My Pregnancy Update - 6 Weeks

From the day we know I am pregnant, our life is all about our baby. There are so many changes in our life and we would like to share it here. 

Physically Changes
a) My belly is slightly popping out. I'm not sure if it is my belly or it is a baby belly, but I feel so happy everytime I look at my fatty belly. Perhaps it's happy FAT. 

b) Super tired. My energy level drops significantly. I always sleep on the sofa when it's not even 9pm. I have no energy to cook dinner and can barely walk to bath at night. 

c) Have headache and vomit. I'm someone who can easily vomit before I am pregnant, so I know I will vomit when I am pregnant. So far, I have vomit twice and sometimes have headache and wanting to throw up (but not actually vomit) in the morning.

d) More acne. From the day I got pregnant, I grow acne from my skin (maybe it's due to hormone). This is one of the most ignoring thing to me now.

Emotionally Changes:
a) I love my husband even more. Ever since we know I'm pregnant, my husband would talk to the baby every night. I'm not sure if our baby loves his/her daddy that much and sending the signal to me or what. But I feel like my love for my husband has been doubled. I feel like I love him whenever I look at him. 

b) Emotionally unstable: Now when I listen to a song which is slightly touching, my tears will drop uncontrollably. When I watch some youtube video which talk about someone work really hard to get to her goal, my tears drop again. That's not something I would cry for before, but I'm like that right now.

Daily Life Changes:
a) My husband would talk with our baby every night. He tells our baby about our story, our family story and let him/her understands the world out there. That's really sweet of him in doing so.

b) Change of food selection. I can down a cup of milk (either almond milk or slim milk) in the morning and make sure there are fruit and walnut (which is good for baby's brain formulation) in my breakfast. I will try to drink fish soup every week and eat more at home, and avoid salty food when eating out.

c) I start eating Materna pills and DHA. As I know it is hard to absorb all the nutrients that our baby needs. So I start eating pregnancy bills to make sure my baby grows healthy.


I'm Pregnant!

17 Sep 2016 (4 years after my husband proposed to me) our baby uses his/her method to communicate with us on his/her existence. Yes, we're happily announced that I'm pregnant! 

As we are very desperate to have a baby, so I have a pregnancy test when my period is late for one day. So when I found out I am pregnant, it's just 4 weeks and the result is quite buried, so I checked twice to make sure my baby exist! 

I still remember I question myself the day before I have the test on why my period doesn't come, but I don't want to waste the testing machine as it costs money, so I tell myself to wait until tomorrow to do the test. But this has been in my mind the whole night and I wake up at 6am to have a test and surprisingly the result is POSITIVE! My husband and I both feel so happy and my life turns upside down since then. 

We waited until 8am and book a doctor appointment to reconfirm my pregnancy. Before the doctor's confirmation, we hold back our happiness to prevent any disappointment. Once the doctor congratulates us, we finally laughing out loud. 

We start announcing it to our closing family and would wait until 3 months (the baby is stable) before telling our friends, which is really hard to hide from my beloved friends.