Clear and Glow Skin Serum - Olay White Radiance Light-perfecting Essence

You really don't need a thousand-dollar serum to get a perfect serum. All you need is a right brand with suitable texture for your skin. Everytime when my skin has any kind of problems (aging, growing dark spot, skin tone problem), I will always end up go to Olay to ask for help. It never fails me.

Reason For Buying: Ever since I traveled to Italy in June, my skin was hurt by the sun and my skin tone goes dark, little black spot grows at my cheeks. Nearly everyone sees me would give me one comment: You skin grows darker! This is the time when I think I need to do something about it. I had gone for really high-end SKII serum, but I ended up having an allergic reaction to this. So, I go back to basic and look for a brand that I tried and always feel comfortable with - Olay White Radiance Light-perfecting Essence.

How to use? Apply 3 drops of essence on the face after using toner.  This can be used day and night.

How does it feel? I have been using this for 1 month now. After 2 weeks of using this serum, my skin tone has changed significantly. My skin tone becomes more even and white. The dark spot gradually fade. After three weeks, my skin glows and is more moisturized. I then started to use the light-perfecting stretch mask as well. This simply magnified the whole moisturizing, whitening, glowing result. I especially love the stretch mask design which sticks totally with my skin. There is no gap around the nose and it sticks firmly around my eyes area. These are the two areas I can hardly cover up with other masks. It is just perfect! I can completely see the different once I removed the mask. 

If you need a clear and glow skin at a budget price, try this one. You will be amazed by the incredible result! 


Launching of New Positive Quote T-Shirt - Paper and Brush

Finally! It comes to the point where I launch my very own positive quote T-shirt! It has been a long time coming and today is the day! I felt so unreal when the T-shirt was delivered to my hands and the first sentence that came up in my mind was: How cool is that to have my own painting print on a T-shirt?!

Where to start: I feel like it's time to let you know how this arty me begins. Thanks to this blog, I can track back the time when I first start learning calligraphy as I have written a blogpost about Where to learn Calligraphy in Hong Kong?. It was written in 2015 after I attended a calligraphy course. Ever since I touched on modern calligraphy, I'm obsessed with it. I still remembered I spent the whole night browsing through all the Instagram photo and thought "Aw.. that's nice!", "O.. this looks amazing!" and "Yeah, I can do that!". After that, I literality spent most of my spare time drawing and I have hundreds of drawing within a few months time. 

Let's get started: Few months later, through the encouragement of my husband, my own Etsy Shop was opened. And of course, you guys are with me as I shared a post about My New Etsy Shop back in Jul 2015. My passion starts to grow, I always dream about having my own product line, including post card, tailor-made card, wrapping paper and hopefully expand to T-shirt, stationary or even phone case. It's always my fantasy which I don't feel like it can happen, but I just keep working with my heart and then passion leads the way. 

Now what? Now.. It is the big day for me. My husband and I have created a website called Paper and Brush (it means everything starts from paper and brush) and we are launching our very first positive quote print T-shirt. The launching day is TODAY! Unbelievable! To find out the reason I create this Tee, I need to admit that I'm not a positive person all the time, I need to constantly remind myself to stay positive and I believe a positive vibe leads to a positive life. Who wouldn't want a happy life? So, I incorporate the positive quote into my watercolour drawing for empowerment and hope to spread more positive vibe to the world. Imagine people looking at your T-shirt while they are having a bad day, you go home with a tiring day and look at the positive quote print on the wall. I believe it may somewhat help or give others some kind of comfort. I don't mind doing it quietly as this suits my style. 

My Esty shop has run for a while now and there are people from all over the world ordering my print, fathers'/mothers' day/birthday card and even asked me to tailor-made some card for their friends. Sometimes I feel so unreal that my drawings are hanging on people's home in Germany, U.S.A or even England. A father is receiving a card that I draw. He may feel warm and may even keep it for a while. Now,  people are buying my printed T-shirt walking on the street. It's so amazing!

I have already received lots of T-shirt orders this morning and feel overwhelmed with love. Thanks for making me living my dream and I can't thank you enough for all the lovely people believed in me and ordered from my site. I will make sure our products are the best and will create it with full passion and joy! 

Let's share the love and spread the positive vibe.  If you are interested in buying a T-shirt, feel free to go to below site for t-shirt ordering (worldwide shipping). It has lots of size to choose from. If you are looking for some print or card, you can also check it out from our site or Esty shop . There might be some interesting items that you may want. If there is nothing for you, don't worry, I can always tailor-made one for you or you can simply enjoy browsing it through. Thanks again for those who ordered, you have just made my dream comes true!

To order "Be Strong" T-shirt: Ordering T-shirt
Our Webpage: www.paperandbrush.com
Our Facebook Page: Paper and Brush Facebook Page
Instagram Username: papaerandbrush.co


Easy Healthy Snack Recipe - Cottage Cheese Avocado

Have you ever been hungry in the middle of the day while you are on diet? You feel guilt to pick up an ice-cream, but you feel like you have no energy without eating anything. Here is a healthy alternative for you.

All you need are:
1 Avocado
Cottage Cheese
Salt and pepper 

Simple Steps: 
1. Cut the avocado into half. 
2. Put cottage cheese in the hole. 
3. Add salt, pepper and cinnamon on the top. 

It's all ready for you to eat with a spoon like you are having ice-cream, it tastes delicious and is healthy as well. 

Being healthy can be easy, try this out and eat with no guilt!

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Please also let me know what your healthy snack is. 


Monthly Beauty Buy - Princess Make-up

It has been a while since I write any blogpost here, mainly because my life got a little bit too busy and I finally have some time to slow down and appreciate life once again. 

Let's start talk about two of my makeup beauty product that makes me really happy by just looking at them. 

Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks: This little pink bush comprises of red, pink, slightly orange and pearl colour in one tiny box. Normally, I would combine all the colour (except pearl) and apply it on my cheeks and leave the pearl bush as the highlighter. It's perfect for everyday casual no make up makeup look. It just instantly boosts your look without too over the top. I also feel so excited  everytime I look at the floral and bow pattern. So girl and princess like. 

Jill Stuart Lipgloss (01 Strawberry Crash): I admit I love Jill Stuart's lipgloss simply because of its beautiful packaging. The pink diamond on the top reminds me all the Japanese girly cartoon I used to watch when I was young. The sprinkle glitter inside the lipgloss highlight the whole make up look and yes to be completely honest I adore the packaging way more than the result of the product. But it is still a lovely product as I nearly used it everyday.

So, what is your monthly beauty favourite?

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