5 Ways to Save The Planet

Don't think only superhero in cartoon series can save the planet. There are so many things we can do to be a hero and save our world. 

1) Use online billing. When everyone is using phone and computer everyday, paper bill can totally be minimised. Let's set up an e-account and a proper e filing system, then you can totally get rib of all the paper bill. You will also find your home has more space as you don't need space for the endless coming bills.

2) Use public transport. Using public transport can help saving energy and you can also let the driver to do their job, so you can get some rest and sleep during the journey. This is a win-win situation. 

3) Don't charge your phone overnight. Normally we like charging our phone overnight as it's the only time we don't need our phone. In fact, our phone can be charged during bath time. Charging phone overnight not only wastes energy, but also bad to the battery lifespan too.

4) Use natural sunlight instead of lamp when possible. Sometimes, we are just too lazy to open the curtain in the morning and use lamp on our bed side table. If I can save the world by just openning the curtain, I can totally do this.  By the way, natural sunlight is much better to our eyes too. Win-win again. 

5) Recyle and reuse. Simply classify paper and plastic and put it in the recycle bin are easy. All we need is building up the habbit to keep doing it. It may be hard to recycle glasses sometimes, let see if we can reuse it then. 

Being a hero to save the world is no joke and need persisence. We can create little habits and do it every day. When  more and more people doing the same good habit, the world will secretly change in the way we may not even aware. 

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5 Easy Tips to Save Time In The Morning

Do you want to sleep more in the morning? There are actually ways you can save time in the morning, so you can have more time to sleep. Here are some  cheeky little tips for you: 

1) Prepare breakfast in a bottle the night before: Bottle breakfast means you can simply put oat, fruit, honey, milk, yogurt or granola in a jar to let it stay overnight. It's actually quick, quite healthy, yummy and most importantly save time in the morning. You can also prepare few days at once, so you can eat this at home or at work/school. You can get some recipes  here.

2) Decided what to wear though out the week on Sunday: Choosing what to wear is the most time-consuming thing in the morning.  How about, playing with clothes in the relaxing Sunday, having rough ideas of what to wear throughout the week can save you a lot of time in the morning. Or you can refer to my previous post about mix and match with clothes and simply wear the same tee with a different style in an alternative day. 

3) Shut down the internet in the morning: Very often we turn to facebook, Instagram to wake ourselves up in the morning, but turn out browsing through the whole wide world and running out of time. We can totally do this on the bus/train and let just keep the morning out of internet for a bit. 

4) Wake up when the alarm rings: Set the alarm at the point where you know you have to wake up otherwise you will be LATE. This saves time hanging around with the bedding trying not to wake up but you have to eventually. Let just get rib of the struggle part and go straight to the yummy breakfast time.

5) Check train/bus's arrival time: When we understand the train/bus's schedule, we can set some buffer period to get out of the door and save up the long waiting time.

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5 Skincare Hacks for a Better Skin

Besides spending on skincare product, there are also ways to improve your skin without costing you any money. Here are some habits we can change to improve our skin quality (especially our face).

1. Keep hands off the face while thinking. I used to like touching my chin or forehead while thinking, but it's totally unnecessary and our hands are touching so many dirty things we are not aware of. If I am determined to have a better skin, I need to get rid of this habit. 

2. Change pillow case and bedding every week. Hair normally gathers gems from the street, especially when we wash our hair once every two days or in the morning. Once our face touches the pillow, it is like transferring gems from our hair to our face. Always keep our bedding clean is key to healthy skin.

3. Bending your hair before going to sleep. If you are having a sweaty day or with lots of hair spray on, but you are too tired to wash your hair before going to sleep. Try bending your hair before going to bed, this can help ensuring your hair have the least contact with your skin. 

4. Keep your phone screen clean. We sometimes talk on the phone with our make-up on, and then go home and cleaned our face, and use the phone again. We actually don't really aware the makeup on the phone screen is sticking back to our face. That's kinda cheeky. 

