May Favourite - Sportswear, Bath, Beauty and Daily Stuff

Time flies! It's this time of the month, I got to sit down and appreciate some of the things that I have over the month. This month is easy as there are some of the things that always in my mind and no doubt they are my favourite. 

H&M Running Shorts: I love shopping at sport session in H&M as they are currently selling alots of stuff with pink and grey colour (my fav) and they have many cool design too. This running shorts is a winner. I love running with shorts, but I never want to worry about things that shouldn't be seen being see. This short has a mini short underneath which let me move freely without worrying anything being explosed. 

Zoella Fizz Bar: English youtuber Zoella is launching a new Zoella beauty line. The old line will be replaced soon, so I get the last chance to grab this fizz bar who is highly rated everywhere. I have difficulty in running a fizz bath with lots of bubble and this save my day. 

Lush A French Kiss Bubble Bath: If you ever feel like you can't sleep or too stressed. Try this lavender bubble bar. The lavender scent helps calming your mind and you will definately feel blissful at bedtime. 

Essie Nail Polish - Eternal Optimist: There are lots of beauty stuff I like this month, but nothing can compare with this nail polish colour. I have written a blog post to talk about this. This is just perfectly beautiful. I can reassure you that you won't regret to get one. 

Daily Stuff
Cath Kidston Blossom Bunch Foldaway Shopping Bag: If you have read my previous post, you will know I am trying every possible means to save the planet. One of the thing I incorporate into my daily life is to use a shopping bag instead of using plastic bag. Who say using shopping bag is lame? It's not, if this is a well designed bag. I am a floral print product lover and my home theme color is currently blue and pink and this bag reminds me of my home. How can I not love this? 

H&M Pink and RoseGold Key Holder: This key holder is currently holding with my bag. This makes my black bag more girly. I guess I am currently into not so girly, but don't want to be too man style. So, this key holder is my new shopping mate now. 

So, what is your favourite items of the month? 

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5 Things To Do On Sunday

Have you ever imagine the perfect Sunday that you do all the things you want to do in a day and you still find it relaxing? Here are some ideas for you. 

1) Coffee Shop breakfast: To save up the energy to cook a breakfast, why not having a relaxing Sunday morning, just to sit in the coffee shop and have people serve you the breakfast?

2) Sunday Park Walk: After breakfast, go to the park and have a walk just to get some fresh air and think about nothing. No work, no worry. 

3) Pamper Routine: After the walk, pamper yourself, skincare pampering or just have a long shower/bath to enjoy some "Me Time". This can also hep to get into a relaxing mood for the day.

4) Cooking Healthy Lunch: Try treating cooking as a hobby, and not something you have to do to keep you alive. Find one of the healthy lunch recipes with amazing result and enjoy the cooking process.

5) Invite friends or family over for dinner: Time for some soical life and feel the love and care from the loved one to end the day. 

Now, please let me know what you normally do on Sunday which would make you happy. 

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How to stay away from the nasty snack?

What do you think about your will power? If there is a yummy cake, crisps or donut in front of you, will you be able to say no easily? For me, NO! I have zero mind control power, but I have some ways to help me stay away from the nasty snack.

1) Never let it gets into your sight.  Easy thing first, if we never taste it, we will never know how good it is.  If we never see it, we will never eat it. Report has shown that if we have lots of snack in front of us, it will be of higher chance for us to eat it even we don't need it or crave for it. 

2) Eat decent amount of main meal. If we have enough food to provide us energy throughout the day, we will be less likely to search for snacks. It's the habit that matters. Once our habit of eating snack developed, we will look for snacks even we are not hungry. 

3) Buy healthy alternative.  If we are unable to stop eating snack during tea time. Buy healthy snack instead. You can refer to 5 healthy food swaps for junk food to get some idea of what healthy alternatives to buy. 

4) Give yourself a vague deadline to eat the nasty snack.  If we want to eat that nasty snack, tell ourselves to eat it "later". Don't give an exact time or date to ourselves. If we tell ourselves to eat it at 4pm if I am still hungry, we will keep thinking about it and once reached 4pm, our will power will be completely defeated. That snack will definitely end up in our belly. 

