buy blogpost, please click here to read my previous blogpost.


What is in My UK Traveling Bag?

I love exploring London and there are some items which I would bring with me. I guess it's time to have a funny post about what is in my UK traveling bag. Let's see if you are interested. 

Topshop Black Bag: I normally go for a backpack when I travel around London, as I will definitely bring lots of stuff with me and it is always good to have both of my shoulders to share the weight. This black colour bag can simply match with all clothes that I wear as well.

Umbrella: London rains sometimes, so alway good to bring an umbrella as I know I will be outdoor most of my time. 

Snack: When I sight seeing, I tend not to take trains if the location is close.  (I always find interesting things on the way to a location.) It means I would walk a lot. This Go Ahead Yogurt bar is my life saver to keep myself going.

Travel Guide Book: This is a book that I bought from Hong Kong. It introduces all the attractions in London. Very handy and informative. (But it's a bit heavy, I may just drop down some notes instead in the future.) 

Glasses: This glasses protect my eyes with heavy wind. London wind just blows my eyes so much that my eyes dries out with a little bit of itchy. If I know I will walk outdoor, I like wearing glasses to prevent the wind from blows to my eyes directly. (this is tricky... hehe.. )

EOS Lip Balm: I love this EOS lip balm so much simply because of the shape. It is just so cute! 

Lip Gloss: Tanya Burr (I found Nemo) lip gloss become one of my favourite once I come to the UK. The pigment last for a long time and it looks really good in photos too (I love taking a lot of photo whenever I go sightseeing.)

Tissue: I guess it is some basic thing that we need in our life. 

Wallet: I love this wallet as this is with my favourite pink and grey colour. 

Gloves: The weather in the UK is still cold. A pair of gloves is my new best friends when sight seeing. 

If you want to know where I went for sight seeing, feel free to click onto below link about a day out in Westminster & St. James's Park. I had a lot of fun in seeing the most amazing building and beautiful view in the park. Let's join in and see what adventure I have so far in my UK life.