5. Always wash your hands before cleaning your face, applying skincare or makeup. Applying skincare product with hands full of bacteria is like guiding the bacteria to penetrate to our deeper skin.  Having this habit can totally improve our skin texture inside out. 

There are so much more hacks I would like to share, but let's just keep it short, otherwise it will be endless long. If you like my post, please don't forget to follow me on Instagram or bloglovin. Please also let me know what habit you have for a good skin quality.  


April Favourite - Make-up, Beauty and Homeware

It is nowhere near the end of April and I have already got my hands full of favourite items. I guess there is no set rule that I need to wait until the last day of April to start writing my favourite post. I just can't wait to share this with you. 

Please bear with me there is a lot of  makeup items as I have been travelling and do my make up nearly every single day.

Pink Blending Sponge: This blending sponge is the greatest invention of all time. It makes blending foundation much easier and save a lot of my time.

Revolution Ultra Metals Flawless Powder Brush:  I have my eyes on Zoeva brush for a really long time. The main reason is that they are rose gold in colour (and of course the highly rated review). But I have difficulty in finding a store which sells them. This revolution rose gold brush catch my eyes in Superdrug and I have bought it without any doubt. 

Real Techniques Blush Brush: I admit I bought this because Superdrug is currently having a 3 for 2 mix and match promotional champagne. I pay for 2 items and can get 3 products. It's good to have a try when it's free (in some sort). I end up love it very much, the brush is very soft and dry really quickly after washing. It also provides a high definition result too.

Shiseido Blue and Green Eyes Shadow: If you asked me two weeks ago what is my favourite eyes shadow colour, I will tell you gold or pink as it blends into my skin tone naturally.  A week ago, when I tried this blue and green eyes shadow, it matched with my blue jeans or skirt (even I don't have a blue/green eyes) and made my eyes become the focal point when people looking at me. I actually quite like it. 


Oliver Bonas Blackberry Musk Fragrance: If you like fruity fragrance but not really like the overly strong candy taste. This fragrance will be perfect for you. It gives slight fruity taste throughout the day.

Chanel 491 Rose Confidentiel Nail Polish: I bought this nail polish few years ago for my pre-wedding photoshoot. This pink is darker in shade and gives a more mature feeling. I seldom use it (obviously due to the fact that it's from Chanel and rather expensive comparing with Essie and Topshop's). It ends up leaving in my drawer unattended. I guess, if I love it, I should use it more often. 


Pop Pineapple Ombre Photo Frame: I always have a thing on New Look's homeware. Their products are always pastel and metallic (rose gold) in shade. It's really not hard to find a favourite item from there. Who wouldn't like pink, ombre, pineapple merged in one product?

Now's it's your turn to let me know your April favourite. Will there somehow be any similar item as mentioned above? Please also don't forget to follow me on bloglovin for more interesting post.


5 Healthy Food Swaps For Junk Food

Have you ever craved for junk food (i.e. chocolate or crisps) all of a sudden? I did recently and did some research on what does it mean and what healthy food can replace it. This is what I found.

Chocolate: If you crave for chocolate, you are probably lacking magnesium in the body. You will need to eat more almond, nuts, sunflower seed. I also like to replace it with cacao energy ball as it has similar strong taste which can instantly ease my hunger.

Crisps: If you crave for crisps, including olive, celery or tomato in your diet will be good as your body is short of salt (chloride). If you are eager to eat crisps like now,  go for a healthier option (Kale crisps), it actually tastes like seaweed and is quite yummy.

Candy: If you crave for candy, it means your blood sugar level is low. Medjool dates will be the best replacement for you. 

Coffee: If you crave for coffee, it signifies your body need iron. Eat more red beans, red meat can definitely help. For me, I think sleep more may be more critical. 

Ice-cream: If you crave for ice-cream, your body need some sugar. Blending frozen banana into ice-cream form or frozen yogurt will help to ease the crave. Sometimes, your body may not necessarily need sugar, maybe it's just due to the hot weather, so I would normally go for an ice water to see if it helps first.