5) Look at the ingredient and calories before eating. Sometimes, we kiss the devil because we don't know how bad he is. Let's show ourselves the truth, look at the ingredient and calories before eating. Add some resistance to ourselves.

How do you say no to nasty snack?

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Most Needed Bath Time Routine

Having a good hot bath have lots of healthy benefits to our body. It can improve our blood circulation, help to have a good night sleep, clean and moisturized the skin, relieved injuries during exercise and most importantly help to relax in the stressful day. 

I know it is not always easy to include bath time in your day to day routine, but try to have a bath every week or at least once every two week. It will be a treat day for your body.

For me, there are some products I love using to create a good hot bath.

Lush Bubble Bar - The French Kiss: I particular love the lavender scent which helps calming the mind during bath time and helps me feeling asleep.

Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar: Although the french kiss is a bubble bar, I like to add 1 cube of Zoella beauty fizz bar to make it extra bubble like. It's so comforting to go into a bath full of bubble. It feels like  going to a huge marshmallow.

Epsom Bath Salt: Epsom salt is high in magnesium which is the second most abundant elment in human cells but is very important to our body. It helps organize body functions, like muscle control, energy production and eliminate harmful toxins. Adding this to our bath is definitely benefital to our body.

L'Occitane Immortelle Cream Mask: While having a hot bath, skin pore is open and it's time to clean and moisturize my skin. This cream mask is currently my favourite and a review has been posted here.

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion: I like to put some lotion on my body immediately after the bath to  keep my skin hydrated. This Aveeno lotion is the second time I purchase it. It's not thick in texture, it keeps my skin away from dryness throughout the day and it is fragrance-free. 

So what is your bath time routine like? Do you like reading book or playing around with your ipad while you are having a bath?

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3 Ways To Worry Less

I am a worry type of person. Over the years, I have developed some habits or belief which helps me to worry less a little. Hope this can be of help to you too. 

1) Get Things Planned: Most of the time, we worry because we are unsure about the situation. If there are ways for me to understand what is going on, I can plan what to do step by step. This will stop me from over thinking and worry too much. 

2) Ability to Resolve Problems: When there is a problem ahead, think about the good and the bad and come up with a plan to tackle in case it falls over. However, don't think about hundred possibilities of the down side. Always believe yourself in solving problem when it comes to you. Never over thinking. 

3) No Perfection: There is always good to have goals, but don't seek for perfection. Allow mistakes on the way to your goal, we are just human. 

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Guilt Free Banana Bread Recipe (No sugar and Butter Required)

Last Sunday, I have baked a banana bread with a recipe with no sugar and butter added. Not to mention, it tastes exactly the same as banana loaf and it is totally guilt free to have this as an afternoon snack. For those who are interested, here are the recipe for you. 

1/3 cup of coconut oil
1/2 cup  of honey
2 mashed banana
1/4 cup of almond milk
2 large eggs
1 teaspoon of baking soda
1/2 teasppon salt
1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
1/1/2 Flour
1/4 cup of chopped walnuts

1) Preheat the Oven to 165 degree.
2) Beat coconut oil, honey and eggs in a large bowl with a whisk. 
3) Add milk and banana into the mixture.
4) Add baking soda, salt and cinnamon into the mixture and whisk again and add the flour and blend it gentl until it combined.
5) Pour the mixture to a greased pan and add chopped walnuts on top.
6) Put it into the oven to bake for 50 to 60 minutes. (Check it every 15 minutes to see the progress)

It's so easy to bake and please share with me any easy baking healthy recipe and I would really want to try it out.

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What Healthy Food Do I Eat In A Day?

Time for a new update on what healthy food do I eat in a day. This post really helps me to keep track on my healthy diet. 

Fruit and Granola Yogurt Bowl: This is an easy and quick breakfast. Just put  three strawberries, an apple, some granola, mixed nut and berry to the bowl and add some greek yogurt. Then, it's done. It's also a healthy afternoon pick me up snack for me as well. 