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Stripe Tee 3 Ways

My husband and I went to Switzerland for holiday and had a good break for 2 weeks. I'm now back to my normal self and can start fresh for blogging now. Stripe tee is one of my travel favourites and let's talk about this. 

Have you ever thought about there are just too many clothes in the wardrobe, but never know what to wear and end up buying more? In fact, with the right clothes, you can always style with different items to give a completely different look. It may be a good habit to develop and helps with the save up plan too. For me, one of the mix and match best friend it "Stripe Tee". 

All details stated in my previous post.

Look 2. Girly Pinky Skirt Look
Pink Bomber Jacket (from Bershka): Everyone loves bomber jacket in the UK at the moment. Bomber jacket is quite manly for me, so I choose this pinky blush color to tone it down and match with the girly look.  

Stripe Zip Back Jumper (from Topshop): My absolutely favourite which can go with all plain trousers or skirt.

Denim Indigo Mini Skirt (from Urban Outfitter): This skirt is pretty short, so I normally wear it with leggings.

New Balance Shoes: I admit pink colour in shoes is quite hard to style, but if your look is quite pale in colour, you can always try the pink shoes on. The result may amaze you sometimes. 

Look 3. Camel Stripe Tee Neutral Look
Ribbed Longline Cardigan (from Forever 21): I currently in love with forever 21, it has so many girly camel items with reasonable price. This cardigan I picked is on sale now with 30% off from £15. What a bargain??!

Moto Mid Blue Riped Joni Jeans (from Topshop): To be completely honest, I don't really like high waisted jeans and cover all my belly (especially after eating), but this jeans is so soft and I don't really feel tight while wearing it. 

Silver Glitter Shoes (from Converse): I bought this shoes in Hong Kong ages ago, I bet it sold out now. But you can always customize your own converse. My friend just makes two pairs for her wedding, which is so cool!

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4 Simple Ways For Getting Up Early

Do you have problem getting up early? I did and found 4 ways to help getting up early.

1. Plan an exciting breakfast to look forward to. Most of the time we don't want to wake up, because we don't want to go to work or do the stuff that we don't want to do. Having something you love to eat can definitely help waking up in the morning. 

2. Schedule some important plans in the morning. If you have things you need or excited to do in the morning, you don't even need a clock to wake you up. 

3. Turn your phone to flight mode or even turn it off. Now it's something to do with sleeping the night before. Sometimes, phone will just vibrate due to receiving messages or e-mails while you  are sleeping. To have a good night sleep to wake up early in the morning, try to turn off your phone (or even all electronic devices) before you sleep. 

4. Read Book before sleep.  Try not to play with your phone or ipad before you sleep. The blue light from electronic device will simply wake you up. Instead, reading a book can help to slow you down for a good sleep. 

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6 Habits for a Healthy Body

One of my 2016 resolution is to stay healthy. I have created a list for me to check if I have done all this every month. I would like to share it with you and if you are interested, you can also use it for your own reference. 

1. Eat healthy with at least three colour's vegetable in every day's meal.
2. Drink 8 cups of water every day.
3. Have a positive mind.
4. Have 8 hours sleep every day.
5. Exercise 3 times a week.
6. Park walk or hiking regularly.

I'm interested to know how do you stay healthy, please share with me your tips and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin or G+. 


5 Things That Will Instantly Boost Your Mood

We are human and have one of those days when we just feel everything goes really wrong. I have a secret tip for you to instantly boost your mood. It is basically surrounding ourselves with the things we love. 

Colourful Nail Polish: The thing you see the most (but you don't actually notice is your hand). Whenever you do things, you just unconsciously looking at it. Why not add a bit of colour that you love, this can instantly boost your mood.

Lovely Ring: Again, it is related to hands, wearing a ring which signifies a happy day (i.e. birthday present from someone you love, engagement/wedding ring). This would just keep on reminding what you have and how much you are loved. 