Avocado and Strawberry Salad Sandwich: Put some almond butter on bread, chop an avocado and some strawberries and put a handful of salad on the top. Healthy and yummy guilt free lunch is quickly done. It's especially good for people on diet as Avocado can give you energy throughout the whole afternoon. 

Chicken Wings and Cous Cous in Pepper with Veggie on the side: This healthy dinner is very easy to make with so little preparation time. But the result looks amazing. 
Chicken Wings: Place some Nando sauce and salt on the chicken, place them in the oven for 20 minutes. 
Peper:Cook some cous cous with mushroom, green beans, garlic and lemon juice in a pan. Chop a yellow pepper into half, place the cous cous inside the pepper and place them in the oven for 20 minutes.  
Veggie: Copped up the carrot and asparagus, add coconut oil and black pepper on the top and put it in the oven for 20 minutes.

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5 Things I Want To Do More Of

Have you ever feel like you don't have enough time to do things that you want to do more? If there is, what will it be?

Here are some of that the things that I would like to do more of. 

1. Travel More: The world is big, we only have so little time to explore the world. If time and money isn't a problem, I would love to travel more to understand the world better.

2. Rest More: Living in a busy city in Hong Kong. It can develop a rushing personality easily. There are endless things to do and totally forget the time to rest and think about what we really want.

3. Exercise More: Healthy life is important for me. I wish I can do exercise everyday, even it's just half an hour a day. 

4. Being With Friend More: Sometimes I feel like even I don't meet my friends for half a year, I feel really close to them. But it is not, it's no way to be close when you have no idea what they are up to. 

5. Bake More: Ever since I moved to the UK, I found out Deliciously Ella, her baking recipe can be completely sugar free and totally healthy. I really have to pick up her book more and bake more.

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Saturday In Notting Hill - Portobello Road Market

If you ever come to London on Saturday and don't know what to do. Check out Portobello Road Market in Notting Hill. It is so much fun and I'm sure you can spend a whole day there full of joy. 

To See

Portobello Road Market has so many antique stuff from camera, utensil, cup to suit. Just play around with it and see what you fancy. 

To Drink

There is a little shop at the beginning of the road which sells fresh ginger and lemon water and fresh fruit juice. This really caught my eyes. The colourful apple, orange and lemon just make me really thirsty.

If you want something more summer feel. Walk along the road, there is a Hawaii theme shop which sells coconut water. Just looking at the men cutting open the coconut makes the day. 

To Eat

Basically, it is like a food festival with a variety of food for your to choose from. Crepe, strawberry ice-cream, pastry, seefood, burger and sausage. You name it, they sell it. Unlike food festival, there is no entry fee required! How amazing is that!

A video about portobello market has been uploaded here. Feel free to feel the atmosphere there. 

Please let me know how do you spend your Saturday and if you have ever been to Notting Hill, please let me know what will you normally do. 

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Let's Talk About Shyness

Many people grow up as a shy person. It gets better when grow older, but shyness may still be around when coming to a whole bunch of stranger. Let's don't be shy and talk about it. 

It's okay to be shy. There is a point where you might feel wrong to be shy, but it's always good to tell yourself that it's okay not to be a loud person in the group and just be a listener. When it comes to a point where you feel comfortable to talk, you will talk. It's always the comfortable environment that helps.  

Don't push yourself too hard. Sometimes we want to be more outspoken and turns out being annoying the group. Believing in yourself that friendship or relationship comes naturally, it's always bad to push yourself too hard and end up with a bad result. This makes you feel more afraid to show yourself next time. 

Start from a small group of people. If you are too afraid to speak up in a large group of people, start from a small group  or even one or two friends and try to build up the confident before getting involved in a large group. Having a talkative friend from a small group and leading you to a bigger group is much easier to go right into a big group all by yourself.

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5 Things To Do In Spring

The sun is officially out and spring is saying hello to me. I guess it's time for me to write down five of the things to do in spring before summer comes. 

1) Picnic in the Park: I have never truely appreciate the sunny weather like I am now. Maybe it's freezing cold here in the winter and it makes the sunny weather more precious. I really have to have a picnic in the park to enjoy the sun (and a little bit of wind) in spring.

2) Barbecue Gathering: A little bit of music, a little bit of sun and a lot of food. That's so fun and cool.

3) Clear up my wardrobe: It's time to get rid of the heavy coat and get my spring and summer outfit out and play around with it. 

4) Do gardening: Spring is when all flowers shine. It's time to have a garden full of colorful flowers. 

5) Exercise: Summer means wearing shorts and dress. It also means no more coverup of body fat. There are few more months before summer comes, time to work out and get fit!

Do you have any plan for spring?

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Summer Dresses for Spring

In the UK, winter has just gone all of a sudden. Everyone is wearing shorts and dress. It feels like summer has come, but it's still cold in the evening. So, I found the perfect combination of jacket and dress to fit in the summery spring! Here are my summer dresses for spring. 

Outfit 1: 
Mint Green Dress from Forever21: Forever 21 has so many summer dress with a really bargain price. I can't be there for too long, as I will end up buying all of them. This mint green colour is perfect for spring.

Pink Bomber Jacket from Bershka: This bomber jacket is my current favourite. I need this for my evening and it makes all my boyish outfit girly. I love it. 

Sprinkling Silver Converse: Before summer actually come and sandals actually can wear full out the day without freezing my feet. Converse will be my new best friends.

Outfit 2:
Pink Dress from Primark: Shopping inPrimark is dangerous. When everything is not so expensive, but so beautiful. I just can't resist. This pinky girl lace dress is accidently put in my shopping bag.

Denim Jacket: I just need a denim jacket in this spring, I think it can easily match with everything from floral, pink or white dress. 

New Balance Shoes: Spring has come, it means saying goodbye to dark colour clothes and say hello to more colourful outfit and my new balance shoes can be wear more regularly. 


Saturday In Borough Market

Borough Market is all about food! If you don't know what to do on Saturday, empty your stomach and go to Borough Market. I'm sure you can be full (I mean very full) when you leave the market. 

For me, their seafood session is the best, it has oysters, shrimps, fish and chips or seafood fried rice.  They are all so yummy. The vegetable and fruit there are very fresh too, so don't forget to grab a cup of juice and buy some strawberry home. 

As it is quite crowded, be sure you will need to buy and stand there to eat. This is kind of fun to be. It reminds me eating in Taiwan night market.

A video about Borough Market has been upload, feel free to watch it before you go. 


6 Things To Do When Visiting Switzerland

- Zurich Limmat -
- View from Glacier Express -
- View from Glacier Express -
- View from Glacier Express -
 - Interlaken - 
- Near Jungfrau -
- Boat Trip At Interlaken -
- Boat Trip At Interlaken -
- Walk Around Bern Area-
- Luzern - Kapellbrucke-  
I have been having a break blogging last month as I travelled to Switzerland. Before going on a trip, I did some research on what to do and planning our route. I think it will be great to share our idea with you. 

The route: 
Switzerland isn't a huge country, so we decided to travel around Switzerland to see the most of it. We travel from Zurich --> St. Mortiz --> Chur --> Interlaken --> Bern --> Luzern. To us, that's the best route for a 5 day 4 night trip. 

1) Zurich: When arriving Zurich, you can travel along side Limmat. It is a beautiful lake and if you are bored with the view, there are always shops near the lake you can do some shopping or eating.
Little tips: If you are carrying heavy luggages and your hotel isn't ready yet. You can always put your stuff in the locker located in the station. This way you don't need to carry the stuff for sight seeing. 

2) Glacier Express: There are many express you can choose to view the snow mountain in winter time. Glacier Express are the best amount all. It shows the wooden forrest view, the rainfall, the snow mountain. It's a 7 hours train journey. You can always choose part of the journey, so you don't need to stay in the train all day. The part from St. Moritz to Chur are the best as there are always less people in the train by that time, so you be in a quiet environment to enjoy the view and can take lots of photo from different angles. There will be alot more passenger going in from the Chur station, the train will be a lot more clouded and you can't really move around. 