Your Favourite Perfume or Fragrance: Try to trigger your scent to send a message to your brain that you are happy. It works for me sometimes. 

Joyful Music: Sometimes I like to go to youtube audio library and select happy mood music to listen. It has some funny song there and I feel like I have spent way too much time on this sometimes. 

Mini Light: If you are at home, close all the main light and open up a mini light declarations. This makes feel so calm. 

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What I'm Reading, Listening, Watching and Doing.

I heard that there is an ice-breaking game called "What I'm ..." This can help to let people understand each other better. Shall we start this games? 

What I'm

Reading? I'm currently reading is a magazine called fit&well.This is a health magazine similar to women health magazine. It provides lots of healthy information, diet idea, fitness workout plan. The best thing is it cost only £1.99. It becomes my night regular night read now. 

Listening? Alex Goot's Stand by You. Alex Goot creates really good music. If you have time, go to his youtube channel and check out his music. You will be obsessed. 

Watching? Chicago series. I love watching Chicago fire, PD and Med. The peace of the programmes are very intense and the content are very full. I can stay at home all day and watch this with my husband. 

Doing? Running. The weather in London is very nice now. The sun is out. I enjoy having a park run to absorb some vitamin D.

Now it's your turn to let me understand you more. Please pick one of the above question and let me know your answer. Don't forget to follow me on G+ or bloglovin afterward. 


5 Beautiful Things You Need on Your Desk Right Now

One of the secret weapons to keep myself motivate to work on my blog every day is to surround myself with beautiful things on the work station.

A Beautiful Organizer (from Asda): This grey notebook with mint, white pink triangle pattern on is my favourite stationary. This colourful patterns just so easily notice that it is like it keeps shouting at me to call me to pick it up and work. 

Colourful Pen (from WH Smith & Kikki.k): It's always good to have colourful pen to write, it makes my work less dull. 

Flowers (from Wilko): If you have time, you can buy some fresh flowers, so you can smell the scents to relax yourself during the pressure moment. If you are too busy to take care of it, you  can just buy some fake flowers. I'm sure it will make you equally happy during the day. 

Positive Quote Pint (from New Look): Place one or two of your favourite quote on the desk to push yourself going or remind yourself to rest. 

Floral Wallpaper (Paper and Brush): I recently found this beautiful floral print calendar wallpaper which can be free download. If you want, you can also print it out and stick it on the wall too. I just love it so much and I can't stop looking at it. 

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Clarins Moisture-Rich Body Lotion Review

Few weeks ago, I have attended a Clarins' beautychatlive event (the whole experience is recorded in my weekly vlog) few weeks ago. The whole experience is intended to meet Lily Pebbles and Vivianna (two inspiring ladies), but ends up Clarins have given us so many samples to try on and this Clarins Moisture-Rich Body Lotion is the first thing for me to try on. 

What is in it? Before I put anything on my face, I would normally interested to know what's in it? Even there might be some technical terms I might not fully understand. I notice this product includes natural extracts of peach milk, shea, candlenut oil and orange blossom. It's kinda comforting as it seem natural and moisturizing. I love milky cream to nurture my body.

How do you feel? Overall, I love Clarins' product. Even this shea butter is designed for dry skin. It's quite light in texture, not oily or sticky at all. Although I feel like I am having neutral skin type, I found this dry skin body lotion is perfect for me in the winter time. 

How much does it cost? As I really interested to repurchase and have a browse on the net for the price. It's quite pricey £30 for 200ml. If my skin aren't dry like hell or it's not winter time, I might not choose to invest that much on body lotion and might as well use Avenue Skin Relief Shea Butter instead. However, when it's Christmas or winter time or every once in a while, it's no harm treating yourself a little bit.

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5 Things to Tell Yourself When Feeling Down

We are human and have ups and downs. For me, what matter the most is how we deal with it. What will you tell yourself when you are feeling down? 