3) Interlaken: If you fancy to live in a quiet countryside village. You need to go to Interlaken. You can have stroll around their little shops, haveing a park walk and have a boat trip on the lake. The lake is so clear and the view is unreal. You can also eat fondue in a restaurant there. It's best to choose an outside seat, so you can view the snow mountain and having dinner at the same time. 

4) Jungfrau: Jungfrau is currently the highest mountain in Europe. I have the best experience to see the snow on the top of Europe. You will need to travel 3 or 4 trains to get to top. It stops once in a while, so you can let you body judge the air pressure and everything and see if you can still go uphill. 

5) Bern: Bern is a more civilized city and less village like. We bought an ice-cream and walk along the Aare and the view is just so amazing. 

6) Luzern: Luzern has an impression of tidiness for me.  We walk along the Kapellbrucke and having a quick boat trip to view the nearby area. It's so nice to end the trip there. 

If you want to see the view more clearly, please feel free to watch it in the travel video here. 


Glacier Express: 


Interlaken & Bern:



5 Things That Make Me Happy

Finally get back to my 5 things that make me happy routine. I promise myself to write about five things that would make me happy to appreciate life every once in a while and here I am. 

Instax Mini 8: My Instax has travelled all the way from Hong Kong to England and now I am obsessed with it and want to take as much photo as I can in the UK. 

Copper Coaster: Found a beautiful copper coaster at House of Fraser. It perfectly matches with my Oliver Bonas Tea set. 

Fluffy Pink Key Ring from H&M: It's rose gold and pink. It just can't fail me.

Richard Riverside: Travel all the way to Richard Riverside just to enjoy the sunset. Totally worth it. 

Notting Hill: If you ever go to Notting Hill's portobello market, go on Saturday, more antique, more fun and more music. Don't forget to grib a fresh coconut for a drink.

Now, please tell me one things that make you happy lately.

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5 Healthy Snacks to Put In the Office

When it's 3:00, I always start craving for snack to get me through the afternon. Instead of putting junk food to jeopardise my healthy routine. I found some good healthy snacks to replace it.

1) Fresh Fruit: I like buying fruit in supermarket or coffee shop. They are nicely packe with different variation of fruit. Plue, it always goes with a fork, which makes life so much easier.  If I feel dry, this one of the best snack for me. 

2) Fruit & Nut: Fruit and nut are both healthy food. The sweet taste of fruit combined with the slightly salty taste of nut makes the perfect match as a snack. 

3) Dates:  If I really want to eat some candy, I always go for dates instead. Normally one dates is enough to satisfy my desire.

4) Rice and Corn Cracker: I can't say it is a completely healthy snack, but it is definitely a healthier replacement to crisp. 

5) Dry fruit: It may not always easy to eat fresh fruit in the office, "Urban Fruit" has some lovely dry fruit (i.e. mango, coconut, pineapple and banana) in a decent size, which is perfect as a pick me up snack.

Now, will you share with me on what snack you normally eat in the office?

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5 Simple Ways to Stay Organised In The Office

I have been working few years in a company and my colleagues always surprised how tidy my office desk can be. I can reassure you I am not a tidy person by nature, but I need my desk to be tidy and organized to make my work progress more effective and efficient. Here are some of my tips I developed over the years to stay organised in the office. 

1) Classify area for important and unimportant task. There are regular place for document that I need to handle immediately, and document that is not. I can always reach out to the important  area once I finished one task. 

2) Place regular monthly documents in a fixed area. I always know where to reach my regular meeting agenda or regular report as there is only one place to put those document. 

3) Always do filing and best of all e-filing. People always see filing is the most boring task, but I treat this as the most important task. If you file your documents decently, you can always refer to your previous job as reference and make the whole job much quicker and smoother. Don't bother print it out and file it, do a proper e-filing system. It saved up your space and keep your workstation tidy. A tidy place, a tidy mind. 

4) Decluttered. If you are very sure, you will not need the documents ever again. Don't keep it. If you are unsure if you need to refer it later, scan it and throw the hard copy (if possible). Don't keep thousand of documents you will not even refer to and wait until the end of the year to clear it. You wouldn't have the time to, and more importantly, you don't want to when it has already piled up. 

5) Don't bring too many personal items at work, make space for work.  If your desk aren't big enough, don't keep too many personal items at work, It's always good to have one or two personal touch, but always be sure to have enough space for work. 

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5 Bloggers to Follow

I love blogging. It's like helping me to organize things in my head. I also enjoy reading other's blog too. There are some bloggers who I love. They are very inspiring and I hope you can be inspired by them too. 

1) Vivianna Does Makeup She is an amazing lady who inspired me in so many ways. I found out so many good stuff from her blog, from youtube video for exercise, energy bites recipe to skincare products. Her blog is just very informative. No wonder why she got a bloglovin award. 

2) Lily Pebbles She is more like a YouTuber than a blogger to me as she doesn't uploading blogpost as often. But, her tips in youtube video are so amazing. I like her style in general and nicely edited vlog.

3) Hello October I found out her blog few years ago while she was still working full time and writing blog post during her off office hour. She has a stunning look with cheerful smile and her blog has lots of beauty tips. Although she transferred her style from casual look to elegant style, her blog is still obsessive. 

4) From Roses She is one of the hard working blogger. She replies instagram messages and blogpost messages regularly. Her photo in the blog is so beautiful and soft. I have learnt so much about photoshop and flat lay from her blog. Be warned, her blog is obsessive. 

5) Poppy Deyes If you are a die-hard English YouTuber fans. You will know Poppy Deyes is Alfie's (famous  YouTuber) sister. She is stylish, doesn't own a youtube channel, but have a really lovely blog. I can sit in front of the computer all day just to read her post. Everything is nicely written. 

So, who is your favourite blogger? 

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How to Make Quality Time for Your Friend When You're Incredibly Busy

Following to my previous post about finding time for yourself during busy time, it's time to extend the love and talk about find time for your friend during busy schedule. 

Coffee Shop Chat If you are too busying organizing a huge party gathering with everyone, it's always good to have one on one quality time with your friend in a relaxing coffee shop to update each other's life and have a deeper talk about everything. If you can't talk with everybody, let's just keep it simple and one at a time.

Dinner gathering near work place We may quit going to a gathering due to the long traveling time, choose a place where everyone can go quickly and near the workplace. It saves up the time for traveling and more time to build up the friendly mood.

Gathering on Friday or Saturday If you are busy, it's best to have gathering on Friday. While everyone in the work place is on holiday mood and you can start forgetting about work until Monday comes. This mentally prepares you for a high-quality gathering, instead of just physically get to the location and worry about going home and sleep to prepare the next working day.  

Gathering at home It is always good to invite friends to your home for a gathering. Home is like a  place to relax and you can meet friends at the same time.  Don't worry about making food for your friends while you are incredibly busy. I'm sure they don't come for your food, they come to meet and see you. Let's order your friend's favourite food and eat together. You also don't need to worry about washing the dishes afterward. 

So, please let me know how you make quality time for your friend when you are busy. I would like to know more ways to keep in touch with my friends even I have so little time. 

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What I'm Reading, Listening, Watching and Doing.

Last month I did a What I'm Reading, Listening, Watching and Doing blogpost. I quite like it as it pretty much sums up what I'm up to. 

It's a whole new month now and I would like to do a new one for you.

What I'm

Reading? I Want to Be Calm is the book I'm currently reading. I once saw it at Oliver Bonus which has a tiny book session (but they are all interesting good books), I had a quick view and found that it provides lots of new perspective for me toward having a calm mind and ways to walk toward a calm life. If you are stressed, it will be a book I would like to recommend it to you. 