1) Would it matter a year from now? Very often, things look huge and disastrous now, but when we look back one year later, we always laugh at ourselves on why would we be that upset?

2) How to fix it? Don't drill on or enjoy too much on the sad feeling. Think of something to resolve this. When you are too busy work on something, the sad feeling just fade. 

3) Let don't be too hard to yourself. It's okay to be stupid and do things wrong sometimes. Most of the time, the pressure is on ourselves. Forgive yourself and relax. It's okay to be silly sometimes.  We can't be perfect 24/7. This makes life alive. 

4) Other than that I'm good. We are upset because we look too deep into this one single matter which hurts our feeling. Try looking at a bigger picture, there must be something you are good at or you feel grateful for in live. 

5) Let's move on and see what's next. Laugh at our stupidity or accept the way it is, learn from it and move on and be smart in the future. There will be lots of good things waiting for us to create.  

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If I Can Only Use 5 Beauty Products...

I came across a very interesting blog post yesterday, which I have never thought about this topic before but it is very interesting. The topic is " If I can only use 5 beauty products...". I am not a heavy make-up user and I thought it will be quite easy to pick five. However, when it comes to the point where I actually have to choose, it is quite a tough decision to make. 

Here comes the final decision...

1. Shiseido Hydro Liquid Compact Foundation (UV) First things first, this is one of the products that I can't live without. It is the best invention ever! It helps to cover my redness or spot on my face perfectly even it is not thick in texture. I still feel my skin can breathe. This liquid foundation sticks to my face quite well throughout the day too. 

2. Shiseido Eyelash Curler Even I don't have an eyeliner or eye shadow, I need to have an eyelash curler. It helps to open up my eyes and makes my eyes look so much bigger. This Shiseido eyelash curler is by far the best as the shape is perfectly matched with the curve of my eyes and I normally just press once then it's done. 

3. Maybelline Lash Sensational Intense Black Mascara I'm currently developing a close relationship with this mascara and it's still going strong. The plastic brush just helps to define my lash so easily and the intense black formula volumised the look of longer lashes.

4. Topshop Good Girl Blush I love powder blush. As I am using liquid foundation, powder blush can set the colour on my face easily without smashing the foundation underneath. This peachy pink is my favourite colour and it probably matches with lots of my pink clothes/scarf too.

5. Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector If you ask me about my favourite lipstick, it will be Byterry Baby Bloom. However, if I can only use 5 beauty product, I will go for Clarins Lip balm perfector. As it has both lip balm and lipstick function. It's technically two beauty products but merged in one. So, I'm not cheating, am I?

What is your choice if you can only have five beauty products. Please let me know in the comment  session below and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin, facebook or G+. 


My Pamper Essentials

I love pampering myself every once in a while and have developed some pamper essentials. 

Candle: To start pampering myself, I like lighting some candle to set the mood. This candle is from Next without any scent. Sometimes, I like to choose some lavender candle.

Haba Ion Machine: Afterward, I will start choosing facemask. Whenever I decided to have a pamper evening, I will grab a paper mask and this ion machine. This basically helps the serum in the paper mask to absorb in the deeper part of the skin. The result of the mask is one hundred time better. 

Oskia Face Mask: If I'm not using the machine, I will choose this mask,  I just feel so refreshing after using it. 

Lush Bath (Tisty Tosty Bath Ballistic): There is nothing better than having a bath with refreshing smell. 

Tangle Teezer: After bathing, I enjoy brushing my hair to make it super smooth. This Tangle Teezer is one of the best creatures on earth. This just helps detangle my messy hair and help smoothen it. I like brushing my hair upside down, so it won't look too flat.

Nail Polish: I enjoy polishing my nail, from choosing my favourite color, putting it in my nail and looking at the pretty fingers. This is all amusing. 

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5 Useful Tips for a Better Relationship

I recalled my first ever post in the site is about relationship. Three years from now, I still found that I have lots to learn in this field. How you and your partner keep the relationship fresh and healthy? Will these tips help?