Listening? Besides Alex Goot, Hurt Hugo is another musician who makes great music. This airport song is so catchy and keep on flying through my head. 

Watching? I'm on Netflix mode lately. They have so many good films. Among all, I like watching "My Girlfriend's Boyfriend". The whole story is not like what you are watching, the final ending just makes the whole story upside down and turns into a sweet story. If you care about the title of the film enough, it in fact told the secret of the ending. I don't want to give away too much, but it definitely is a film to watch at night and still think about it the next day.

Doing? I like popsugar cardio workout, I like Thai Boxing. I found this cardio boxing workout video in the popsugar youtube channel. This just makes me scream! I love this workout. My whole body inch afterward and that's the time I feel I'm working on my muscles and am making progress!

Now, it's your turn to tell me what you are doing, reading or listening? Please don't forget to follow me on bloglovin or Instagram.


You Are More Than What People Think You are

I grow up with people think what I am by my look or by how I behave in front of them. I don't blame them for thinking what I am, as clearly this is what I have shown them and some part of my inner self don't want to show intentionally or unintentionally. Sometimes, I may just feel too comfortable to be the person in front of everyone and forget that I am more than what people think I am.

To everyone, I am a quiet, little girly girl who would even scare kicking a ball. People will be surprised when they are told I stay up overnight just to watch the world cup football final or NBA. No one even knows I tried to get into the volleyball team when I was young, but the teacher just perceived me as incapable and kicked me off of the team without even training me. By that time, I perceived myself as incapable too. 

My husband sees thing differently. He never sets any boundary to himself just because someone told him not to do. Ever since I met him, I get myself back to the sporty mode and try out the thing that I want to do, but people think I wouldn't do. People don't believe I would have taken Thai Boxing class every week. I admit I'm rubbish at it, but I take it very seriously every time I train. Even my husband's sporty friends are amazed by my energy level. And a man at the gym looking at me hitting a bag with an impossible look in his eyes.

People think I am a shy kind of girl and only eat sweet candy food, who would never know I am a crazy little monster who love spicy food. People think I am a secretary type, who would never know I am an artistic girl who has hundreds of calligraphy painting at home. People think I am a family protected princess girl who knows nothing about cooking, who would never know I cook dinner within an hour to my husband with homemade soup and dessert after. People think I am sitting here doing nothing, who would never I am working my ass off to my dream every day with zero entertainment.

People always tends to see you as the way you show them, and somehow it often diminishes who you are. You are always more than what you show. People can't be with you 24/7, don't let them judge you the way you are, don't believe you are just what they think you are, and most importantly, don't act in the way they think you are. There are always secret you don't want or don't need to show to everyone and that in fact defines you. Be confident to be yourself and keep amazed people around you. 


6 Things You Must Do When Visiting London

London is a lovely place and you can spend days and days here without feeling bored. If you only have few days, there are some of the things that you have to do to enjoy the beautiful city. 

1) Visit Westminster. This is the tourist kind of thing, but I can assure you it will be totally worth it. You will be stunned by the incredible buildings. The feeling of just looking at it is unreal.

2) Ice-skating at Somerset House. There are a huge ground once you enter Somerset House, if you go there in winter time, you can ice-skating there. This is a beautiful thing to do. If you can't come at winter time, go there to have a look at the Shakespeare museum. It's equally cool.

3) Homeware shopping. Not everyone loves homeware, but everyone has a home and it' always good to make it better. UK has a large homeware market, so the shops that sell homeware has lots of variety and the price is decent. Drop by Primark, Next, Denbenham, John Lewis, Zara home, you may find bits and pieces for your home.

4) Try their burger. England is famous for Fish and Chips. After the fish and chips, please don't forget about their burger. England sells fresh meat and the burgers are incredible. Here are places for your visit.

5) Visit Camden Town. If you love art, into funky style and great food, Camden Town is the place you can't miss.  

6) Travel By Bus. If you have enough time, don't travel by underground. Find a day to travel by bus. You will see more inner part of London. 

Any more recommendations? I'm up for it and would like to make the most before I leave. 

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