 1. Open a discussion topic. My husband and I  have a funny habit. We like to talk about "5 happy things happened for the week" or "5 things we appreciate each others" while we are walking back home or while we are having dinner. We start this because we want to train up a positive mind. But then, we found this really helps to let us understand each other's life and how much we appreciate each other. Next time, when you found there is nothing to talk with your partner, try this. 

2. Keep on surprising each other. I have included this tip in my relationship post 3 years ago and I still keep it in this post today as I feel this is very important. Even time passed, we are no longer in our puppy love, we still care for each other. Why don't we act the same? Observe what he/she needs, buy it and place it in some random place on a random day. Even if it is just an earring or workout item he/she wants for ages, you will not know how much he/she will appreciate. It's not the cost that matters, it is how much you care that touched him/her.

3. Out for a trip. When you found your life/relationship is too ordinary, too bored, go out for a short trip, explore the world together, relax, create some happy memories. When you are more relaxing, you will have more time to appreciate each other. 

4. Share housework. If some of the housework have been doing by one of you every day, try not to take it for granted, swipe your role and do it every once in a while. You will find your partner feels really thankful for your act. Let's break out the ordinary and share each other's family duty. 

5. Work on a relationship journal together. Last month I talk about a relationship journal that I bought from Kikk.k. This journal is called "Our Story", it requires you to write down the moment you meet each other, your partner proposed to you, you get married, you and your partner go on a honeymoon and the life as husband and wife.  If you are married, I would highly recommend you to buy this as an anniversary activity. While my husband and I do this, we refresh lots of good old memories and we laugh and smile at each other. It's totally worth the price. 

Please share with me your funny tips to keep a relationship fresh and let's create a little relationship club here by following each other on facebook or bloglovin. 


March Favourite - Beauty, Skincare, Homeware and More

I know... I know.. I'm late to the party. But I'm just having too many favourite items that I have difficulties in summarising in one post. Now, it's the time to join the party. 


Pixi Glow Tonic: Last time I walked across Pixi, I saw their Glow Tonic has changed the packaging with golden top. This attracted my attention. I know this tonic is alcohol-free and can exfoliate to remove dead skins cells with toning, firming and tightening function. My skin has been loving it so far. 


By Terry Baby Bloom Lipstick: If you have read my previous blogpost about 3 lip products that need to be in your bag, you will know I love baby bloom lipstick. This coral peachy pinky lipstick basically becomes my everyday make up now.

Essie Nail Polish (Play Date): It's spring now which means I can wear more colourful nail polish. I like this milky purple colour, it reminds me of a chocolate brand "Mika", which is my chocolate favourite when I was young. 

Oliver Bonas White Marble Make Up Bag: Oliver Bonas has instantly become my favourite shop once I arrived London. It has so many lovely things I love. I can't find this marble make up bag on the website (maybe it has been sold out), I have linked a larger wash bag with similar style, if you are interested to buy it online.


Oliver Bonas Copper Tray: I used this to put bits and pieces, like hair bend or rings. It also becomes one of my regular blog photo model. 

Stopwatch from Anthropology: Anthropology has some really lovely golden kitchenware. This stopwatch I have been wanting for ages and I saw it is on sale now (£7). So, I grab one and now become my best baking buddy.

Osterley Park Walk: My favourite memories of the month will be Osterly Park Walk. It has a big pond there with swans swimming. It also has a nice coffee shop for us to eat and a farm shop for us to buy some fresh food. The whole experience is really nice and has been captured in a video.

What is your March favourite? I love this kind of favourite post. It makes me appreciate what I have in life. Please share with me yours as I am very interested to know. 

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My Spring Topshop Outfit

It's spring and I noticed I have a slight change in my outfit and so happen it's all from Topshop. For those of you who don't know what Topshop is, it is one of the most popular fashion brands in England. 

Ever since I come to the UK. I feel like my style has changed slightly. I used to love colorful top, but now this outfit is darker in tone with only black, white and brown. However, I quite like it, and if I can only wear one outfit every single day, this will be the one.

Camel Scarf: Londoner loves camel. Camel coat, camel scarf and they look amazing. I want to try on a camel scarf first and I found it perfectly matches with the stripy top.

Strip Zip Back Jumper: Unlike a normal strip top, it has a zip at the back (from the center of the top to the bottom). This tiny detail makes such a big difference. Also, the texture is quite thick and can help holding the cutting and body shape quite well. 

Moto Jamie Jeans: If you have ever wore topshop jeans, you would never want to wear any other jeans. The cutting is so great that it makes my legs look really slim. The tiny bit of rustic feel below the pocket which is perfect for me (not too boyish in style).

Keeper Chelsea Boots: People in London makes wearing brownie boots really posh. I know I can't make up the elegant feel by wearing one, but I can't help buying this to pretend that I can. 

Please share with me your favorite outfit and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin or G+. Speak soon.


My Favourite Corner of My Home

Do you have a comfort corner at home? I do. This is a place where it's full of copper. goldy items. I feel so happy every time I look at this corner and here are where I find my treasures to create this little comfy area.

Left to right: 

Copper Candle : Next
Rose Gold Case: Kikki.K
Copper Candle Lantern (turn out to be a nail polish holder): Anthropologie
Copper Photo Frame: Next
Fake Flower: Wilko
Let Yourself Rest Print: Paper and Brush

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5 Ways to Switch Off from A Busy Day

Living in a busy country like Hong Kong, I have learnt to switch myself off in an appropriate time to refresh myself. Here are some of the ways I would normally do to get myself out of the hectic situation. 

1. Switch off all the electronic devices In Friday night or during weekend, I will switch off my phone or even all my electronic devices. This allows me not to bother e-mails or anything in the net and just think about things about myself. In the begining,  it may be hard. You can I will simply arrange yourself a trip to the countryside with no internet connetion. This helps. 

2. Do Exercise If you are feel very attached with the electronic devices and keep thinking about work stuff, go do some exercise (i.e. Yoga, night run). This allows you too concentrate on the exercise you are currently doing and left behind the hectic stuff in the office. 

3. Meditation Yoga includes some meditation during the exercising process. If you are too tired,  you can simply skip all the stretching and go into meditation. Downloading a meditation app, listen to some meditation, let yourself rest and think of nothing completely. The app would normally help to count the time for you. So, you don't need to worry about that. Or you can even switch off the timing function and let yourself sleep after meditation.

4. Have a lovely meal with family and friends Even you are busy, you will need to eat. Organize a relaxing meal with your family and friends and turn yourself to a relaxing mode.

5. Write a secret diary Writing a diary is like talking to yourself. You can simply talk about anything in your mind and clear thing out. The best thing about secret diary is that no one would judge you, feel free to release and switch off yourself from the reality for a while. 

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4 Popular Restaurants to Eat in London

It's Friday! Let's find some places to eat. London has so many yummy food from Asian to Mexican food. Here are four of the restaurants you will need to try when you come to London. They are chain restaurants and there must be one next door if you are in London. 

Nando's is very favmous in serving peri-peri chicken. If you are not particular fancy eating spicy chicken, they have different favour's chicken (from lemon & herbs to super spicy). I quite like to go there again to try their new in drumsticks.

Yo! Sushi is a sushi bars which allow you to choose sushi from the belt or order from the menu. Sushi is placed in seven different color's dish to signify seven price. When you are done, the waitress will come to count the dish to work out the price. It's very Japanese style operation restaurant to try. 

Wahaca serves really good Mexican food with competitive price. I really love their street food (i.e. tacos and taquitos). 

Wagamama is a British based restaurant chain which serves Japanese food (i.e raman and rice). It is my second home as well. I particular love eating their teriyaki beef donburi. If you let me, I can simply eat it everyday. 

Now I'm interested to know what restaurant you like to eat  in your home country or London. 

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